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Facebook Messenger
Posted May 19, 2016 by Kristen Pinkman

How to Use Facebook Messenger For Business: Six Essential Tactics

Every entrepreneur should have a Facebook page for his or her business nowadays. Many entrepreneurs make their pages well before the actual launch of their business in order to start the hype about their great product or service — coming soon.

Facebook is a tough nut to crack. Crowded with features and settings, it leaves business owners with their eyes wide open, looking for someone they can turn to for help. Today we will bring you one big step closer to a cutting-edge use case for Facebook Messenger. In this article we will look more closely at Facebook Messenger’s everyday features applied for business purposes.

It means you’ll learn how to:

  • Provide real-time customer care while looking professional
  • Use chatbots to save you time while giving customers a personalized chatting experience
  • Take advantage of instant replies, greetings, and much more.

Let’s not waste a minute!

Listen to this article

Provide real-time customer care

Imagine you are browsing an online store’s page and you have a question about a product. The traditional ways to seek an answer are to call the company (not always an option if the seller is located in a distant country) or to email the seller and wait for an answer that may not ever come. But Facebook Messenger can facilitate real-time conversations online almost as if you were speaking face-to-face.

  • You can help customers choose the size, color and quantity of products they need
  • Send order confirmations
  • Let people check their shipping info

Depending on your business, it might be very important to provide private support. Customers don’t always want to ask certain questions publicly. For example, if you sell pills, pharmaceutical cosmetics, underwear, some kinds of products for security or even presents, giving your clients a chance to contact you secretly may be highly appreciated.

Don’t put off checking your Facebook page and responding to the messages you get. Read them and answer as soon as possible. It helps contribute to a sense of real-time magic that makes your store look highly professional and technologically proficient.

Take advantage of scan codes and usernames

900 million users exchange more than one million messages with businesses on Facebook Messenger every month, proving that people will use chats to buy products and get customer service. Many other means of communication, even email and phone calls, can be considered old-fashioned on some level. With your business’s name on Facebook, your product won’t be hard to find. With the Facebook Messenger it goes twice faster and more comfortable.

Screenshot your Facebook page’s scan code and put it on your website and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Print it on business cards and have a bunch of them in your brick-and-mortar or popup store so that people can easily reach you. This idea is perfect if you’re planning to take part in a craft fair this summer. Make it as easy as possible for people to find you.

To make it easier for people to identify and contact the businesses they want to connect with, Facebook brings Page usernames to the forefront. Each Page has a unique username that can you can customize and edit. Soon, your username will show up directly on your Page, underneath your Page title with an @ symbol before it. If your URL is already customized (e.g., the username will look the same.


Usernames and Scan Codes on Messenger

Use powerful chatbots

Customer service is being reborn today in the wake of the chatbot revolution. The feature looks to be a promising trend in the near future.

If a Facebook store is your priority, a lot of people might want to contact you and order directly from your page. Creating a Messenger bot is a way to provide an interactive customer experience on mobile devices that more and more people are carrying with them all the time. It doesn’t matter what kind of goods or services you sell or how big your business is: personalized interaction with customers leads to growing sales.

Bots are clever. It is easy for them to assist a customer in choosing the size, color, and quantity of product or to help with a service details and to be fun, quick and personal at the same time.

Bots are their own category of customer service, so no one will confuse them with a person.

You can build your own bot for free here. The process is intuitive and includes tips at every stage, so no need to get frightened by complexity.


Set up instant replies and greetings

Entrepreneurs are often busy with many things when they’re not chatting with customers. But customers don’t like to be ignored. Answering their questions in a reasonable amount of time seems to be a problem, huh? You need help from autoreplies, which are time-savers that make you look professional and efficient.

Open your Facebook business page settings and click to the “Messaging” tab to set up autoreplies. You can write a message of up to 250 characters that they’ll receive as soon as they message you. The autoreply won’t be sent to users if your messaging status is set to “away.” These messages may include images like your company logo, or any other personalizations you may like.

“Greetings” is another cool feature that can add personality to your business page. It is customized right below Instant Replies.

instant replies

Set response time

In the previous picture you can see a Response Time setting that deserves particular attention. Not everyone knows that this time can be changed manually.

Why is this so important? Let your customers know how long they should expect to wait to hear from you. It is crucial that you be honest here. For example, as soon as you decide to no longer worry about replying to messages within an hour, it is important to keep to that plan so no customers feel cheated.

response time

Share locations

Do you offer in-store pickup? Share your location with a customer in seconds to save time and effort spent on texting directions to your shop. Location-sharing makes it easier for customers to understand where you are, and to then navigate the route the way they want to.


It works the other way as well. Customers save themselves headaches by not having to type in their addresses. When you contact them via Facebook Messenger, they will be thankful!

More tips

This isn’t even the end of the useful hacks you can implement using Facebook Messenger. Other cool ideas you might want to investigate:

  • Integrating apps like Dropbox for sharing files, or Bitmoji for sending personalized graphics
  • Paying via Facebook Messenger (it may take a few days for the payment to clear, but there’s no fee)
  • Add Facebook Chat application to your Ecwid store

And let’s not forget that chatting with someone on Facebook Messenger means you can have a look at their Facebook page. It usually contains a lot of useful information on who your customers are — you can look not only at ages, genders, and locations, but also these people’s interests, events, and communication style. Keep this data in mind as you steer your Messenger conversations to be personalized and friendly to the maximum.

Are you using Facebook Messenger in a unique, unlikely way for your business? We can’t wait to read your thoughts in comments below!

About the author
Kristen is a social media manager at Ecwid. She finds inspiration in sci-fi books, jazz music and home-cooked food.