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How to Sell Digital Downloads on My Website

How to Sell Digital Downloads on My Website

8 min read

What would you say if we found you a product that requires no shipping or inventory? With digital downloads, you create the product once and can immediately start selling it to as many customers as you want.

And compared to physical products the overhead cost is significantly lower, which means more profit in your pocket. But “is it easy to sell digital downloads on my website?” — we think it is!

When you add a product to your store, you upload a file that is automatically delivered to customers. An automated email delivers a unique download link after they make a purchase. Let’s take a look at where and how you can start selling digital downloads with Ecwid.

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Where Can I Sell Digital Downloads Online?

A great place to start would be an online store! For Ecwid merchants on a Venture plan or higher, you can start selling today!

Adding a digital download to an Ecwid store

Adding a digital download to an Ecwid store

Business coach and Ecwid merchant, Kyshira, added an Ecwid store to her existing website to sell digital resources for business owners and entrepreneurs! Digital downloads include planners, video webinars and more.

Ecwid merchant, Kyshira, added an Ecwid store to her existing website to sell digital resources

Check out her digital products

In addition to services, you can offer accompanying digital downloads as tools that compliment your business. We recommend using Canva, a free design tool, as a cost-effective way to start selling digital downloads. Here are some examples:

Design and sell daily planners

Design and sell daily planners

Design and sell custom flashcards for students

Design and sell custom flashcards for students

How Do I Sell Digital Downloads Files on My Website?

The easiest way is to create an online store with Ecwid E-commerce. Here’s how you can do that:

  • If you have a website or a blog, add an online store to it
  • Or, use our one-page website with a built-in online store.

You can sell e-goods on all Ecwid paid plans (starting from $15/mo.) All you have to do is to upload a file in your Ecwid Control Panel, set a price, and choose a payment option. We make it easy for merchants to sell digital downloads on a website, from online courses to webinars and tutorials. Here is a quick step by step:

    1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog → Products.
    2. Click a product to edit or create a new one.
    3. In the General tab untick Requires shipping or pickup:

 In the General tab untick Requires shipping or pickup:

    1. Then open the Files tab.
    2. Click +Upload Files.
    3. In the popup click Choose file:

In the popup click Choose file:

  1. Select the file on your computer.
  2. Click + to add more files.
  3. Click Upload Files.
  4. Enter the file description.
  5. Click Save.

Make sure to disable shipping for these products! Once you receive an order, update the order status to “paid” and the customer will automatically receive the link to the digital download.

How Can I Sell Digital Products Without a Website?

If you’re not ready to commit to a website, there are a couple of places where you can still sell digital products.


Mostly meant for handmade products, this website allows you to sell digital downloads but not for free. There are hidden fee’s associated with each sale. And if you have a lower-priced product, you may not make much of a profit.

Social Media

Another alternative is using social media to promote and sell your digital products. Now, this requires lots of manual work and you should know that it may deter customers. But if you really don’t want a website then consider this option. Think about how you’ll receive payment and ways to assure customers you are not a scam. For example, you could use PayPal as an invoice and payment method to sell digital products online. And for more on this, head to the next question!

How Do I Sell Digital Products With PayPal?

One way to sell digital products online with PayPal, is using their service as an invoicing tool. If you aren’t ready to commit to a website, PayPal offers a safe way for you and your customers to do business.

As the merchant, you’ll need to figure out how to deliver the digital product. And while you can use the tried and true email format, you may find some security and file limit hindrances.

If you truly are serious about selling digital downloads online. Consider using an e-commerce platform like Ecwid that guarantees ease of use for you and customer assurance.

Can You Sell Digital Downloads on Amazon?

The ever-popular marketplace giant, Amazon, certainly does not make it easy for you to sell digital downloads. Keep in mind that some make take a percentage fee, but it could be worth it for the exposure.

If your products fall into these three categories, selling on Amazon could be an opportunity for you.


In partnership with Amazon Music, musicians can upload and start selling their songs on TuneCore. There is a charge to use the software but Amazon does not take a fee. Here is how it works:

Sell your music on Amazon with TuneCore

Sell your music on Amazon with TuneCore


Talented graphic designer? You can sell branded merch on Amazon with their merch feature!

Sell your designs with AmazonMerch

Sell your designs with AmazonMerch


If you’ve penned the next hit romance novel or compiled a family recipe ebook and want to sell it digitally. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to publish “digital” or “on-demand.”

With each of these options, you are limited those niche products. So if you offer a variety of digital products, you are better off with an online store.

Looking for More?

Now that we’ve covered where and how you can sell digital downloads. Here are 18 digital products you can integrate into your business:

And for some inspiration, here is an Ecwid merchant successfully selling their own digital downloads! RJ Rise, from Ultimate 5 Squad, has built a customer base with free downloadable products that he created himself using Canva.

When customers order this free digital download, they get an 11-page worksheet!

When customers order this free digital download , they get an 11-page worksheet!

These free worksheets help in promoting his business by gaining the trust of potential customers: “Maybe they’re checking me out for the first time out of curiosity. I want to make sure I give them a great special gift.” It’s something he could charge for but would rather give it away and build their trust with the brand.

If you also want to sell downloadable items, you can add a digital product to your Ecwid store. Here’s how it works: you upload a file when creating a product page, and it will be delivered to customers automatically via unique download links after they make a purchase.

What digital downloads do you sell (or plan to) in your store? Do you have any other digital product ideas?

Do you want to learn more about selling digital products?

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