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Pinterest Opens Search Ads to Businesses of All Sizes — Great Opportunity for Visual Products
Posted Oct 25, 2017 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team

Pinterest Opens Search Ads to Businesses of All Sizes — Great Opportunity for Visual Products

If you are not yet addicted to Pinterest and its various pinboards of any niche possible, you should do some “research”. If your store sells products that make for great pictures and are visually appealing, Pinterest is a great place to get them in front of your customers.

On October 18, Pinterest opened their search ads tools to every business. Previously tested by big brands like eBay or Garnier, this feature has shown good results and was introduced to a larger audience. Now people like you and me can run ads based on broad, exact, or phrase-matched keywords, as well as get search term reports for optimizing the marketing strategy.

Earlier this fall, the Pinterest team made another announcement: the enchanted interest targeting based on the same technology that was previously used only for organic recommendations. Now there are 5,000+ interests to choose from for targeting your ads, and Pinterest can automatically supplement your keyword strategy by targeting relevant searches.

On this occasion, we want to tell you more about running ads on this visual medium.

How Pinterest Search Ads Work Now

People often want something without knowing what exactly.

Consider this scenario: you finally decided to start jogging, so you want a new pair of sneakers. But you don’t have an idea what people wear these days because the last time you wore sports shoes was way too long ago. This is where Pinterest comes in.

A Pinterest search leads people from an abstract desire to a concrete idea in the visual form of a Pin.

Pinterest feed

Pinterest search results for “home decor”

Many people go there to make better vacation plans, prepare for an important date, or just to get inspired for their living room redecoration. Every Pin has a link to some website it was pinned from, so it’s easy to click away and buy the stuff you’ve just discovered.

Your Pins can appear in front of people organically, and you can also promote your Pins to reach more of your target demographics.

Pinterest Ads are like a mix of Facebook Ads and AdWords. Here are the targeting options:

  • Goals: brand awareness, engagement, traffic to website, video views, and app installs.
  • Ad placement: search (shown when people search for ideas) and browse (shown when people browse, plus their homefeed, and related Pins)
  • Gender: male, female, unspecified
  • Interests: there’s a number to choose from, plus the ability to search more interests:

Pinterest targeting

  • Audiences: custom (website visitors, those who engaged with your pins, or an uploaded file) and act-alike audiences (people similar to those you already have)
  • Language
  • Devices: web, mobile, tablet
  • Locations
  • [New] Keywords: broad match, “phrase match”, [exact match], negative keywords, up to 150 keywords in a promoted pin.

If you choose the Clicks to Website objective, you’ll conveniently pay for the clicks only, and the bid goes lower if your Pin gets a good organic reach.

The ads look native, as Pinterest’s #1 mission is to help people find relevant content, not just sell ads to marketers.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that people come there to find products, shaping a specific audience that is ready to buy.

Who Should Advertise on Pinterest

Though now Pinterest Ads are more advanced than they used to be, they are not a universal solution for every type of business. The content on Pinterest still serves a certain audience.

Here’s a quick test. Answer yes or no to the following questions:

  • Do you sell visually appealing niche products?
  • Are you proud of your product photography?
  • Are you already present on Pinterest and are your pins repinned often?

If all three answers are positive, then you should totally give it a try.

It’s best if your Pins fit any of these categories:

  • Home
  • Hair and beauty
  • Style
  • Food and drink
  • Educational e-goods
  • DIY products.

Some Ecwid merchants are into Pinterest and confirm they have good results:

“Pinterest accounts for 90 percent of my social media traffic.” — Selena Robinson, founder of “Look! We’re Learning!”, selling educational e-goods.

'Look! We're Learning!' on Pinterest

“Look! We’re Learning!” on Pinterest

“Pinterest is the second biggest channel that brings sales to my shop. I joined a lot of Pinterest Groups and post there regularly. I post mostly from my shop. Sometimes I share an article or a blog post, or some ideas and tutorials.” — Elvira Threeyama, founder of the CHEZVIES blog and online store, selling handmade goods.

CHEZVIES on Pinterest

Chezvies Pins

How to Make a Great Promoted Pin

If you have a business profile on Pinterest, you can promote your most viral Pins. As we said, the bid gets lower when your organic reach is good.

If you don’t have any content to promote yet, read Pinterest’s guide “The Art of Pin” to understand what content the audience appreciates.

Your Pins should have a CTA, and it’s best to motivate people to discover more ideas than to “buy now”.

Don’t forget to have a look at Pinterest’s Advertising Guidelines before launching your ads to avoid rejection.

Like with any other advertising platform, things may or may not work in your particular case. So the best tip is to test, test, test.

How Else Can I Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a powerful website that business owners can use not only to run ads, but also to search trending product ideas, promote blog content, share digital freebies, and show how to use their products in real life.

Read these posts for more Pinterest tips:

By the way, Ecwid is on Pinterest too! Follow us for e-commerce tips, product suggestions, wrapping ideas, and to have a look at actual products from Ecwid stores!

About the author
Jesse is the Marketing Manager at Ecwid and has been in e-commerce and internet marketing since 2006. He has experience with PPC, SEO, conversion optimization and loves to work with entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.