How to Make a Good Background in Pictures of Your Products Without Using Photoshop

How to Make a Good Background in Pictures of Your Products Without Using Photoshop

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A couple of months ago, we wrote about how to properly photograph your products. We received a lot of feedback, and the most common question was, “How do I remove the background from photos without Photoshop?”

Today we will try to answer this question. Indeed, one does not always have the opportunity to take pictures with a good background (white, grey, plain or branded).

How to solve the situation if the photos have already been taken, and the results are not satisfactory?

Use an Online Service to Remove the Background

If you type in “background remover”, your search engine will gladly show you the variety of online services, which can be used easily and quickly without any design skills. You will only need to select the object, and the tool does the rest for you. We tried a couple of these services and made a short review.

Clipping Magic

This is one of the best online services. As it removes the background qualitatively and gently, you do not need to spend time and effort to further refine the photos.

Batch processing of photos is also available but is not always convenient, as you need to manually check all the pictures in case some have to be corrected.

Clipping Magic


  • It works efficiently and quickly.
  • It contains convenient tools for editing.
  • It is possible to process several images.
  • There are additional tools: you can add shadow, set the background color, use color correction or cut images.


  • Downloaded images can be processed only after payment.
  • Prices start at $3.99 for 15 downloaded images per month. The total price depends on the number of images.
  • Clipping Magic is for those who do not handle too many pictures, otherwise you risk a serious dent in your budget.

Background Burner

This service is very similar to the previous one. It is also a paid service, but the pricing format is different. The price does not depend on the number of processed images, but on the quality of processing. The lower the quality, the lower the cost. Poor quality will be sufficient if the background level is removed.

Background Burner


  • There is a free version, which provides the possibility to process one image at a time.
  • The processing quality of the free version is slightly worse than Clipping Magic, though, and provides three options for processing. However, it contains all the necessary tools to reach a result.
  • The background can be made transparent or white.
  • The professional version can handle multiple images at a time.
  • With certain plans you can download your images via API, spreadsheets or email.


  • High price. Pricing starts at $49 for a 60-percent image, depending on the quality of the processed images.
  • If you want to use Background Burner, then try to only edit pictures with a smooth background. The result will be of a higher quality, and the price will be lower.

Work with Professionals

If you do not trust online services and think that the quality is too poor, or processing too tiring and distracting from more important matters, you can leave it to professionals. We found a couple of services that work with designers.


On Pixelz your images are processed manually by professionals. The first three pictures can be done for free, and then you pay $1.45 for each picture. The processing time for an unlimited number of pictures is 24 hours. They also offer an Enterprise plan with the possibility of hourly pay.

The result is sent to you on time and tasks are performed perfectly. The images are ready for use on your site.


On Remove Background as well as on, your images are processed manually by professionals. Additionally this service has a nice bonus that will help you save some money–after registration, you get 5 credits, meaning you’ll get to edit 5 pictures for free.

The standard processing time is 18 hours. For an extra charge of two credits, the results can be delivered within 4 hours. If the time is not critical, it is possible to save 10% of the money by extending the order up to 48 hours.

This service has flexible settings. The result was sent on time and looked perfect. You do not need to log into anything in order to find out when your finished product is ready—you’ll get an email that includes a download link. It’s very convenient and highly recommended!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.59.02

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 17.01.07


This is an interesting portal for freelancers, who offer any type of work for $5. For this money, you will receive 5 to 10 processed images within 24 hours.

Use Offline Applications

It is not necessary to have Photoshop to perform simple image processing. There is a number of inexpensive and easy-to-use photo editors on the market.

Background Eraser (Mac OS)

Price $1.99

The application is more time-consuming and insufficiently functional. In order to achieve a good result, you need to fix a lot manually. The only advantage is the fact that it is very cheap and works offline, so you can do useful work, even on an airplane or elsewhere.

Still, we would not recommend this app as it is useless for real problems. Let’s hope that in the future the developers fix the flaws and we get a handy tool.

Background Eraser

Pixelmator (Mac OS)

Price $29.99

Pixelmator — known and proven application in which you can quickly and accurately process your photos. Of course this is only the case if you have a steady hand, because the selection of objects with the mouse requires concentration and calibrated movements.

If you need to process a large number of images, be prepared for sleepless nights or having to call someone for help.

Microsoft PowerPoint

It turns out that Microsoft PowerPoint is designed not only to prepare presentations, but also to edit pictures.

To remove the background, you can do two things:

  1. Set transparent color.
  2. Remove background.

This article provides detailed instructions for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013.

Your Background As a Plus

Whichever of these suggestions you use, the removal of the background image is still a resource-intensive task. You will need to spend time, money, or both, and more. But let’s think, is it necessary?

Pictures of your products can look good even if they have the same size and proportions, like the square pictures on Instagram.

Give your pictures an identical shape, but preserve the natural background. This way you will be able to give a unique charm to your online store:

Your Background

Make your shop beautiful. Be creative!

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