Posted Oct 29, 2014 by Lina Vashurina, Ecwid Team

How Reverse Logic Limited Sells On-the-Go

Reverse Logic Limited takes “do-it-yourself” auto maintenance to a new level, by supplying specialty tools for high-end cars to customers all over the world. Owner Fredric Gwinn started his company in 2009 and primarily sells online and during regular exhibits at a number of car shows each year. Before discovering Ecwid in spring 2013, Fredric built his website using Adobe Muse, and added numerous PayPal buttons on his page for selling products. However, as he continued to add additional products, he found that his e-commerce “solution” became unmanageable. He needed an easier way to manage his inventory and sell online, and luckily found Ecwid — and hasn’t looked back since.

This past summer, Reverse Logic eagerly took the opportunity to participate in the Ecwid mobile app beta program. Using the “PayPal Here” card reader, Ecwid’s mobile-POS solution gave Fredric the perfect point-of-sale tool for him to take along to car shows — suddenly, he had a seamless way to sync his inventory at a pop-up store. No need for end-of-day reconciling of receipts. Everything Fredric needed was at his fingertips.

“With Ecwid, we were able to easily connect our inventory to our website without having to build an entirely new e-commerce system, and we now have an easy way to sell our products at car shows and sync tracking between online and offline sales,” said Fredric Gwinn. Way to go, Fredric!

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Lina is a content creator at Ecwid. She writes to inspire and educate readers on all things commerce. She loves to travel and runs marathons.
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