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How to Ship a Package: A Complete Guide for Online Sellers

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Shipping is a critical piece of the ecommerce business model.

If you’re new to shipping, there’s a lot to know, which can be overwhelming. But don’t stress! This post breaks down the necessary steps to shipping a package, what you need to know, and how to get it done in person or from your home.

Let’s jump in!

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How to Ship a Package UPS

UPS is a popular carrier for both domestic and international shipping. Here’s how to ship a package through UPS.

Get your package ready

Make sure you have a sturdy box without any labels on it. Carefully wrap your items in bubble wrap or paper to stay protected during the trip. Seal the box with shipping tape.

Create a shipping label

Once you know the weight and dimensions of your box, you can create a shipping label on the UPS website. Here, you’ll select when you want the package to arrive and how much it will cost.

Once the shipping label is complete, you can print it out and drop the package off, schedule a pickup, or take your box into a UPS store and have them print the label and ship it for you.

How to Ship a Package USPS

USPS sends millions of packages each year to domestic and international locations, making it an easy career to trust with your products. Here’s how to ship a package using USPS.

Choose a shipping service

USPS offers five shipping services to send domestic packages. They vary in price, delivery speed, and other desired services. Select the service that aligns with your needs first.

Package the products

Grab a box, padded envelope, or packing tube to get your items ready to go. Know the item’s dimensions and weight to avoid fees when completing your shipping label. Print the shipping label or write the address on the longest side of the box.

Calculate postage

Use the USPS Postage Calculator to calculate the shipping fees you’ll owe.

Ship It!

Once the box is packed and postage has been paid, drop the package off at a local USPS store or arrange a free pickup.

How to Ship a Package Fedex

FedEx has created a streamlined shipping process that makes sending products via their domestic and international carrier services easy and affordable.

Whether you’re shipping items across the country or the world, FedEx breaks the process down into manageable steps, including the following:

Choose your destination

Your total shipping cost will depend on where you ship — domestic or international. Once you know where the package is going, you can plan accordingly.

Package your item

Depending on what you’re shipping, choose the packaging and materials that will protect your items and ensure they arrive safely. Use bubble wrap and packing peanuts for fragile items and the right size container so items fit snugly within the box.

Print the shipping label

FedEx has a Ship Manager tool that can help you determine the shipping service you need and accurately input the customer’s shipping address and information.

Here, you can opt to include special delivery instructions and services for the carrier to ensure the items arrive safely into the hands of your customer.

How to Ship a Package From Home

As an ecommerce business, much of your operations are likely happening in your home or office.

It’s the American dream!

Did you know you can ship packages from home, too?

Using Ecwid’s discounted shipping labels, users can print package labels from the control panel at the lowest possible costs. You can select the carrier based on arrival time and price, allowing for price comparisons in the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is package the item, print the label, and pop the package in your pickup bin for your regular postal worker.

How to Ship a Package Internationally

There are more steps required to ship a package internationally than domestically.

You’ll need to complete a Customs form identifying the items you are shipping and their value. You should also carefully wrap the products using bubble wrap or packing peanuts, even if they aren’t fragile. This will protect the items on their journey overseas.

Be sure to include both the delivery and sender’s addresses on the package. Research the format of addresses within the country where the package is shipping so you write everything correctly to ensure delivery.

Then, you can choose the shipping carrier and rate you’d like. Shipping rates vary depending on the carrier you choose, so research to find a price you can justify passing on to international customers.

How to Ship a Large Package

When a package weighs more than 70 pounds, it’s considered heavy. You’ll want to work with specific carrier services, like UPS and FedEx, for a fair price and relatively quick shipping times.

UPS Ground accepts items up to 150 pounds and 108 inches long, while FedEx Freight ships furniture and various oversized items domestically and internationally.

How to Ship a Package Without a Label

If you can’t print a shipping label for a package, UPS will allow you to schedule a pickup, and the driver will provide the appropriate shipping documents and information at that time.

This is the best option to ship packages without a label and ensure your customers still receive their purchases.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Package?

The time it takes for a package to arrive at its destination varies, depending on the following:

  • The package destination
  • The carrier service
  • If you’re shipping domestic or international
  • Weight and dimensions of the package

For example, if you choose standard, domestic shipping on a flat rate box, the standard time is between 2 and 4 days.

For international shipments, estimated arrival times can vary anywhere from 5 to 14 business days (or longer), depending on the size of the package, where it’s going, and the rate you selected.

Make Shipping a Breeze with Ecwid

As an entrepreneur, shipping should be the least of your worries. That’s why we created discounted shipping labels to make this facet of your business easier to manage so you can focus on business growth.

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