Google Smart Shopping
Posted Feb 21, 2020 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team

Introducing Google Smart Shopping: All your Google Advertising in One Easy Tool

Marketing automation with Ecwid just got smarter.

Now you can be seen everywhere customers are browsing, researching, and buying online with Google Smart Shopping ads for Ecwid stores. With this latest overhaul of the Google ads tool, you can take your products to the top of Google search and beyond with YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network.

Automated Google advertising with Ecwid is like having your own marketing team on-call 24/7: ads run, test, and optimize automatically in just a couple of clicks.

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Be Seen Everywhere

With Google Smart Shopping, your ads will appear across mobile and desktop devices on Google Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and more than 2 million partner websites via the Google Display Network. Advertise everywhere instantly, all from a single tool that’s available free in your Ecwid Control Panel.

Google Smart Shopping Ads for Ecwid stores

Reach the Right Audience at the Right Moment

Wondering what’s so smart about Google’s latest advertising tool? Using Google’s new Smart AI technology, Google Smart Shopping instantly evaluates billions of insights to automatically locate and display your products to the customers who are most likely to buy them.

  • Show up in front of new customers: For most customers, online shopping usually starts with a Google search. Google Smart Shopping ads put your products at the top of Google search results for customers searching for products and solutions like yours.
  • Stay on the radars of previous store visitors: Ads shown across Gmail, YouTube, and Google Display Network are based on customer behavior in your online store. Repeat visitors who are familiar with your store are more likely to convert on a second or third visit.

Remarketing ads on Google Display network, youtube and gmail from Ecwid control panel

Start Advertising in Minutes

Outside of Ecwid, creating a campaign of this scale would take 10+ steps to complete; with Ecwid’s marketing automation, you can do it in three:

  1. Go to Ecwid Control Panel → All sales channels → Google Shopping.
  2. Choose categories to advertise and regions where you want to sell.
  3. Set your daily budget and launch your campaign.

No marketing skills? Don’t need “em. Automated Google Smart Shopping requires zero experience, so you can forget designing complex targeting rules, building keyword lists, or messing around with changing product feeds.

The best part? Google’s Smart Shopping tool is available in 40 countries for free with any Ecwid plan (advertising budget not included.)

Get Even Better Results Over Time

Of course, the magic of Smart Shopping doesn’t stop there. Once launched, Google’s Smart algorithm will continue to automatically tweak your campaigns to improve performance, saving you time and money by optimizing your bidding strategy and ad placements for the highest return on investment. The longer you advertise, the better your results. Isn’t that smart?

Launch your first campaign today or learn more about Google Smart Shopping on our podcast.

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Jesse is the Marketing Manager at Ecwid and has been in e-commerce and internet marketing since 2006. He has experience with PPC, SEO, conversion optimization and loves to work with entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.
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