New Emails/HTML Notifications for Every Ecwid Store

Email was invented 44 years ago. The first message was sent in October 1971. In the same month John Lennon released his  “Imagine” song.  Regardless of its age both email and “Imagine” don’t get old: email is still the main communication tool on the Internet.

Ecwid itself sends more than a million emails every month to merchants and their customers. In the time it takes you to read this post, we will deliver 250 messages to merchants regarding new orders, sales status changes, download links and other important information.

Today, we’re happy to announce a new generation of emails to give you a better experience as an Ecwid merchant.

New beautiful look

We re-designed all emails from the ground up, focusing on clarity to make sure every message has a clear call-to-action and is easy to understand.


Mobile-ready out of the box

Data shows that 66% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. New emails are mobile-ready out of the box, and look great on smartphones.


Rich HTML formatting

New emails have rich formatting enabled including clickable links, embedded product images,  a store logo, and text formatting, among other features for an enjoyable read. No more copying URLs — just click a link!


Details that matter

We added many tweaks and improvements that aren’t noticeable at first sight, but we promise they’ll make your life easier. Some of our favorites:

  • When you receive an email about a placed order, you can click the link in the message and immediately open this sale in your control panel
  • As a store owner, you can get a copy of every email sent to your customers if you want to have total control
  • You can now customize the “From” address bar that Ecwid adds to every email. In place of “from:” your customers will see “from: Cool T-Shirt Store <>”
  • Email notifications to a store owner include all information about a sale, allowing you to process a new order without ever logging into the control panel
  • You can preview or test any email in Ecwid’s control panel.

Powerful editing tools for advanced users and developers

If you want to customize your stores, new notifications provide endless possibilities. They’re powered by an advanced template engine: variables (“${order.number}”), conditions (“<#if order.isShippingRequired> .. <#else> ”), loops (“<#list order.items as orderItem> ..  ”), string formatting (“<@urlWithoutProtocol store.storeUrl/>”) — everything a developer could dream of. Please refer to the help article and these docs about our email template language.


How to enable

If you created a new Ecwid account in the past few months, new notifications are already enabled for your store. Please open the “Settings → Mail” page in the Ecwid control panel to check and adjust your settings.

If you signed up for Ecwid before December 4, 2014, then please log in to the Ecwid control panel and open the “System Settings → General → Migrations” page.  Enable the “HTML notifications” option and save changes. With new notifications enabled on your account, you will be able to manage new mail settings on the “Settings → Mail” page.

New email notifications are better in every way. We recommend all Ecwid merchants enable them. Since email is the primary method of communication for Ecwid merchants, we are happy to help make conversations with your customers beautiful and smart.

About the author
Qetzal is Head of Product at Ecwid. He loves to create new things to make people's lives easier.
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