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How to Sell Clothes on Facebook

How to Sell Clothes on Facebook

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Sure, it feels nice getting likes and shares on Facebook…it also feels nice to earn some money?

Facebook has over 2.9 billion active monthly users of different ages and with different hobbies and interests. With Ecwid E-commerce, you can tap into this network and grow your reach on a channel where your customers already spend lots of time.

Looking for an easy way to start a business — try selling clothes! They’ll never go out of style (get it?) and sourcing clothing and accessories is relatively easy. If you’ve got some time, a closet that needs cleaning, then you’re ready!

You can earn money on Facebook by selling new clothes, clothes you made yourself, or even old clothes. To do this, open an online store and connect it to your Facebook account to create a Facebook shop. People will be able to buy your clothes without leaving Facebook. There are other ways of selling on Facebook.

Whether you are reselling, sewing & manufacturing, or dropshipping — Ecwid gives you more than one way to start social selling.

Keep in mind, learning how to sell clothes on Facebook can work for a number of different products. We’ll jump into how you can sell clothes on Facebook with Ecwid, sell on Facebook Marketplace, popular products on social media, and more!

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How Do You Sell on Facebook?

We’ve been partnering with Facebook for years to give you access to some of the best social selling tools available for your online store. Here are a few ways you can use Ecwid and Facebook to sell clothes:

With these social media tools, Facebook holds the key to the future of social selling. Especially if you sell clothes!

Alternatively, if you are not ready to commit to a website, you can use Facebook Marketplace to sell your products. We’ll cover how selling on Facebook Marketplace works at the end, make sure you stick around.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Facebook?

The great news for small businesses who want to use Facebook, it’s absolutely free to use the platform. You can also use the free listing tool, Facebook Marketplace. And unlike other marketplaces, there are no listing fees. If you’re looking to resell clothes, consider this option and start selling to your local community.

However, if you want to utilize the Facebook shopping cart and other features. You’re going to need a product catalog or e-commerce platform and costs may be associated. With Ecwid, we give you access to this feature and more starting on our Venture Plan.

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What Products Sell the Most on Facebook?

A list that frequently changes based on society & culture, we found that a few of the top categories include: cosmetics (makeup & skincare), phone accessories and you guessed it  clothes!

This trending product consistently stays at the top of the list for a number of reasons. With a never ending need for clothes, that serve different purposes and comfort levels. You won’t find clothing losing this popularity contest. And if you’re ready to start a clothing business and want to learn how to sell clothes on Facebook — take a few minutes and sign up with Ecwid!

Even if you sell items related to apparel, including shoes, accessories, handbags, etc. And you’re not on Facebook, you’ll want to have an online store and a Facebook Shop!

Do I Need a Business License to Sell on Facebook?

If you want to sell on Facebook, using Facebook Marketplace or your business page. You do not need a business license. This is great news if you’re just figuring out how to sell clothes on Facebook. Keep in mind depending on your region or country, other laws and regulations may apply.

Here is one helpful tip related to enabling a Facebook Shop. In the setup process you will be required to provide a tax identification number. You are able to use your personal social security number or personal identification number depending on what country you operate in. There is also a high chance that you will have to report any income for tax purposes.

If you are only looking to list a few products on Marketplace or sell items with non-shoppable posts, you do not need a license. And now we’ll dive into how to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work?

We’ve mentioned it briefly but Facebook Marketplace is a free feature within the platform where users can buy, sell, and trade products. Shoppers can filter products based on category, location and price.

It has been previously reported that Facebook Marketplace is used by 800 million people in 70 different countries. Here are a few additional reasons why you should leverage Facebook Marketplace for your business:

  • Build your reputation as a trustworthy seller, and level up your social media proof.
  • Build brand awareness within your local community.
  • Use the channel for product and audience testing.

Creating A Listing On Facebook Marketplace

With a direct reach to your local community, you expand your audience to thousands of new shoppers and beyond.

Keep in mind that while this feature is widely available to most users. In some cases, you may not have access, so if you’re curious as to how to get Facebook Marketplace, check out a few reasons why you might be restricted.

How to Create a Listing on Facebook Marketplace

In just a few steps, you can start selling!

  1. Navigate to Marketplace
  2. Click + Sell Something, then click Item for Sale.
  3. Add photos and information about what you’d like to sell, confirm your location, select a category.
  4. Click Post.

How To Create A Listing On Facebook Marketplace

When you create your listing, you can also place it into one of the 30 categories and ensure shoppers can more easily find it. Pretty easy, right? It’s also helpful to know that Facebook Marketplace doesn’t facilitate payment, so make sure to have a system in place.

When a shopper decides they are interested in an item, they’ll reach out via Facebook Messenger. Be ready to answer any questions and coordinate the sale of item. Now that you know how to post, here are some best practices to get the most out of Facebook Marketplace.

  • Be available to quickly answer questions and provide customer service.
  • Take your own photos, focus on natural light and clear images.
  • Write a clear and transparent description, don’t hide imperfections.
  • Mark items as sold and keep your inventory up to date.

Facebook Marketplace for E-Commerce

Recently Facebook has opened up the Marketplace listings for online e-commerce businesses. Currently, Ecwid is building out capabilities to give merchants access to selling their products via Marketplace, check back for updates.

We’re almost done, just one more question on how to get Facebook Marketplace!

Can I Use Facebook Marketplace Without a Facebook Account?

If you’re interested in selling on Facebook Marketplace, it is required that you have a business or personal account registered with Facebook. You can either list items from your personal profile or your business profile.

Selling products associated with your business? We suggest creating a business profile to post listings from. You should know that shoppers will see your seller information, as shown below. And be able to view certain details, such as location, other marketplace listings and more.

Creating A Listing On Facebook Marketplace

What’s Next?

If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for a Facebook business profile! Try creating a listing on Facebook Marketplace and don’t miss the opportunity to reach billions of consumers and sell more with our Ecwid-Facebook integrations. Simply by adding a shopping cart to your Facebook page, you can expand your reach to millions of users.

Facebook E-commerce with Ecwid

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