How to Sell Tickets Online on Your Website: A Quick Guide
Posted Sep 14, 2018 by Ann Rodionova, Ecwid team

How to Sell Tickets Online on Your Website: A Quick Guide

Are you planning to hold a concert, lecture or charity dinner anytime soon?

If so, you have a lot on your plate right now. The most important thing to make your event a success is to bring in attendees. Selling tickets online accelerates the process, but how do you make those tickets available in time?

Ecwid E-commerce has you covered: read this quick guide to starting selling tickets on your website in minutes.

1. Design Your Branded Ticket

If you aren’t a professional designer and don’t want to pay a design agency’s big fees, turn to the many online services with ready-made templates. Look at the ticket we made with in 1 minute:

making eticket in canva

Also check out, and Spark.adobe (or share your favorite graphic design tool with us in comments below.)

2. Create an Ecwid Store to Sell Tickets Online

With your tickets designed, now you need a shop to sell them through. Ecwid e-commerce provides the best service to sell tickets online. With Ecwid, you can quickly add a single product or a storefront right to your website and sell tickets online (along with other digital and physical goods).

Unlike other services, Ecwid doesn’t charge any commission fees from your sales. Whether your event is  a small city tour or a stadium-sized concert, you can sell as many tickets as you need at no extra cost.

Ecwid E-commerce shopping cart is integrated with payment providers such as PayPal, Square, Stripe, etc. that make purchasing fast and easy for your customers.

Sign up for free and add a store to your website to start to sell tickets online right away.

3. Create Your Product

To add your ticket, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Products.
  2. Click Add a new product.
  3. Open the Files tab and upload the ticket you designed.
  4. Don’t forget to uncheck the Requires a Shipping Method option.
  5. Write a short description and Save the new product.

setting up a digital product

Digital products don’t require shipping, so disable it in product settings

If you have different types of tickets for one event, use Product Options with Price Modifiers. For example, you can add a “VIP” ticket, senior ticket or a cheaper option for students.

To create a new option go to  Catalog → Products → Edit product → Options. Add as many options as you want, changing price by ticket type.

ticket options

To protect customers from copying tickets, ask them to keep invoices to show at the event. Each invoice has a unique code that you can use for identification. You will need to make this requirement very clear on the ticket pages so that there are no disappointments at the door.

ticket identification

Use barcode to identify the ticket

Learn more in the Ecwid Knowledge Base: Selling digital products

4. Set Payment Options

Ecwid provides merchants with a wide variety of payment integrations. Research has shown that the more payment options you offer the customer, the better your sales.

To set payment methods for your Ecwid store, go to Ecwid Control panel → Configuration → Payments.

If you are not sure which payment method is best for your store, please refer to the full guide to payment options at Ecwid.

5. Promote Your Event!

If no one is aware of your event, no one comes. Make sure you share information everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, partner’s media, etc. You can also offer discounts for bulk orders or give coupons for sharing the event with friends.

How to Verify Tickets During Your Event

To verify that the ticket is original, you need to find the one in the order list. Go to the Control panel → My Sales → Orders. Ecwid mobile store management app for iOS and Android makes verification easy on the go.

The mobile management app includes a Barcode Scanner that you can use to scan the invoice codes and find the order quickly and make sure it has been paid. (Yes, we HAVE thought of everything.)

Barcode scanner in the Ecwid app

Barcode scanner in the Ecwid app

Don’t miss a chance to sell more tickets on the spot! Use the Ecwid app to create an order and accept cash payments or use your own point of sales technology.

Even those who don’t already have an Ecwid store can sell their tickets for free. The Ecwid mobile app has a free 14-day trial on the free plan. Once you upgrade to our Venture plan, you can use it at no additional charge for as many events as you like.

Get Ecwid Mobile App for iOS   Get Ecwid Mobile App on Google Play


Selling e-tickets doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money, or technical knowledge. If you completed the steps above, share the link to your Ecwid store here in comments to let other readers know about your event. Who knows? You might even sell it out!

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