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How to Build and Scale a Remote Team

At the Ecwid E-commerce Show, we believe in learning from the best. That’s why we’ve invited serial entrepreneur Kevin Urrutia to share his top ecommerce tips with our listeners.

Kevin knows what he’s talking about — he grew his home cleaning business from $0  $3 million in just 18 months! He is also a Voy Media founder, and has worked with clients featured on Shark Tank. He’s appeared in Forbes and Adweek, and given keynote presentations at multiple NYC digital marketing events.

On our podcast, Kevin unlocks the secrets of one of the most important parts of online selling: building and managing a remote team. He shares his tips on hiring and training your own team, as well as organizing a remote work flow from the ground up.

Intrigued? Want more from Kevin? You can also check out his Digital Marketing Fastlane podcast.


  • “Growing a team and building a team is probably one of the most important things that you can do for freedom, as in sheer time. You don’t have to be thinking about all your work 24/7, but it also gives you the ability to grow your business and think about how you’re growing your business.”
  • “From what I’ve seen before, the mindset that someone probably has is ‘If I hire somebody, they’re not going to do as good a job as me. So I can’t hire them because I’m the best one at this job or role.’ I think a lot of people fall into this trap of ‘I’m the best one and no one else can do it.’ I tell people: if you can hire someone to do 90 percent as good of a job as you did, then you basically think about it as hey, you speed up 90 percent of your time to now do whatever you want. But at the same time, the person that you hired isn’t you. So you need to train them because if they do a bad job, it’s not their fault. It’s your fault.”
  • “You have to have a great hiring process. Let’s say you want to hire someone from the Philippines. I do an Internet speed check. I’m going to make sure that the Internet works. I do a writing test. Any sort of wrong grammar, wrong text — I know they’re not going to write well, so let me not even waste my time. All this little stuff you can do to really help you filter candidates.”

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