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Posted Jan 31, 2015 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Online Store

If you’re already using Google Analytics for your Ecwid storefront, then you know that it’s an important tool for understanding how your website generates traffic and what drives sales. If you don’t use the tool, then continue reading to learn about how your store can reap the benefits of setting up Google Analytics and connecting your Ecwid storefront.

More than half of all websites use Google Analytics to have a full view of who’s visiting their sites. For Ecwid users, Google Analytics is a powerful resource that can help you learn about the performance of your online store — looking at online traffic, trends, search engine information, customer insights, and sales information. This valuable data can be used to understand the unique nature of your business and tailor your online marketing efforts to promote sales. If your site isn’t already mobile-friendly, consider that this trend will only continue to rise, and Google Analytics has addressed this by releasing its Mobile Usability reports looking at traffic from mobile devices.

Not yet convinced? Here’s a closer look at some of the specific insights that Google Analytics can provide.

Sales Figures

Google Analytics provides detailed insights as to how many website visitors have turned into paying customers. By monitoring your conversion rates via sales versus visitors, you’re able to track the financial health of your online store.

Bounce Rate

Monitoring your website’s bounce rate is essential to determining how well your site is serving your visitors’ needs. It doesn’t matter the number of website visitors if they are all leaving within a few seconds. Track the pages that your visitors are viewing and how long they are staying to make adjustments where needed.

Email Marketing

With Google Analytics, you can track the success of your email marketing campaigns to determine if it’s successful. Do this by looking at the amount of subscribers who are entering your website via your newsletter and their engagement once on the site.

Visitor Engagement

To maintain strong sales figures, Google Analytics allows you to monitor your engaged visitors, which are website visitors who have remained on your site for more than 60 seconds. This offers a better understanding of your customers and what they want from your website.

Social Media Results

Track the success of your social media campaigns with comprehensive social media results. You’ll view critical data pertaining to social media activity and engagement, which is then used to cater to your customers’ needs and interests.

Mobile Usability

Google takes a website’s mobile performance into great consideration in their effort to increase mobile performance. The Mobile Usability Reports offered with Google Analytics allows you to track the performance of your website via mobile devices. With mobile sales quickly gaining momentum when compared to PC sales, you’re able to resolve any mobile device errors to promote mobile sales.

Learn more about how to add Google Analytics to your storefront to help you understand and grow your business.

Happy selling!

About the author
Jeff is an industry veteran and advocate of all things e-commerce. He works closely with Ecwid's partners and spends his time off frolicking in the ocean.
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