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How to Set Up an Affiliate Program for Your Ecwid Store

Congratulations! You’ve set up your storefront, you’re watching traffic pour in, and you’re making some sales. It’s time to take things to the next level by promoting your store and winning new customers.

Affiliate marketing is a valuable tool that some Internet-based merchants use to generate more traffic to their shops. With this post, we’ll explain how affiliate marketing programs work, as well as how to manage and grow your own.

What is affiliate marketing? Why it is important?

An affiliate marketing program is a rewards-based system that incentivizes people or businesses to promote your products in exchange for a small commission on any resulting sale.

Marketers, bloggers, and anyone wanting to monetize their website sign up for these programs, sending visitors to your store by displaying a small ad on their sites. This ad contains a unique tracking link that lets them know when a visitor spends money with you as a result of clicking on it. Affiliate partners usually take a flat dollar amount or small percentage of a total sale. Both parties benefit!

Featured testimonial: “Post Affiliate Pro was recommended to me by our developer and I absolutely love it! I am new to the whole affiliate game, so to use a product that has so many features is great. Any scenario I have dreamed up so far, Post Affiliate Pro has been able to implement.”

How do you set up an affiliate program for your Ecwid store?

Post Affiliate Pro is a leading affiliate marketing app that plugs into any Ecwid storefront with just a few steps. It will get you up and running with an affiliate program best catered to your business and products. You have two options on how implement it, and both are easy!

Option #1

You provide your affiliate partners with special links or banners that lead to your store, tracking the clicks and sales that they bring with them.

Suppose you sell baby clothes out of your Ecwid store. In this hypothetical example, you’d do well to reach out to parenting sites, mommy-bloggers, or any site that attracts new parents to ask them about their interest in teaming up with you. Your best leads for affiliate partners will be sites with an audience of people interested in what you sell.

Ads for your store or individual items will appear next to your partner’s content, enticing that audience to click, visit your store, and spend some money.Your partner gets a small kickback on any sales that come about as a result, and a relevant audience discovers your inventory and learns about your business.

Example affiliate link

Example affiliate link

You can configure the specifics of what your ads look like and set your partners’ commission inside of Afilliate Post Pro’s control panel. Once your partners register as an official affiliates, they place the unique tracking code on their page and your content appears on their site.

Detailed instructions on how to set this up are readily available in our Help Center. Be sure to register an account with Post Affiliate Pro as well.

Option #2

Your affiliate partners place your entire Ecwid store on their sites and share revenue from sales that happen there.

This works in a very similar manner as the first option, but instead of featuring a single ad for your store, affiliates can actually display your entire inventory alongside their content.

You’ll give your affiliate partners a unique integration code that they will place on their page. It may look like gibberish, but it’s what enables you to both get paid! A third-party affiliate tracking program will help record purchases that come from this external store, and you only need make sure the customers get their orders. There is more information on how to configure this option right here.

There you have it: two ways for your audience and revenue. Decide on the method you think will work best for you, find a partner, and implement your affiliate program in minutes.

Where do you find new affiliates?

Once you have decided on an affiliate program, the next step is to recruit your affiliate partners. There’s no wrong way to do this—ultimately you are just asking if other people would like to make some extra money by supporting your store—but here are some ideas on how to build momentum.

  1. Reach out to websites directly and through other affiliate programs. Offer them attractive benefits and come up with a way to make yourself a more appealing partner. Perhaps you’re willing to offer a higher-than-usual percentage of successful sales to them. Perhaps you only need to be communicative, personable business partner to get them interested.
  2. Advertise on Google, Facebook, and Bing. Buy keywords related to your store’s inventory so that your ads will appear alongside relevant searches.
  3. Get in touch with bloggers that write about topics related to what you sell. Bloggers live or die by having an interested audience, so explain to them that you both benefit from an affiliate program. Their readers will see relevant items for sale, and you both get paid when those readers buy from you. Perhaps the blogger could even write a post encouraging his or her readers to shop your store through the affiliate link; it is a partnership, after all.
  4. Keep your affiliates interested with better bonuses and better payouts. Avoid being cheap with them. Take decisive action to grow your affiliate program to be as large as possible. Reach out to new potential partners all the time. Don’t you want to see your products advertised all over the Internet?
  5. Interact with your partners on a personal level and maintain friendly relations. This is a powerful way to distinguish yourself from others. Keep your affiliates up to date on what you have planned. Invite them to update you on any goings-on on their end as well. The more you can team up and cross-promote with them, the better.
  6. Think hard about the affiliates you choose. Check in with your partners as needed to re-emphasize terms and conditions. You obviously want to avoid frauds and time-wasters, and regular interaction is the fastest way to get people to show their true colors over time. If you’re communicating often, you’re building a genuine relationship with your affiliates. Give them no other option than to think highly of you! They are that much more likely to recommend you as a worthwhile partner to others seeking an easy way to monetize their content. The best affiliates are the ones who are willing to collaborate with you, rather than collect an idle payout from your sales every so often.
  7. Finally, keep testing new ideas, even if they sound risky. Weigh options carefully and hedge your bets before making them. Always have a backup plan in case something misfires. The more nimble you are with your business, the more likely you are to generate an amount of sales that will keep both you and your partners happy. Be brave and experimental!

As always, happy selling!

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David is the Head of Marketing at QualityUnit, a B2B software development company with products Post Affiliate Pro, an affiliate tracking service, and LiveAgent, which provides helpdesk and live chat functionality. When offline, he likes good food and fishing.
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