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How to Offer Big Brands’ Omnichannel Service With Physical Catalogs in No Time
Posted Mar 27, 2017 by Vitaly Golovin, Ecwid Team

How to Offer Big Brands’ Omnichannel Service With Physical Catalogs in No Time

You probably think printed catalogs are old school. But at the same time, you are sure to find one or two around your workplace or house.

Big brands are unlikely to distribute printed catalogs by the force of habit. The reason catalogs have experienced a comeback is that they easily blend with the omnichannel selling model.

Small businesses can compete with big brands by implementing more personalized and affordable catalogs thanks to the Now in Store app. Read on to learn how you can get started with printed catalogs and expand your store to both offline and online audiences.

catalog examples

Sources: Miracle, Pinterest, New York Times

Why Offer a Catalog

There are many reasons to offer physical catalogs in your store:

  • Catalogs stick around at people’s houses longer than any other kind of promo material.
  • One catalog works for all the people in the household or office and can build social interactions.
  • The average read time for a catalog is way longer than for reading a social post or scanning an online storefront or email newsletter.
  • Catalogs help turn offline customers into online customers and vice versa, encouraging people to buy more.
  • Physical catalogs provide a personalized, remarkable experience.

Have a look how Mothercare integrated their physical catalog with augmented reality, proving the comeback is real.


What Businesses Should Consider Printed Catalogs

Catalogs are most relevant and effective to a particular segment of small businesses. If you’re not sure whether you should offer printed catalogs, you can do a quick self-check answering the following questions:

  1. Do your products benefit from being photographed?
  2. Is your brand associated with a lifestyle?
  3. Do your competitors use printed catalogs?

If all three have positive answers, you should go for it.

In addition, the graphic below shows the popularity of physical catalogs among different age groups. The surprising thing is that millennials are not in the last position, so even if your audience consists of fans of all things digital, they are likely to enjoy your printed catalog as well.

catalogs audience

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How to Create a Physical Catalog in No Time

For small businesses, it’s important to keep to the marketing budget, which is often very limited. You could think that creating a catalog means hiring a whole team consisting of a photographer, a graphic designer, models, expensive equipment, and a studio.

Fortunately, it can be way easier. The app Now in Store integrates with Ecwid, so you can design your own catalog with no special skills.

Here’s how you can create a beautiful printed or digital catalog with Now in Store:

    1. Pick a pre-designed template or create your own.

now in store templates

    1. Design a beautiful cover: choose a layout, drag and drop your image, and edit the texts.

now in store cover

    1. Add your products: the product pictures, descriptions, prices, SKUs are synced with your Ecwid store! You just need to choose the layout and the text styles.

now in store products

    1. Add order pages: modify them to wholesale or retail orders.

now in store

That’s it  your catalog is ready!

The app comes with a free trial and it costs start from $19. That is much cheaper than referring to a design agency and is perfect for small businesses.

Get Now in Store

Tips for Creating a Catalog

The following tips will help you make your catalog the most effective and profitable.

Do your best with product photography

It’s really important to provide the best photo quality you can. Pinterest is full of ideas for catalog layouts, so it’s possible to have a look and define your concept before taking any photos.

For more tips, read these articles:

Include detailed product descriptions

Tell the readers what your products are made of, where they are produced, their size, pricing, and minimum quantities. Now in Store will get this data from your product descriptions in Ecwid.

Target and personalize your catalogs

If you send your catalogs to every stranger, you’ll be losing money. Examine your audience and choose those who are interested in your product. Don’t buy databases with addresses.

To personalize your catalog, make an offer based on previous brand-related activity. For example, if a customer hasn’t showed up for a while, send them a catalog titled “We missed you”.

Invest in omnichannel

Help your customers circulate between your offline and online channels and let them choose the best way to shop from you:

  • Include links to your social profiles, email, and online store in your catalog.
  • Add a QR-code linking to your store, app, or landing page.
  • Send a promotional email announcement for your catalog.
  • Promote it on social media.

Struggling to think of a great promo for your catalog? Watch an example:

Further reading: Facebook Video on a Budget

About the author
Vitaly works with 3rd party app developers to bring the best experience to Ecwid users. In his free time, he enjoys watching YouTube videos and long walks with his friends.