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Product Photography Background: Creative and Classic Ideas

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Photography is an art form, and product photography is a subject all of its own. A product photo is what initially grabs the customer’s attention and, in many ways, what really sells the product.

This is why it is so essential that ecommerce businesses have high-quality product photos. Moreover, they must be more creative than ever to compete in the sea of other businesses across the digital space.

Many elements go into product photography, with a major one of these being the background. In fact, the right background choice can completely transform product photography.

So, here are some excellent product photography background options.

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White Back Product Photography

The most common background for product photography is a simple white background. White background product photography clearly directs the potential buyer’s attention right to the product and doesn’t leave much to get distracted by.

There is nothing wrong with white background product photography, but it doesn’t help a product necessarily stand out from the competition either. However, in some cases, a white background is required by the selling platform, such as with the primary listing photo on Amazon.

For sellers who would like to use a white background, there are simple items that can be used to achieve this look, such as:

  • Posterboard
  • A paper roll
  • White reflector
  • Vinyl
  • White canvas

There are even purchasable white boxes designed for product photography.

Product Photography Background HD: Use Imagery to Add Flair

Sellers don’t have to stick to solid colors for their product background. In fact, employing creative imagery can be a great way to attract customers to the product. The background can include items or imagery that is relevant to the product.

For example, the ingredients of a skincare product can be laid out artistically behind the product.

By using product photography background HD images, a seller can help their customers feel connected to a product.

Try a Creative Background for Product Photography

Ecommerce has been on a significant rise for several years now, which has led to an influx of online sellers. In other words, the ecommerce market is more competitive than ever. This is why it pays for sellers to try a creative background for product photography.

We have put together some ideas that sellers can try to help them stand out from the crowd.

Black background product photography

To go completely against the norm of white backgrounds, sellers can try black background product photography. When used correctly, a black background can introduce a level of elegance and luxury. This is why it is a common theme for many high-end items, such as jewelry.

Taking photos against a black background can be more difficult than white, as it absorbs the light instead of reflecting it. It becomes especially difficult if the product is black as well. However, this can be countered using creative lighting techniques, such as backlighting. This helps to create an outline of the product to emphasize it from the background.

Vibrant product photography background color

There’s no need to stick to bold neutral colors, especially when on a selling platform that allows for creative freedom. In fact, colorful product backgrounds can create a unique listing that draws customers in.

Moreover, there has been research into the emotional response that colors can prompt, which can be used to interest customers. A great place to start is with a background that uses brand colors.

Try patterns or shapes

To break out of the solid color scheme, a seller can try various patterns or shapes in the background. This can bring a playful element to the product photography that customers will often appreciate. If there is a concern about the time it will take to photograph various backgrounds, they can always be trialed in editing. Use an editing program to insert various patterns behind a product to find one that works.

These types of backgrounds are often beneficial in fashion products, such as accessories, clothing, jewelry, and other similar items.

Lifestyle background ideas for product photography

Lifestyle backgrounds can help show customers how the product is used and help them imagine using it themselves. These types of images will typically include models using the product or the product in the forefront with models in the background.

A seller doesn’t necessarily have to hire their own talent to do a full lifestyle shoot for their product. Instead, look for lifestyle background images for product photography online. This can locate stock images that may work well enough, and with a bit of Photoshop magic to add the product in, it can become a perfect listing image.

Don’t Stay Limited By Everyone Else

It is important for sellers to keep in mind that they don’t have to do the same thing as everyone else. Sure, many sellers are following the same concepts because it is shown to work to some degree.

However, this simply means it will still come down to competing with the other seller to do the same thing better. Finding a way to improve product backgrounds and stand out can help draw in more customers and build a committed brand.

The most important thing is to monitor how the images perform after they go live. If traffic or conversion begins to improve, the background changes are working. If anything worsens or remains stagnant, it may be better to try something different.

Also, keep selling platform rules in mind when creating image backgrounds.

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