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What Are Private Label Manufacturers, and How to Find Them

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If you’re looking for new ways to make money by selling products online, you may have come across the term “private label.” Private labeling is not a new practice, but it has become more popular with the rise of ecommerce. This is because private labeling makes it very easy for new and established businesses to sell branded products for a low cost.

Private label manufacturers create products of all types for businesses to buy and resell under their own brand. Major retailers like Target and Walmart use private label manufacturers for some of their own store-brand items. But small businesses and startups can also make use of private labeling to establish their own brands as well.

Want to learn more? Here is everything you need to know about private labeling and private label manufacturers.

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How Do Private Label Manufacturers Work?

Private label manufacturers make products and arrange to sell them, usually wholesale, to distributors or retailers. The retailer buys private label products without any branding on them. That means the manufacturer itself does not attribute any sort of brand name, logo, or identifying information on their products. Instead, the retailer applies their own brand to the products prior to selling.

This strategy benefits the retailer because it keeps overhead costs down by saving on manufacturing. It also helps the manufacturers by creating steady business without a need to sell products to consumers themselves. Private label manufacturers typically sell their products wholesale to businesses. This means the retailer does most of the marketing, customer service, and other legwork involved in retail sales.

Private label products can be used in combination with other products, or sold on their own. For instance, Walmart sells many standalone products under its exclusive private label brand, Great Value. However, another common practice is for private label manufacturers to sell food products to be used as ingredients for restaurants, cafes, or larger retail brands.

What Products Can I Sell Through a Private Label?

As you might have guessed from the description, private labeling can be used for an extremely wide range of products. Retailers rely on private label manufacturers for things like food, clothes, household items, health and cosmetic products, and much more. While we can’t list every product available from private label manufacturers, here are some of the top-selling private label products for online businesses.

Private label clothing manufacturers

Clothing is one of the top items for private label sales because it is a basic necessity, but is also often stylized. Retailers can buy generic clothing from private label clothing manufacturers, and then add their own designs or brand labels.

Many clothing manufacturers are willing to provide private label products to retailers if you can reach a deal. This is a useful model if you are trying to start an online clothing brand, but don’t have access to your own production facilities.

Private labeling can also be used for niche clothing items if you have a more focused goal for your business. Private label intimate apparel manufacturers, jackets or hoodies, or athletic apparel are a few examples you can find, to name a few.

Private label candle manufacturers

Candles are another common product to sell online. But, again, manufacturing can be difficult on a large scale. Private label candle manufacturers make it possible to supply all types of candles to your customers.

When using a private label candle manufacturer, retailers can customize scents, sizes, and jar types to create their own unique products. You can find many quality private label candle manufacturers online, like Velavida Candle and Bulk Apothecary.

Private label supplement manufacturers

Private label supplements represent a more affordable alternative to name-brand medications and supplements for customers. Private label supplement manufacturers are still subject to the same rigorous standards as other drug manufacturers. But these manufacturers can sell products to retailers at lower costs without branding.

Selling private label supplements and vitamins is a good option for businesses focused on health and wellness. This is a more niche category than other products, so there are fewer private label supplement manufacturers available. However, there are still plenty of reputable companies that supply private label supplements and vitamins.

A few of the largest private label supplement manufacturers include Makers Nutrition and Pharmatech Labs.

Private label jewelry manufacturers

Jewelry consistently ranks as one of the best products to sell online or for new businesses. Jewelry is lightweight and easy to ship and is always in high demand. The one slight downside is that jewelry can be fragile, which sometimes presents shipping risks.

Jewelry manufacturing might also feel impossible for small businesses and most retailers. That is where private label jewelry manufacturers come in.

Some of the largest wholesale providers in the world can help connect businesses with private label jewelry manufacturers. Alibaba and Spocket are a pair of major wholesalers that provide jewelry for retailers.

Private label food manufacturers

Private food manufacturers are some of the most relied upon private label manufacturers in the world. Private label food products are used by companies around the country.

Westrock Coffee, for example, is a private label coffee wholesaler that provides coffee products to many major companies. Private label food manufacturers might specialize in one product type, like coffee, or they may carry a wide range of products. Additionally, companies can use private label food products on their own, or as ingredients in their products.

Private label cosmetic manufacturers

Cosmetics are a popular category for private labeling. Cosmetics are a high-demand product with very little risk for retailers. Private label manufacturers can supply a wide range of quality cosmetic and self-care products.

With such a wide range of products, there are also tons of private label cosmetic manufacturers to choose from. Some manufacturers offer a wide range of cosmetic products, while others are more specialized.

Daily Manufacturer is one of America’s largest cosmetic manufacturers and suppliers. You can also find more specialized manufacturers by searching according to the unique needs of your business.

InSpec Solutions is regarded as one of the best private label skin care manufacturers, for example. Private label hair care manufacturers like Dreamline Beauty or Genesis Private Label are great partners for salons and cosmetics retailers alike.

The field of cosmetics is highly varied, presenting many unique opportunities to sell niche products with private labeling. And there is no shortage of products that you can access through private label manufacturers. You can even find a fairly long list of eyelash extension private label manufacturers online for your cosmetics company.

Where to Find Private Label Manufacturers

Ready to partner with a private label manufacturer, but don’t know where to begin? The list of top private label manufacturers is constantly evolving as new suppliers emerge and improve their products. Finding the best private label manufacturers for your business relies on knowing where to look. A simple web search of private label manufacturers within your industry is a great place to start.

A useful resource to learn more about private label manufacturers across industries is the Private Label Manufacturers Association. The PLMA is an organization that supports private label manufacturers across America. Retailers looking to connect with private labels can learn more by attending PLMA events or accessing PLMA resources.

If you are starting an online business, private label manufacturers are a great resource for securing high-quality products. Partnering with one of these manufacturers helps keep overhead costs down while ensuring product consistency. But knowing what to sell and having an inventory is not all it takes to run a successful online business.

You will also need the knowledge and tools to create and manage your online store. That’s where Ecwid can help. Want to learn more? Read about how to get started with Ecwid to decide if Ecwid is the right ecommerce platform for you.


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