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How to Support Nonprofits with Ecwid Ecommerce

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In the newest episode of the Ecwid Ecommerce Show, our podcast host Rich flies solo to interview Alex Schupp of Denver Crowd, a digital marketing and website development agency.

The last time Alex was on our show, he shared how Denver Crowd helped a sports apparel store to grow sales from $1,000 a year to $1,000 a day. Listen to our first podcast with Alex to learn more about his initial success.

Today, Alex shares four more success stories with the same goal: supporting nonprofits with ecommerce.

All nonprofits need to raise funds and connect with people to be successful. In this episode, you’ll find out how you can grow your business while helping people help people.

Fundraising, collecting donations, raising awareness, and community communication are common needs for all nonprofits. These mirror Ecwid’s core functions, making it easy for an Ecwid store owner to reach out to nonprofits and help improve their capabilities by applying their own experience and knowledge.

Alex and his team at Denver Crowd are a great example of an ecommerce/nonprofit partnership in action. In this new episode, Alex provides four examples of different nonprofit partnerships, each with its own unique benefits and challenges. Learn a little more about each below, and tune in for the whole story.

City Greens Market

Food deserts are a common problem for urban areas. City Greens Market is meeting the needs of this Saint Louis neighborhood.

Their original solution to the problems presented by COVID-19 restrictions wasn’t effective. But by moving to Ecwid E-commerce, they streamlined their operations and added capabilities for their service.

Ecwid made it easy to transfer their existing inventory data, and provided an improved shopping experience by providing multiple search avenues.

City Greens has varied tiered pricing for members and non-members. Ecwid E-commerce helped them manage this complication by using discount codes, allowing on-site pricing to accurately reflect what was appropriate for each individual shopper.

The platform also helped them with scheduling and streamlining in-store transactions.

Redemption Road Fitness

Redemption Road Fitness is a unique organization, made up of CrossFit enthusiasts who help inmates with mental and physical rehabilitation. Redemption Road helps prisoners change their mindset, which reduces recidivism.

They had a unique problem with the fulfillment of items sold for fundraising. One challenge was that the items were created on demand by prisoners at one facility. Ecwid provided an email solution to facilitate dropshipping.

Veterans to Farmers

The Veterans to Farmers nonprofit turns our nation’s protectors into providers. It is a free service for veterans across the United States. They teach veterans everything they need to know about becoming a farmer, from land management to marketing.

Ecwid Ecommerce helped to distribute merchandise for fundraising and helped the community of supporters, service providers, and participants stay connected. It also simplified the donation process for those who wanted to provide ongoing support.

Ecwid’s email marketing integration streamlined ongoing messaging to supporters.

Bailey Outdoor Recreation Area

Bailey Outdoor Recreation Area (BORA) in Colorado uses a school’s recreational space to enhance the experience of health-conscious city residents.

BORA initially had problems with collecting fees from users, as well as cash management difficulties.

By moving the fee collection process online and providing multiple payment methods with Ecwid, they improved their ability to manage and maintain funding.

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