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Where to Find Free Images on the Web: Stock Photos, Databases, and Newsletters

blog is a staple of any successful online store in today’s world, as it often provides colourful imagery to help support its written content. While some have the resources to take their own photographs or create original illustrations, a majority of images on websites are downloaded straight from the internet.

However, while the latter may seem like the most efficient option, it is crucial that someone posting images to their blog has been granted a license to do so.

In this article we will tell you how to obtain just that — easily and for free!

Popular Photo Sources

There is a wide assortment of photo hosting platforms that can be found via search engines. Using the following suggestions, you will be able to find any type of visual you seek. However, make sure to write your search in English, as you will get far more precise results than when using any other language.

Google Search

When using the image search function on Google, you can specify the type of license for the image you want to use by typing in the following key phrases: allowed to use and modify; allowed to reuse; allowed to use and modify for non-commercial purposes; allowed to reuse for non-commercial purposes.

Ecwid Encinitas

While there is no direct correlation between blogging and increased profits for an online store, a blog attracts customers in a way that a store cannot, which can in turn lead to a positive perception of your brand. Don’t worry about the legality of images in this case, as you can choose photos that are available for commercial use in Google by typing in key phrases from the section above.

This website provides a ton of free photos, although you must sign up for an account to access their image inventory.

Free photos on Dreamstime

Flickr is a site built around a community of individual photographers who upload their work to share with the world. Here you can find more than just studio photo work, but also live photos of some of the world’s landmarks, festivals, holidays, and events.

When searching for an image on Flickr, specify the type of license “All creative commons,” “Commercial use allowed” or “Commercial use & modifications allowed.” If the publisher indicates that the content is available under these licenses, you are free to download and use their content with fewer restrictions. Make sure you read up on the basics of these licenses in order to use the content properly.

Free photos for commercial use on

Photos on FreeDigitalPhotos are divided into sections that make searching for specific visuals an easy process. However, if you want to use an image from the site that is larger than a small sample size, you will have to pay an extra fee.

Photos on

Photos from Stockvault can be downloaded without registering for a membership, and there is a keyword search to help narrow down your search results. Make sure to pay attention to the content you see at the top of your search results page, as those are often the images that require payment. To access free photos, scroll further down the page.

Free photos on


The advantage of Corbisimages is that it is a simple search engine with general filters. Watermarked photos of average size can be downloaded for free from this page, which should be good enough to supplement many blog posts.

Free Photo base on С

Freepik is a large database of vector images and icons. Browse it and find what you like!

Бесплатные фото на

Aesthetic Photo Stocks

These databases are filled with photos and images that have a lighthearted appeal. The visuals in this space are often warm and easy on the eyes. A keyword search is not always available for these platforms, so in order to find content you want, you must visit the sites regularly or subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

Ten new photos are posted every ten days on They are always in a high resolution.

beautiful photos on

This website is a project of Design Studio in Los Angeles, which regularly publishes new and unconventional high-quality pictures.

Unusual photos on

All the pictures on the Gratisography page belong to the photographer Ryan McGuire. These photos are in high resolution, and can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

Creative free photos on

Tinyogrpahy is another site owned by McGuire, containing photos that have all been taken with an iPhone.

iPhone Photos on

Travelcoffeebook posts amazing photographs of nature, animals, and enchanting locations, taken by travelers across the globe.

Nature Photos for free on

This website provides seven new photos each week, which you can use at your own discretion.

New photos every week on

Foodiesfeed lives up to it’s name with its huge collection of mouthwatering, beautiful food images.

Free Photos of food on

Photos for Subscribtion

You can sign up for newsletters on the following websites to regularly receive new, high-quality pictures in your inbox. This is an efficient method to build a personal archive of your own images.

This email provides three photos per month for use however you choose.

Three free photo per month from

Photos are received from Isorepublic exclusively through a subscription. Check out their website for sample images and information on how to sign up.

Free photos for sign up

Shutterstock offers free photos from their huge stockpile of images. Sign up for their site and you will be sent a fresh collection of photos every week.

Sign up for free photos on Shutterstock

How to Find Good Photos that Are Not Stock Images

It is not imperative that you download stock photos for your blog or website. Here are a few more options you may explore to get an image without violating any copyrights.

Take photos from social media

Photos from sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be embedded into your blog in the same space which is also used to upload videos and sound files. By posting an image through another website, you do not have to obtain a copyright or license for it as you are not the image host.

To better explain how to place an image from a third-party host into your blog, we will use Instagram’s interface as an example. Follow the step-by-step process below to understand just how simple it is!

  1. Open the photo you want to insert into your post, click on the ellipsis symbol in the lower right corner, and select “Embed/” You will be given the HTML code to paste on your blog.
  2. Embed photos from Instagram

  3. Copy and paste the code into the HTML code section of your page. The picture will appear on the page with its signature, the name of the owner of the photo, as well as the date and time of publication.

This is a legitimate and legal way to publish photos from any social network. This method can also be used to obtain photos from other platforms such as Twitter, Flickr, and Getty Images.

Photo with teg embed

Author photos

Another way to get permission to use an image is to contact the photographer or owner of the content directly. At that time you may negotiate a price for the image, or explain the benefits for the artist to have their content on your page. This is a simple approach that has been made easy by social networks, and content creators always appreciate your consultation beforehand.

Your personal pictures

Some prefer the do-it-yourself approach. In fact, you do not have to be the owner of an expensive camera to shoot photos of decent quality for your brand. After all, you know best what type of visuals you are seeking for your business. Utilizing this option ensures that you are the original creator and owner of the image, so that you may use it for any purpose whatsoever.

We hope you find this information useful, and you are now one step closer to making a stunning blog. Keep this advice in mind as you continue to create content, and always be aware of potential copyright violations. Good luck!

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