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Gutenberg E-Commerce: Build Your Store in the New Code-Free WordPress Editor
Posted Jul 4, 2018 by Matt Kuritsyn, Ecwid Team

Gutenberg E-Commerce: Build Your Store in the New Code-Free WordPress Editor

A brand new publishing tool for WordPress is coming up. It will eventually replace the current default visual editor, which is no less than a revolution for the large community of WordPress writers, bloggers, and authors.

The Gutenberg editor rethinks the way you bring your most creative ideas to the web. Rather than messing with HTML and shortcodes, you can now express your point of view on the screen exactly as it exists in your mind by using content blocks of all kinds.

Thanks to Ecwid E-Commerce, you can now start selling online right from the Gutenberg.

Add a “Buy Now” button, a single product, a catalog of items, or a whole online store to any part of your webpage right in Gutenberg. No piece of code will stand in your way.

Gutenberg: Add Any Content to Your WordPress Page Without Coding

WordPress.org has almost everything one can expect from a site building tool.

Its users can take full control over their website content, add flexible advanced functionalities (like mapping, user-submitted content, etc.), and boost their SEO. WordPress.org is friendly to every possible way of building page content, such as HTML, embeds, shortcodes, plugins, or widgets.

The flip side of this freedom is not having one intuitive path to follow. That can be a challenge for non-tech people. A conventional e-commerce website with WordPress.org used to mean quite a bunch of work for its owner. At least every once in a while, you would need a developer.

Well, not anymore — Gutenberg and Ecwid take coding out of the WordPress webpage editor.

The current WordPress editor

The current WordPress editor

The Gutenberg editor

The Gutenberg editor

Add any content to your webpage, including an online store, by simply arranging content blocks. Become a creator, not a coder.

Get the Gutenberg editor

Ecwid: Add E-commerce to Your WordPress Website Without Coding

Ecwid E-Commerce works smoothly on WordPress and Gutenberg to let you build your store anywhere your customers expect it. Still without coding.

Ecwid ecommerce for wordpress

Add an online store block to any place on your page

Are you getting significant traffic to your WordPress blog? Why not add a “Buy Now” button right in your blog post to monetize your traffic with product sales? With Ecwid E-commerce, you can add a store to your WordPress blog in minutes.

Are there fans of products like yours on eBay, Amazon, or Facebook? Wait for it… Just mirror your Ecwid product catalog there. Finally, if your audience loves all things mobile, turn your store into a native mobile app.

Ecwid ecommerce

Ecwid’s mobile store management app on the tablet and ShopApp on the phone screen

Our free WordPress plugin is a part of the Ecwid omnichannel story. Wherever you go, your Ecwid store goes with you. Start selling your products in a blink, without any special knowledge.

Get the Ecwid plugin for WordPress

Ecwid and Gutenberg: the Easiest Way to Start Selling on a WordPress Website

Ecwid and Gutenberg are a perfect alliance for growing your e-commerce sales on WordPress. Both tools are code-free and developer-free, so you’ll have a consistent experience without any hassle. As soon as you install both plugins, Ecwid will be integrated directly into the Gutenberg editor.

Combine rich content blocks with powerful Ecwid E-Commerce features:

Ecwid ecommerce for wordpress

Add a “Buy Now” button to your content block

Ecwid ecommerce for wordpress

Place a single product anywhere on a webpage

Ecwid ecommerce for wordpress

Or increase your sales by adding your whole product catalog

Organize your page content into a compelling story: add headings, bullet point lists, photo galleries, audio and video files, tables, buttons, spacers, widgets, embeds from social media, and so much more.

Gutenberg is slated to be included into WordPress 5.0, but you can try the plugin right now. As for Ecwid, our e-commerce plugin for WordPress is up and running, and we add more and more features to it every month.

Happy selling!

About the author
Matt is a product manager at Ecwid. He works with the Ecwid dev team and helps them shipping the right features for Ecwid merchants. Outside of work, Matt likes travelling and climbing the mountains.