How to Use Video in Marketing
Posted Jun 21, 2016 by Lina Vashurina, Ecwid Team

How to Use Video in E-commerce Marketing

Did you know that the average person spends 5.5 hours watching video content every day? It’s true, according to recent data from eMarketer and this fact makes a strong case for including video in your eCommerce marketing strategy.

What’s nice about video is that it’s more versatile than static text or images and allows your audience to see and experience elements of your online business they couldn’t otherwise. Whether it’s a behind the scenes look at your process for product creation, or testimonials from customers who can vouch for your service, video adds a unique element to your marketing.

Let’s look at some specific ways you can use video in e-commerce marketing.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Letting your customers see your products come to life in video format helps them feel more involved with the process —  and like an insider with a close, one-on-one relationship with you. Videos like these also help break down the walls between you and your customers, and can be used to build trust and earn the respect of your target customers.

Letting customers get a peek at life behind the scenes also allow them to see the hard work that goes into the products they purchase from your online store. Maybe it’s a video of you bringing a product from the sketching phase into a finished product, or even just the product journey from online order to packaging. Either way, these videos add unique perspective to your marketing efforts, and can help you build up a loyal following of fans and supporters.

Bikini Love, an online store offering a wide variety of bikinis, used a behind the scenes video to share with customers the photo session that took place pre-launch for a new line of products on social media.

In the short video, customers get to see a sneak peek of the new products, as well the process for capturing new photos that would later be added to the store.

Lookbook Videos

Lookbook videos let you showcase your products in the branded context you want your customers to see — and when you make them interactive, they become a compelling shopping experience for the viewer. Including links to buy products showcased in your lookbook video means that if an audience member sees something he or she likes, right away they can make a purchase.

Yarose Shulzhenko uses these type of videos to show their heels being worn (and loved) by their target customers — young women. A video like this one helps female shoppers better envision themselves wearing the product, and creates a more immersive viewing experience for product evaluation as well.

Think about how you can leverage video to showcase your products for your target market and showcase them in a way that makes shoppers say, “That’s perfect! I need that now!”

Video Testimonials/Customer Stories

Social proof is a form of psychological reinforcement that can be extremely valuable in an online shopping context where buyers can’t physically touch and evaluate your products. By being able to read and review testimonials and stories from other shoppers, they feel more secure in their purchase decision, and that they’re getting valid, unbiased information from a relevant source.

Reach out to your loyal supporters and fans to see if they’d be willing to share their positive experience on camera and talk about why they love your online store. By capturing these positive comments on video, you can use them on an on-going basis (and drive sales as a result.)

Non-profit Helping Rhinos uses a video featuring renowned cyclist Phil Liggett for this purpose. Liggett shares his reason for supporting the organization, and also calls other to support the cause as well. Helping Rhinos gets an extra boost in effectiveness and ethos here thanks in part to Liggett’s celebrity, too.

About Us Videos

A simple “About Us” video that introduces you as the person behind the brand is a fast, easy way to explain to customers who you are and what you’re all about. Doing this helps build a foundation for long-term relationships with customers — and it lets you share your backstory at the same time.

These videos don’t need to be lengthy — typically three minutes or less will do  but should walk a new site visitor through your company mission, why you started the brand or launched a specific collection, and any other information you’d want a brand-new potential customer to learn. Think of it as a chance to welcome and introduce yourself to each and every new shopper with a face-to-face greeting.

Fashion brand L.K. Bennett uses a video like this to explain the backstory to a new collection — and features a designer and a target customer who discuss the products and what they mean to them.

Product Overview Videos

Product overview videos help highlight and thoroughly showcase the features of your products in an appealing visual format. They can also help build excitement around new products you’re about to release, and can help shoppers get a better idea of what to expect from your packaging, too.

A great example of this can be seen from CakeSafe, a product for confectioners, which uses a video to showcase the product’s features as well as its benefits. Rather than just posting some static photos, they created a how-to video for a more immersive experience for the viewer. This in-depth showcase of the product’s different features demonstrates how it’s used in real time.

Put Video in eCommerce Marketing to Good Use

Whether it’s a simple introduction video you post on YouTube, or a product teaser you share on social media, in 2016, video should be part of your marketing strategy. You can not only use these on your website, but you can also share them on social media, too (which means more bang for your buck.)

Don’t forget to put this engaging format to work for your business, as it’s clear that shoppers are very much interested in watching video online.

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