How to quickly design and customize your WordPress websites
Posted Oct 24, 2016 by Chito Joseph de Castro, TemplateToaster

How to Quickly Design and Customize Your WordPress Website

Nowadays it is very easy to build a website with the help of a CMS like WordPress.

Almost every hosting provider offer one click install for WordPress. Lots of readymade free themes are available online to design the look and feel of your website.

Such themes might be good for starting, but if you need to capture the essence of your particular website, this is where theme and template customization comes into play.

Creating themes and templates from the ground up may take a few days to pull off.

Unfortunately, the rest of the website-owning population — composed mostly of programming novices and those who have absolutely no idea about coding — don’t have time to learn customization and theme creation from scratch.

TemplateToaster to the rescue

If you’re planning to change or customize the look of your website, TemplateToaster may have something to satisfy your website needs. This software generates themes and templates for some of the most popular CMS platforms: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, and others.

A Cut Above The Rest

What makes TemplateToaster special is its uncanny ability to provide the right interface for website developers of all skill levels to come up with fantastic and feature-rich templates and themes.

Here are some of the reasons why TemplateToaster sets the bar high above the competition:

  • Clean code: Whatever the chosen CMS platform is, themes and templates generated by TemplateToaster follow industry-standard principles to ensure fast and clean codes.
  • More design options: While other theme creation programs provide a handful of starting templates, TemplateToaster offers significantly more design elements and default layouts.
  • Beautiful design: If you are more keen on visuals than customized functionality, the available default templates in TemplateToaster are absolutely stunning. Rest assured, the themes that you produce from TemplateToaster will carry a beautiful overall finish.
  • WYSIWYG Editor: This no-frills approach to customizing website layouts makes advanced design easy to pull off.
  • Industry-complaint: All TemplateToaster themes and templates will automatically comply with standards for W3C, HTML5, and CSS3. In addition, all WordPress themes generated through TemplateToaster are guaranteed to pass the Theme Check plugin.
  • Static website creation: If you prefer to make static websites, you can whip one up using TemplateToaster.

Using TemplateToaster

First, you need to download TemplateToaster and install it onto your local computer. After successful installation, you can now use the program.

When you open TemplateToaster, a colorful window will pop up to provide options on how you want to start. The first interface that you will see is a CMS project selector, from which you will choose which CMS platform you will use the theme or template on.start

After choosing the CMS platform, you may go through either of two routes:

  • Start From Scratch: You start with a skeletal layout, upon which you can customize to your heart’s content.
  • Go With Sample Templates: TemplateToaster provides dozens of templates that you can use as the starting point from which you will build up on your customizations.templates

If you chose “Start From Scratch”, you will be directed to a color scheme selector. You may choose from a hundred ready-made color schemes, or you may enter your own RGB colors for design elements.

Once you’ve chosen your desired colors, click the Start button.start from scratch

You will be taken to the editing interface, where you can see the TemplateToaster WYSIWYG editor. From here, you can do practically all kinds of design and layout customizations that you can think of.

WYSIWYG editorTemplateToaster’s header menu reminds me of Microsoft Office programs such as Word or Powerpoint.

The rich features of TemplateToaster are on full display in the header menu, across the following sections: General, Body, Page, Header, Slideshow, Menu, Sidebar, Content, Widget Areas, Elements, and Footer.

You may also preview your template across any screen size using the Responsive Layout command at the header menu. Choices for responsive layout viewing include Mobile, Minitab, Tablet, Desktop, and even a custom set of dimensions.

Alternately, you can customize the responsive layouts by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the screen (i.e. the tabs that say “Desktop”, “Tablet”, and “Mobile”).

Once you are satisfied with your custom theme or template, click “File” at the header menu, then “Save”. You may be asked to input a filename for the .TTR project file.WYSIWYG editor

To use the theme or template, you need to export it. Click “File” then “Export”. A pop-up window will appear to provide you with options on how the exported template will be saved on your local computer. Click the “Export” button after entering the necessary inputs.

The final step would be to install your custom theme or template into your website. You need to know the theme or template installation procedures are for your CMS platform.

In the case of WordPress, for instance, login to your Admin Dashboard, choose Appearance > Themes > Add New, upload your theme’s ZIP file from there, and activate the theme.

Now that you have installed the theme you need to make it compatible with your online store. For this ECWID offers a unique feature “Chameleon”.

With Chameleon the store will automatically adjust with the theme structure and size, ultimately giving an attractive look to your store.

Can I use TemplateToaster for free?

Although you may use TemplateToaster absolutely free for an unlimited time, themes and templates that you export using the free version will have “Evaluation Version” printed as a watermark.

The free version also lacks the ability to save your changes as a .TTR project file, in case you want to edit it in the future.

If you’re serious about creating your own themes and templates for personal or corporate websites, then it’s highly recommended to purchase a license.

TemplateToaster offers two kinds of premium licenses:

Standard Edition ($49)

This premium version takes away the auto-printed watermark and allows you to use the amazing features of TemplateToaster. The Standard Edition comes with free updates for one year, Bootstrap framework, and free access to templates and themes for the most popular CMS platforms.

You will also receive dedicated product support to help you address any issues in using TemplateToaster.

Professional Edition ($149)

For an increased level of customization, the Professional Edition might be perfect for you.

This license allows you to start from scratch, set heading options, customize page template design and sectional layouts, use customized images, and enjoy the following features:

  • FTP option
  • Remove prefix _ttr in CSS files
  • More comprehensive options for custom gradients
  • Custom logo with hyperlink
  • Customized layout dimensions
  • Element level bookmarking
  • More options to edit images


With its robust features, TemplateToaster is an extremely effective and absolutely useful template creator software that makes theme and template creation fun and easy.

In order to enjoy the full features of TemplateToaster and experience just how powerful this tool is, buying the Professional Edition is highly recommended.

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