How to Run Your Ecwid Store from Your Smartphone

Jun 14, 2016 by Dmitry Zhukov
Ecwid Mobile App
Posted Jun 14, 2016 by Dmitry Zhukov

Hopefully you’re already using Ecwid’s mobile app to manage your store — it makes so many things easier to facilitate in running your business, and you only need a smartphone to do so. If you’re not hip to Ecwid’s mobile jibe, then listen up! It takes less time to connect your e-commerce store to your iPhone or Android phone than it does to post a picture to Instagram.

The app works like magic and logs you in automatically. There’s no email address and password situation here. Our developers are sharper than that. Read on to learn how it works, but we hope you’ll download the app for Android or iPhone to see how it works!

How to сonnect the Ecwid mobile app to your store

Regardless of which type of phone you have, go to your Ecwid control panel and navigate to Promotion  Mobile App. Then all you have to do is:

  1. Click on “Get Mobile App”
  2. Type your phone number into the dialogue that appears — you’ll get a text message that contains a custom link.
  3. Tap the link on your phone to go to the necessary App Market or Google Play page right away, where you’ll download the Ecwid app with one more tap. When you start your newly downloaded app, you’ll notice that it is already linked to your unique Ecwid store.

How to connect your store to Ecwid Mobile

Now what?

Manage your Ecwid store from your phone just as you would from your computer: check orders, change product descriptions, upload and sort new product pictures. It’s never been easier to manage your business, and now you can do it on the go.

Our developers built in some really mobile-friendly features.


Get a push notification with every new order

In the early days of Amazon, company founder Jeff Bezos had a bell wired to ring every time someone made a purchase from his store. Nowadays, you can get a push notification.
Stop checking your email all the time for new orders. Now you can let them come to you no matter where you are, right on your smartphone or tablet.

Support chat

Get customer service from Ecwid

Our awesome customer care team will help you out with whatever they can. All you need to do is start a new chat with them in your Ecwid app. There’s no need to sit and wait for the reply, you’ll get a notification as soon they write back ready. Importantly, this feature is only available to Ecwid users who subscribe to our Business or Unlimited plans.

barcode scanner

Our mobile app even doubles as a barcode scanner

Using the camera on your iOS tablet or smartphone, you can scan barcodes for fast access to details on your products. This feature will be especially convenient for our users who operate a brick-and-mortar store in conjunction with their online presence.

product combinations editor

Product combinations editor

Check out and edit product combinations right on the product details page. Change products’ prices, pictures and quantity in stock.

поиск товаров и заказов

Search for your orders and products, even when you’re not using the app

iPhone and iPad users can bring up Spotlight search by pulling down on their screens. Type what you’re looking for  order number, customer name, product name, etc. — and watch as your device returns the results to you without even having to start the Ecwid app.


What are you waiting for? Download the Ecwid app for Android and iOS today! Once you’ve familiarized yourself with it, we want to hear what you think. Help us improve it by dropping us a line at

What’s that? You don’t even have an online store up and running yet? You can get started right away by creating an account at

About The Author
Dmitry is the Head of mobile development at Ecwid. He enjoys bringing up his children, colleagues and two parrots.

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