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How to Excite Your Customers with Apple’s Updated iMessage
Posted Sep 14, 2016 by Kristen Pinkman, Ecwid Team

How to Excite Your Customers with Apple’s Updated iMessage

1 billion worldwide Apple users are excited to experience the company’s latest update —  iOS 10. iMessage is one of the most notable changes. The new updates are expected to transform Apple’s popular messaging app, iMessage, into a new and full-fledged social network.

Besides technical enhancements such as expanded links and third-party apps, updates to iMessage are content-rich, especially for media features.

With iMessage you can now add quick videos, doodles, stickers, handwriting, Gifs, and many visual effects — once you upgrade to iOS 10 your messages will never look the same.

What this means to you as a business owner

All these updated  features might just seem like fun, but let’s discuss how they can help you drive sales to your business.

Marketing experts consider instant messaging to be your next-generation sales channel. When it comes to chatting, people prefer to take the conversation to messengers and appreciate having multiple functions within the same communication channel.

Instant messaging and live chats are fast, easy to access, simple to use and are very powerful business communication tools. One the other hand, having a business number for customers to contact you via phone call or by text message and an internet connection to be contacted by email are also great options to offer.

Many brands have already started connecting to their audience via instant messaging to make communication more personalized, drive more traffic and to increase sales. With Apple’s updated iMessage media features, the process has never been more fun.

Stickers are custom images that are used to replace words and to express emotions. They are a strong messenger tool to engage your customers and drive sales, and they just happen to be one of Ecwid’s favorite messenger features.

Businesses can create their own sticker sets based on their brand or a specific theme. If you’ve created stickers for your business or to reflect a theme, you can offer them to your customers via download which further encourages your buyers to use your branded stickers in chats, messages and beyond.

Check out how many sticker packs there are for another top popular messenger, Telegram. You should expect the same boom happen for iMessage in the near future.

The good news is that you are already prepared and ready to participate.

Introducing Ecwid’s official sticker pack

If you want to enhance your business communications, get more customer feedback or are looking for creative ways of promotion, using iMessage can help you achieve these goals and more.

This is why Ecwid’s official sticker pack is here for you. We’ve designed 22 stickers to help build better merchant and customer communications.

Check our Stickers out:

Ecwid's official sticker set

Ecwid’s official sticker set

Here are at least three ways to apply (and enjoy) these cute and clever stickers for your business.

Provide a better customer service

Customers don’t like to wait too long to receive confirmation of the status of their order. Your emails can get lost in inboxes and calls aren’t always convenient. Now, it’s convenient and “cool” to send a nice sticker whenever an order is placed, processed or shipped — it takes just one tap and brings a great deal of satisfaction to your customer.

Get more feedback

Remember yourself writing a review or rating an app for the first time? It was probably something that impressed you enough for you to spend your valuable time leaving feedback.

A simple text asking for a product review isn’t bad, but what if you were to send a beautiful picture instead? Show your customers positive emotions with stickers can go a very long way to ensure they keep returning to your store to buy your products.

Inform about new arrivals and offer discounts

You don’t have to wait for the customers to visit your site or open your newsletter — send them a sticker to let know about new arrivals and get more traffic. We also added stickers for every possible discount so you could personalize the sales process in a way that best fits your business goals.

imessage case

How to add the stickers to the new iMessage

Excited to give stickers a try in your store? Download the full pack here.

To start using them, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Messages from your Home screen.
  2. Tap on the Apps button.
  3. Tap on the App Store button at the top left to access the iMessage App Store.
  4. Download the stickers and enable them in the Manage tab of the App Store.

imessage steps

How to use iMessage to contact your customers

In order for people to reach you via iMessage, you must first share your phone number.
Tip: never share your personal number for business purposes — it’s better to get a separate SIM-card.

Add your company number to the contact page on your website, to your social media accounts, to your newsletter and on branded packaging. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can also get business cards or add the number to physical catalogs.

Feel free to leave some additional information. For example, “For a quick chat, text to +1208***” or “24/7 iMessage support +1208***”. This way you’ll let people know what kind of help your offer and how fast they can reach you by text.


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We’ve got another gift for the most attentive readers: we created a sticker pack for Telegram, too! :) Download it here.

About the author
Kristen is a сontent creator at Ecwid. She finds inspiration in sci-fi books, jazz music and home-cooked food.