Posted Sep 1, 2015 by Dmitry Zhukov, Ecwid Team

Mobile Application for All Ecwid Stores

Hi, my name is Dmitry Zhukov. I’m the Head of mobile development at Ecwid. Over the past six months, we’ve made the Ecwid app for iOS much cooler: you can now add products, edit descriptions and upload pictures among other useful updates. Read on to learn more.

If you’re anxious to see the new updates, download Ecwid in the App Store now. You can test it out in demo mode if you’re on our free plan or don’t yet have an Ecwid store. To explore the full range of features of the Ecwid App, upgrade to one of our premium plans.

Ecwid Mobile for iPad

Now iPad owners can manage their store easier than ever. The screen size allows you to view your orders and goods while editing specific product details. The app also allows for optimal usage under both vertical and horizontal orientation — practical and convenient.


As an added bonus, business advice, merchant success stories and the latest news from the world of e-commerce appear as a news on the main screen of the application. You won’t miss a beat using Ecwid Mobile.

Managing products

E-commerce is shifting away from the desktop towards mobile. Ecwid Mobile allows you to change product information using your iPhone or iPad:

Edit your products and add new ones on the go.


See full descriptions of your products and make updates with our new editor.


Upload new photos and change the product image when you have a better photo . It’s perfect for adding new products — just use your phone to take a few photos and add new items to your catalog.


Instagram and other ways to increase your product visibility

Ecwid store owners tell us that using Instagram boosts their sales, but working with it can be a real pain. Instagram’s latest update prevents passing text descriptions as part of the photo. We’re all about keeping this simple for you. Just 1) click “share”, 2) click “next” and 3) paste the text and click “finish”. When you share on Instagram, our panel will automatically copy the full product description so you just need to paste the text in Instagram.


Try sharing your products on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest ! You’ll love it.

Order management

Our new app has detailed information about new orders including purchased products, options, shipping addresses and buyer contact details.


With our updates, you can change the payment status and order delivery information, and add origin tracking code. All the necessary information for order processing and search
is available even when you are not connected to the internet.

Sell on the go

Sell anywhere with Ecwid — even offline. Accept cash and card payments via Ecwid Mobile. We have partnered with PayPal to enable you to accept payments directly from within the Ecwid App.

PayPal Here is now supported in six countries: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and China (Hong Kong).


We have kept your largest customers in mind with these updates. Your wholesale customers will automatically receive discounted pricing as soon as their cart size reaches the threshold.

The mobile application now supports product options and variations. Previously you could only add a basic product and now it’s possible to select a size/color/whatever option a product has and have the inventory updated automatically.

Ecwid for Android

Some parting good news for Android users — our first version is almost ready.


Happy selling!

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