How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Website
Posted Jun 9, 2014 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Website

Think about your favorite companies and brands for a moment. Starting to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling? That’s because the most successful businesses work hard to create a personal connection with their customers that makes us feel special and keeps us returning for repeat business. But with all the demands of running a business, how do you find the time to make each customer feel that they matter? To help make that connection, we’ve highlighted a few simple ways to show you how to add a personal touch to your business.

1. Interact with Your Customers

Listen to your customers’ comments on social media outlets, including Twitter and Facebook, and respond to their questions and concerns on a one-on-one basis. While this does involve a time commitment, this personalized interaction goes a long way towards developing customer loyalty. When a customer feels that their input matters, they’ll stick by your business and tell their friends on social media as well. Read about how we recently teamed up with PayPal to help a seller!

2. Offer Exclusive Discounts and Promotions

Everyone likes to feel like they’re getting a special deal. Use coupons to offer exclusive discounts to repeat customers to encourage them to keep coming back. Inviting customers to mention your business on social media in exchange for special offers is also a great way to make them feel connected and to promote your business further.

3. Know Your Audience

Familiarize yourself with your target audience so that you can promote products that are most relevant to them. This may involve hosting more than one website or offering select inventory to specific customers via an email campaign. Tracking customer order histories and other data is also useful so you can personally follow up with customers with thank you notes and future special offers.

Adding a personal touch to your business, no matter how big or small, is critical to maintaining long-lasting customer relationships and repeat business. Make your customers feel that they are your number one priority and they will reward you with loyalty and by helping to spread the word about your business to others.

About the author
Jesse is the Marketing Manager at Ecwid and has been in e-commerce and internet marketing since 2006. He has experience with PPC, SEO, conversion optimization and loves to work with entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.
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