How to Create an Online Store Without a Website

Anna makes stuffed animals in her spare time. When friends and colleagues clamor to buy them as gifts for their children, Anna decides to try selling them online.

Anna goes to a friend of hers who is a programmer, and begins to learn a lot of new terms: web hosting, domain, server, SEO, and more. A little online research reveals how long it will take and how expensive it will be to develop an effective online store. Her initial enthusiasm begins to dwindle. After a while, Anna decides that developing an online store is out of her reach, and gives up on the idea.

This scenario is sad, and all too common. It’s familiar to many who dream of creating an online store but have neither the time nor the budget to get it done.

The good news is that you do not need to create a website from scratch to sell on the Internet. Instead, you can make a store on the huge, existing websites that you’re already connected to. Once, the accepted steps for digital business started with the branded website. Then you connected to social and other websites from there.

Times have changed. The website is not necessarily central any more. Instead, businesses must go where the customers are: social media and businesses ahead of them in growth. Today, starting on social or larger websites and adding website later in your business evolution makes sense.

In this article, we’ll show you three ways Ecwid E-commerce helps you sell online without the need for a fully developed website. You can use one of these platforms or several altogether. A single Ecwid account acts as the “hub” or center store, beaming itself to as many “spokes” or platforms you choose.

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Sell on Social Networks

According to research from PWC, 45% of people are buying more goods from their favorite brands after looking at them in social networks.. Shop owners are using social networks to talk about products, communicate with existing customers, and attract new customers.

If you do not have a website yet, you can open a store on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Just this year, Instagram introduced “shoppable posts,” where shoppers can buy products without ever leaving Instagram. Visitors click on the price tag placed on a product which leads them to a description page. From there they click to buy, using whatever payment gateway merchants have established. Instagram stores side-step the need for websites all together. We predict that Facebook will have similar features soon.

Selling on social media has many benefits:

With Ecwid, getting started with selling on social media fast takes just a few clicks. Log into your Control Panel → Sales Channels and choose where to sell your products (Facebook or Instagram accordingly; however, you’ll be surprised to discover many more ways to sell there!) and connect these sales channels.

If you would like to explore selling on social using a step-by-step guide, please go to our Knowledge Base:

Use a Free Ecwid E-commerce Website

Ecwid users are not limited to selling only on social networks. If you are not yet ready to build your own website, use the Ecwid E-commerce website.

This is a one-page website with an integrated Ecwid E-commerce store. Create your products, connect your payment and shipping methods and brand your Ecwid website. Upload a cover image, logo, add business info, contact details, and links to social media. Set up your own domain name (available in paid Ecwid plans) or use a free domain type “” That’s it, we take care of the rest.

The e-commerce website is minimalistic, yet it does the job perfectly, representing your business on the web and enabling sales. But that’s not all!

Launching your business on the Ecwid website, you’ll get these benefits:

Connect and edit your Ecwid E-commerce website in your Control Panel → Sales Channels → Starter Site.

Sell on Amazon

Amazon now accounts for about 50% of all e-commerce in the US, and many people receive orders from there every day. You probably already know how big this behemoth is. What you may not know is that many small businesses sell through Amazon. In fact, this past July’s Prime Day (special pricing for Prime members), $1 billion of revenues went to small businesses, skipping Amazon all together. (Yes, 1 billion, not million).

Selling on this marketplace has some other advantages besides its size:

One of Amazon’s massive fulfillment centers

Though Amazon has its own downsides such as high competition, commission fees, limitations, and lack of control, optimizing your Amazon listing is easier than optimizing your website for search engines. We broke that process down in one of the episodes of the Ecwid E-commerce Show.

If you sign up for Ecwid, it’s easy to import your products to Amazon (and other marketplaces, too!) Just go to the Control Panel → Sales Channels → Amazon and follow the instructions.


Creating an online shop is much easier than it seems. There’s no need to wait for a lucky day when you get enough money, time, or skills to build an e-commerce website.

Implement your ideas fast (before competitors jump on it), and grow your web presence as your business grows. And please, share this article with those who are still saving up to create their own web store.

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