Getting Your Online Store Prepared for Holiday Success (Part 2 of 3)

Nov 10, 2016 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team
Make that sale!
Posted Nov 10, 2016 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

Last week, we launched Part 1 of our Holiday series on recommended App Market tools and Ecwid features to make sure you have all the tools necessary to give the best customer experience possible. Now let’s go with part 2!

Part 2: Make That Sale!

Once you’ve driven new or previous buyers to your store, it’s time to really entice them to make that purchase. We’ve outlined some of our favorite apps and features that will help you make the sale. Now let’s have a look!

ShipStation Shipping Automation


It’s imperative to prepare for your influx of incoming and outgoing orders this holiday season. Whether it’s your first or 50th holiday sales season, retailers often underestimate the time, cost and energy associated with shipping.

Get ShipStation to create shipping labels, generate packing slips, print return envelopes and more!

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McAfee SECURE Trustmark


Safety first! Security is a major concern for consumers in both online and offline commerce.

For the online segment, displaying trust marks and security badges is one way to begin to soothe those concerns. The good news is that experts say one-third of consumers would buy from a small retailer with a trust mark over even the large established retailers.

To address this concern easily and immediately, go get the McAfee SECURE Trustmark to ensure your store is safe and secure and understand why their customers have seen over a 10% increase in sales.

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In-Store Pickup

In-Store Pick-up

Today, buyers don’t just expect to receive their purchases ASAP — instant order fulfillment and delivery has become the new norm and impossible to ignore. During the holidays, shoppers want this feature even more than any other season.

If you’re a merchant who wants to offer product pickup from your brick-and-mortar store, warehouse or even from a local address, In-store Pickup is a go-to and must-have.

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Discount Coupons and Volume Discounts

volume discounts

Ecwid provides native capabilities for easily running promotions and making sure you’re able to capitalize on potential buyers browsing your store.

Using Discount Coupons, you can attract more business by running sales and promotions. Customize these coupons including options for specific dollar amounts off, a percentage discount, or free shipping.

Additionally, you can provide volume discounts to ensure you’re maximizing average order volume and enticing customers to take advantage of potential per-product savings!

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