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Online Sales Revitalize Real World Towns

Today’s guest is Brian Carver, CEO of Atlas 46.

Atlas 46 provides unique, quality, American made products to several industries. The core products are tool belt vests, popular with construction workers, mechanics, and off-road enthusiasts.

After tiring of software, Brian took over this business, which his father had recently launched. He grew it to a multi-location business with 200 employees. All while restoring historic buildings and providing jobs to low-income communities!

Atlas 46’s greatest growth came after Brian moved the sales focus online. Sales grew 117% year-over-year. Learn from his experience of building a growing, profitable e-commerce business.

Brian uses Ecwid E-commerce because of the integrations, being able to embed in the design, taking the role and responsibility of using the server. He likes that Ecwid E-commerce offers customization if a feature is not built into the software. This flexibility is a competitive advantage.


  • “We started going to smaller communities that were economically not in great shape. And we opened historic buildings. We picked buildings that were falling down the most, one of the buildings we’re in is from 1906. We rehabbed them completely with hardwood floors, temperature control, we hired developing teams. We brought our own production system. We’re not looking to drive the price out of it. We’re looking to innovate at a high, high level. That’s the way we look at it. We really like restoring these communities. It’s amazing to watch a community flourish.”
  • “I have no desire to make a cheap product. I desire to make a product that is not disposable. I want to make the best quality humanly possible. I don’t believe that communities are disposable, I don’t believe that people are disposable, I don’t believe that product is disposable either.”
  • “I don’t really care about search optimization, don’t care at all, to be honest. I care primarily about ‘Is my brand doing the correct thing, is my brand telling the story?’ To me, the job of marketing is to articulate what our company and business are doing to the community and being as accurate and honest as we can with our consumers.”

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