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Advice From 5-Star Ecwid Ninjas
Posted Jul 1, 2016 by Kristen Pinkman

How To Provide Excellent Customer Service: Advice From 5-Star Ecwid Ninjas

It’s common knowledge that Ecwid is famous for its customer service. Our support team members (“ninjas,” as we call them) are specially trained to not only develop a deep understanding of our product, but to dispense excellent customer service with every interaction.

We’re assuming that, as an entrepreneur, you’re reading this because you’ve been in a situation where you had limited time to respond to a client, and negative feedback probably robbed you of both time and morale. On the other hand, you may have had long conversations with customers that ended without any sales.

After experiences like these, you might start thinking about customer service as a waste of time and instead start focusing on more straightforward orders that don’t come with extra questions or personalization.

The thing is, we totally understand you. But we promise that excellent customer service is a money-maker, and the rewards don’t take long to come through. Our Ecwid ninjas typically start hearing great feedback after two weeks!

How do they do it? Meet some of them and see for yourselves!

Xena, 1 year and 10 months at Ecwid


Good customer service is constant. Ecwid ninjas are like Chip and Dale, always coming to help. Good service is easy to define: it’s what leads to your client owning a successful store that is always bringing in profit. The same metric is true for any business. When your clients are successful (healthy, beautiful, safe, etc. depending on your product or service), you are doing well.

One thing you must never do to your clients is ignore them.

You need customer service because it’s generates positivity. One day a client saw my name and exclaimed “Were your parents fans of the TV series, or are you a real warrior princess?” Of course I’m a warrior princess.

The habit that makes me successful in customer support is reading books. Reading expands your vocabulary, so you’re able to explain things to different people more easily.

All business owners should have an “About” page, where they share their stories and achievements. It’s nice to see someone’s face and remember that there’s a human being on the other side of the screen.

Sergio, 2.5 years at Ecwid


Good customer service is not just asking questions, but initiating them. Reach out to see how the customer is doing and give them a hand. The process shouldn’t follow a “question-answer” format. You should work together to find the best solution for the problem.

One thing you must never do to your clients is hide the truth. If Ecwid is down for some reason, just tell them. If you promised to send a promo code but realize that you can’t do it today, just tell them. Your client must always understand what’s going on, and they must always know when they can expect answers.

You need customer service because it’s inspiring. I remember a 45-year-old man from Argentina who amazed me with his killer learning skills. He sold fish and aquarium accessories from a small online store, and had never coded in his life. But within 40 minutes of our chat he changed his store’s CSS as if he’d been doing it for ages! He did that after skimming an article and working with two or three examples from me. A week later, one of our clients, Daniella, wrote a book about CSS for Ecwid and I immediately let the guy know about it, and you know what he asked? “Do you have something like that on JavaScript?” In a week, Karl!

The habit that makes me successful in customer support is family. Family makes you stronger, makes you want to give something back. That’s what inspires me to work hard and grow my skills. I’m studying Javascript, which is normally used by developers to create custom solutions for specific Ecwid users. When we started providing that service, I thought “How am I going to talk to clients and set tasks for the team if I don’t know a thing about Java?” The answer was simple: I had to learn it. I’m head of this section now. My team, my family, and I benefit from my new skills.

My favorite Ecwid store is Cartoline dal 900. It’s an awesome shop that sells limited-edition, high-quality photos produced by a famous Italian gallery. I worked closely with the store owner. It will soon be open to the public, so customers will be able to buy a picture in their desired size and format.

Sheri, 2 months at Ecwid


Good customer service is cheerful and energetic 24/7. It’s when a manager has no problem checking  everything 10 times to make sure things are perfect. It’s when clients know we care.

One thing you must never do to your clients is to answer with ready-made phrases. Never, in any case. Every client is unique, so using cliches might yield negative feedback.

You need customer service because it helps you learn about cultures. A client recently asked me where I was from and I told him Russia. He said, “I love Russian girls, they are always so attentive!” By the end of our conversation he had decided to someday visit Moscow and St. Petersburg. He also promised to write before the trip to ask for travel advice.

The habit that makes me successful in customer support is work, work, and more work. It takes a lot of time, especially since I’m new here, but I’m not afraid of it.

My favorite Ecwid store is Shoebakery. When I saw it I thought “Oh my God, I want them all!”

Wendy, 2 years at Ecwid


Good customer service is never passing over someone who needs help. It’s a love of helping and being honest to yourself. You can’t relax if you are not 110 percent satisfied with the result.

One thing you must never do to your clients is say “I don’t know how to help you.” Yes, we’re ninjas, but we don’t know everything. We’ve got heads and hands and each other. That means any ninja can answer any question. Seriously, any.

You need customer service because of gratitude. One satisfied client made a cartoon avatar for me (that was his online store service), and another — clearly a Star Wars fan — called me Wendy-Wan Kenobi.

The habit that makes me successful in customer support is traveling. Once I crossed a 14-km wide river by waterskiing. I also love crossposting, exchanging correspondence with people all other the world. These hobbies help me relax and clear my mind.

Dania, 9 months at Ecwid


Good customer service is knowing the product. Without that essential knowledge, you’re not able to help in a timely and efficient manner. A true ninja uses simple words to answer all questions.

One thing you must never do to your clients is be formal. Customers are humans who need human service. Say no to formal phrases and focus on the problem in a human-centric manner.

You need customer service because it’s satisfying. When you get positive feedback, you know for sure you’re doing helpful work and improving the world.

The habit that makes me successful in customer support is sports. When I get tired of complaints, I just run and jump to keep up endorphins.


These short interviews were conducted to show you that customer service is absolutely worth it. We’ll conclude with the words of another Ecwid ninja who preferred to stay anonymous.

“You shouldn’t help customers because it’s what you have to do. You should do it because you want them to succeed.”

Do you have customer service stories to share? Tell us in comments!

About the author
Kristen is a social media manager at Ecwid. She finds inspiration in sci-fi books, jazz music and home-cooked food.
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