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The Best Rating, Testimonials and Review Tools for Ecommerce

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There are many ways to buy products online. We can search on Google, and in some cases, we probably found the product via a paid ad. Another excellent way is to read customer testimonials- otherwise called reviews, and this has proven crucial in helping arrive at the final decision.

Reviews are important for your online store. The reason is that they provide proof that buyers or consumers of the product will purchase from you. Not only that, this facilitates greater trust and encourages buyers to make new purchases.

Research says up to 89% of consumers read testimonials or reviews before eventually buying a product. It, therefore, goes without saying that all ecommerce platforms offer certain reviews out-of-box. Yet many third-party review tools can prove useful for ecommerce stores ranging from management to collection review and publishing.

In this article, we will look at some of the best review tools for ecommerce and why we think they are ideal for you.

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Why Use a Review Software/Tool for Your Ecommerce Store

Nowadays, it is difficult to find ecommerce websites or stores that do not have reviews. A good reason for this is that they foster sales and conversion. This is regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

In essence, as an online store owner, you can increase the quality and quantity of the products you offer consumers by taking strategic efforts to curate and manage your reviews. This tactic works across different marketplaces.

Customers’ reviews can be useful for building social proof for your store to encourage others to buy your products and as a consequence, increase the conversion rate of your store. With a review functionality, your customers can seamlessly offer their opinions and become advocates or loyal fans of your store.

Ecommerce Review Tools for More Reviews/Testimonials

Many consumers or customers are willing to provide feedback after they have been prompted to do so via email or after they bought your product. Thus, it is a great idea to strive to increase the number of reviews on your products. But to what end? More reviews help you engage with your customers to enhance relationships.

They are also critical for driving conversions. Moreover, your ability to respond to negative reviews left by customers would be a strong implication that you can be trusted, and ultimately, proffering solutions to numerous customer problems would earn you more positive reviews.

Therefore, to optimize your online store experience for even greater reviews, you will need ecommerce review software or tools. Specifically, what these tools do is that they help you stay organized and manage your reviews effectively. After all, you are very likely to find tracking and responding to reviews more grueling with time as your store grows.

Getting a good ecommerce review tool will help you make sure that things do not slip through the cracks.

Features of an Ecommerce Review Tool

These tools can provide advanced features including Google SEO-rich snippets, automated review requests, multi-lingual support, the ability to showcase video and photo reviews, and multiple publishing options. The interesting part of these review tools is that they simplify the collection and management of reviews, and you can integrate your store with many loyalty and marketing programs to build the affinity of the brand including retention of existing customers.

5 Best Review Tools for Ecommerce

A good ecommerce review software or tool should be able to do some or all of the following:

  • filter reviews and messages by type
  • request consumers’ reviews by email
  • manage reviews across different ecommerce marketplaces
  • support scheduling of messages

With these core features, the following are some of the best review tools/software for ecommerce:

#1. Stamped.io

This is precisely for ecommerce review and loyalty programs. Stamped.io has been used over the years as a versatile tool to collect and showcase user-generated content ranging from photo to product, checkout, and video reviews. Stamped.io helps you to display IG shoppable galleries, Q&As, and others.

If you seek to integrate your reviews with a loyalty program, this software suffices, especially with the features including Points & Reward system, Referral Program functionality, and VIP Program. The tool is vastly responsive, offering a wide range of features that stores- both small-sized and large-sized can use.

Stamped.io features custom review forms, localization with more than 20 languages, product review incentives, Google SEO-rich snippets, creation of ads or push reviews to social media, and collection of reviews by messenger, SMS, or email. Stamped.io offers Basic and Business plans whose prices vary based on the number of orders. Established stores can contact them for custom pricing.

#2. Trustpilot

This is a renowned customer feedback tool. Popular review software that can foster customers’ trust, Trustpilot helps users to take certain actions such as upload mailing lists, send out email invites for review, among others.

These reviews are sent to Bing or Google. With Trustpilot, you can check or track the progress of customers’ reviews and respond to their assessments.

#3. Yotpo

Yotpo offers incredible solutions embedded in its suite. It is a review tool specifically for generating reviews. With Yotpo, you can send your customers automated emails after they make a purchase. And this can be for review purposes as well as to upsell your products.

In addition, Yotpo has customizable widgets which you can include anywhere on the website. The widgets comprise trustable and profound information about the reviewer, with which you can ask the buyers important questions that can help them make a decision.

Originally designed as a review app, it now offers users a variety of features for loyalty rewards, user-generated content and SMS marketing. With artificial intelligence, the app can collect reviews seamlessly and display them on your website, and other social media sites such as Google and Facebook.

#4. Junip

Junip is a review tool for ecommerce, precisely a scalable review platform that allows ecommerce stores to collect limitless text, video, and photo requests. The app is user-friendly, simple to set up and it can be used on the website within review request forms to reflect your branding as an online store.

Another fascinating thing about Junip is that it integrates with Google Shopping and marketing apps namely Omnisend, Postscript, Drip, and Klaviyo.

#5. eDesk Feedback (former Feedback Express)

This is a multichannel review tool. You can use eDesk Feedback to ask customers for feedback on your Amazon or eBay stores, on Trustpilot, Google and many more. It primarily helps to conduct emailing and request product reviews conveniently. This can be triggered by events carried out by the customers ranging from leaving a positive order review, to receiving the product, among others.

Users also have full control of why, what, and when to email the customer. It is among the best review tools for ecommerce because it makes it easy to automate review requests of your customers.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ecommerce tools in the marketplace. Before now, the introduction of consumer reviews was largely suicidal. However, these days, ecommerce reviews and ratings have continuously helped Amazon and other ecommerce stores to build a great shopping empire on things including social proof, brand experience, and consumers’ trust.

In this article, we have discussed the best ecommerce review tools/software. You can use any of these to meet consumers’ desire for experience with your brand. That way, this can bridge the gap of mistrust of online shopping that was formerly a challenge for online store owners.


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