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Mindful Marketing and Gated Launches for E-commerce

Meet Jordan West, our guest for this episode of the Ecwid E-commerce Show. He’s an e-commerce business owner, a podcaster, and the founder of Mindful Marketing agency.

Jordan explains the mechanics and psychology of gated launches for e-commerce brands. His business leverages their Facebook VIP group to increase sales, and Jordan spells out how other sellers can do the same. His method is worth paying attention to: Jordan used it to make $250,000 of e-commerce sales in 24 hours without Facebook ads or discounts.

On today’s show, Jordan also touches upon:

  • the power of limited availability
  • making your customers VIPs
  • understanding levels of traffic
  • nurturing brand advocates
  • building brand excitement leading up to the launch
  • maintaining trust as a critical aspect in fostering long-term clients.

Bonus: E-commerce Sales Launch Checklist from Mindful Marketing.


  • “Brands think a lot differently than stores think. I’m really interested in brand building, and I think that paid advertising has a huge part to do with that. I think that it will never go away. But what I’m really interested in is actually owning our customers. That’s why we started to think of different strategies for launches.”
  • “So we talk about the five different levels of traffic. There are cold audiences, they don’t know anything about you. There are engagement audiences, they’ve engaged with you, they’ve watched a video. Then there are level three audiences. Those are the people who have actually gone to a product page. Then there are four and those are ‘Add to cart.’ And there are five, and those are your purchasers. And that’s all that people think about, those five levels.

    Well, I think that’s a horrible way to think about your traffic because all you’re thinking about your traffic is literally just money that can come in. And that’s it. It’s just that one purchase that they’re making. It goes way beyond that. There’s level six, seven, eight. When we get to level eight, what we’re talking about, these are people who are actually advocating for your brand.”
  • “The great thing about having a VIP group on Facebook is that people are able to talk back and forth. Some brands are really scared about having a group like this because they’re scared about customer service issues that are going to come up. The great thing that we found with this VIP group is that we don’t have to do any customer service there. Our hardcore fans advocate for us.”

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