Grow your business this holiday season
Posted Sep 18, 2015 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

Grow Your Business this Holiday Season with In-store Pickup, Facebook Ads, and Other New Apps!

Did you know that over 19% of retail sales occur during the holiday season? Some industries, such as jewelry, are all the way up to 28%. That is over a quarter of annual sales in less than 2 months! With the season fast approaching, we at Ecwid think you should be prepared.

By now, you probably have seen the Ecwid App Market in your dashboard, and hopefully are already using some of the great functionality these apps provide.

In this feature, we are going to highlight a few amazing new apps that will help give your business an extra kick for the impending holiday season.

No matter how you’re selling your products this year, we want to make sure you have all the tools necessary. Have a look at these 4 great apps below and go ahead and get started early preparing your business for the holiday rush!

In-Store Pickup

One of the most important things to consumers is flexibility. They want to buy products wherever, whenever, and however they want.

One popular option nowadays is having the option to buy a product online and pick it up in a physical store, perhaps on your way home from work or running errands. Many others have done our research for us, and it’s been shown that consumers want it and therefore, businesses (you) need it. This brings us to app #1, In-Store Pickup!

In-Store Pickup

This app by Coral Web Designs makes it easy for you to give your customers the valuable option to purchase online and pick up at a physical store, opening up a whole new way for you to sell and them to shop.

Additionally, if they come to your store, you now have an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with them, take advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and simply make sure this customer leaves satisfied and plans to return.

Try it for free, and then only $4.99/month.

Learn more about In-Store Pickup

Currency Converter

Ecwid is already a global platform, with support for over 40 languages, multiple global shipping options, over 45 payment types, and 175 currencies. You can sell your products to anyone, anywhere.

However, even if you were an American business, if you were selling your products in a brick and mortar store in Russia, you would display prices and sell products in Rubles; if the store were in the United Kingdom, you would use Pounds. Just like you are most effective selling to someone in their language, displaying a price in the customer’s local currency will improve their experience and boost your sales. App #2, Currency Converter, is going to help you do just that!

Currency Converter

This app by Simcase will automatically detect the location of your site visitors and display the right currency to them as they browse your store.

The exchange rates are made in real time with relation to your store’s primary currency, and your customers will know exactly what they’re spending, all in a familiar and easy-to-understand format for them. You are getting a new way to speak directly to customers in their language and their culture, opening up new sales opportunities and helping to quickly expand your business globally.

Cost: $4.49 per month.

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Now In Store catalog builder

Do you remember the days of receiving catalogs from apparel stores, or a long list of CDs? In our digital world, sometime we forget about physical catalogs and the relationship they can build with a customer.

These seemingly mundane items can literally leave a lasting mark for your business. Perhaps you want to show off your new product at a local market, and what better way to do so than to leave customers with a physical item to take with them to remind them of the item(s) you were showing.

The next app, Now In Store, is designed to make this a piece of cake.

Now In Store catalog builder

This app by Now In Store is built to let you quickly and easily build beautiful catalogs and flyers, showcasing products from your store, and letting you share these online as a PDF or print out and take with you to your store, a market, or anywhere your customers are.

With no coding or technical experience needed, you’ll be able to create amazing catalogs and flyers in under a minute!

With over 24 different layout options, ability to customize with your images and brand, you can now take advantage of the easiest way to create catalogs and flyers and grow your multi-channel business. Go get started with this amazing app!

Try it for free, and prices start at $19/month.

Learn more about Now In Store

Brevi Ads

The vast majority of you reading this are probably on Facebook. Heck, it’s probably already open in another browser tab. In the United States, 71% of adult internet users are on Facebook, with the rest of the world not all that far behind.

It makes perfect sense that this is an important place to advertise. Your customers are on Facebook, and making sure your brand is visible on the social network is vital. Advertising on the network is common, and we want to make it easier. This brings us to the last, but not least, Brevi.

Brevi Ads

This app by Brevi, from the small business advocate and founder of Constant Contact, Randy Parker, is built to make advertising on Facebook easy.

The tool will guide you step-by-step through an intuitive process of creating ads on Facebook, directly from your Ecwid control panel. Simply select a product to promote, go through the wizard and you’ll have a beautiful new ad to let Facebook users know about your business. Since Brevi asserts it will deliver a certain number of visitors to your page over a set period, for a set price, you are guaranteed to get new potential customers in a quick and easy way.

Try it for free, and fixed prices start at $45.

What are you waiting for!? Go check out these and all the other great apps in the Ecwid App Market so you can stay ahead of the competition this holiday season! You’ll find email marketing, accounting, shipping, and many more types of apps to give your store the spice it needs. Happy Selling and Happy Holidays!


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