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Best new apps 11/17
Posted Nov 30, 2017 by Vitaly Golovin, Ecwid Team

Five New Apps 11/17: You’ve Got to See Them All

This app collection for your online store is so meaty that I can’t say which one is my favorite.

Below you’ll find:

  • A new way to market your products on the storefront (free)
  • Translations for category and product descriptions ($3/month, free trial)
  • Professional Amazon integration (from $29.99, free trial)
  • QuickBooks and shipping services integration (From $10, free trial)
  • A new secure payment method for the UK (free).

Show a Random Product

How often do you browse around online stores without knowing what you need to buy? During those moments, you could be interested in any item the online store can offer.

If you are feeling lucky, install a free random product widget in your store. By laws of probability, you can surprise a dwelling customer with a product they haven’t even thought of yet.

Ecwid random product widget

Random Products Widget showing random products at the bottom of the storefront

Showcase random products from your store-wide catalog or choose a specific category for this. Maybe you have a sale going on in a particular category. It’s a nice way to point your visitors’ attention towards it.

Get Random Product Widget →

Display Translations for Product and Category Descriptions

The internet helps us buy what we want and from wherever we want — even if it is a store located at the other side of the world. That convenience requires stores to cater to many languages at the same time.

Ecwid can automatically detect a customer’s language and show your storefront in that language. Now you can show a localized version of your product and category descriptions for foreign customers without any hassle!

An English version of a category description

An English version of a category description

A Spanish version of the same description

A Spanish version of the same description

Set what content you want for a specific language. Need a product description in Spanish for Spanish visitors? No problemo!

It is also possible to show some common content regardless of the visitor’s language and location.

Important: You will still have to get the translated content for your products and categories — the app doesn’t translate it for you (like Google Translate or other tools.) On the other hand, you can have meaningful translations.

It is quite easy to separate the content into languages and set it specifically for a language you need using a shortcode format familiar to WordPress website owners.

Here’s a basic example of this format:

Everyone will see this!
[lang=”es”]Only Spanish language visitors will see this![/lang]
[lang=”ru”]Only Russian language visitors will see this![/lang]

In this example, all visitors will see “Everyone will see this!”. But only Spanish or Russian visitors will see the extra content contained within their language block.

Get Translatable Product and Category Descriptions → 

List Your Product on Amazon and eBay

Codisto LINQ integrates your online store with all Amazon and eBay marketplaces. This allows you to sell products on these platforms and manage the catalog in one place (Ecwid Control Panel.)

The workflow is easy:

  1. Install the Codisto LINQ application for Ecwid
  2. Connect to Amazon or eBay account
  3. Set the trading rules and product templates
  4. List your items on Amazon or eBay

When somebody purchases your product on Amazon or eBay, you can view the order details in the application too: Ecwid Control Panel → Apps → Codisto → Marketplace Orders → Select Amazon or eBay.

Check out this introductory video and a dedicated post about selling on Amazon with Ecwid and Codisto: LINQ.

This app is available for the Marketplace feature owners (Business and Unlimited plans).

Get Codisto: LINQ → 

Integrate Your Store With QuickBooks

T-HUB is a multi-channel order manager solution designed to integrate your e-commerce store with QuickBooks and shipping services (UPS/FedEx/USPS).

Once you connect your Ecwid store to T-Hub, you will be able to get tracking information from UPS/FedEx/USPS and send order data directly to Quickbooks Online and Desktop.

Settings page in T-Hub for exporting orders to Quickbooks

Settings page in T-Hub for exporting orders to Quickbooks

Get T-Hub integration →

Connect Authipay

Authipay is a secure way of accepting payments for merchants from the UK and the Republic of Ireland. It is PCI-DSS compliant and supports the 3D secure feature that guarantees top-notch security for your customers’ payments.

Payment processing via AuthiPay

Payment processing via AuthiPay

Get Authipay →

Find more help for your business on the Ecwid App Market — 100+ applications, many of them for free.

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Vitaly works with 3rd party app developers to bring the best experience to Ecwid users. In his free time, he enjoys watching YouTube videos and long walks with his friends.