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Ecwid updates in June 2016
Posted Jul 8, 2016 by Matt Kuritsyn, Ecwid Team

Ecwid Features Digest June 2016: Translation updates, New Orders, And More

Hello, Ecwid users!

Before we get into our regular update on what’s new and improved at Ecwid this month, here’s a quick hello from our team:
Hey there!

Aren’t they a happy bunch? Here’s what they’ve been up to this past month.

Create New Orders on Behalf of Your Customers

You can now create new order manually right in the Ecwid control panel.

See how easily orders are created

Some customers don’t place orders online. For example, they might call a merchant on the phone or send an email to place an order. Now you can accept these types of sales by manually creating new orders to keep everything consolidated for accounting purposes. Even if some of your orders are processed via phone or email, your store’s backend will still maintain a full history.

To manually create a new order, open the Sales → Edit Orders tab in your Control Panel and press the “Create Order” button.


ShopApp is one of the biggest Ecwid updates this year and we’re really excited about it! ShopApp makes your store truly mobile by turning it into a dedicated native smartphone app for iPhone and Android. The app will allow your customers to shop from their mobile devices using your very own branded app. Learn more about it in a separate article.

The look of your beautiful mobile app

Set the SEO Title and Description for Products Pages

You can now set custom SEO title and descriptions for products, which will help your store and its products appear more frequently in search results.

Google uses page titles and descriptions (called “meta tags”) to gather information on what a website is all about. It also appears as a short summary on what the page is about in a list of search results. You can now open the “SEO” tab in your Control Panel’s product management page and fine-tune a product’s meta tags to make it perfect for Google.

You can learn more about this feature right here.

This is where you can manage your meta description in your Control Panel

Disable Countries and States in the Checkout Form

If you only ship within one country, you won’t want to display other counties at checkout. If you ship only within a city, you likely don’t want your customer to see country and state fields at all. Now it is possible to hide those unnecessary fields at checkout.

Manage countries and states you ship to

You can hide countries and states that you don’t ship to from the checkout form. If you only ship within one country, state, or region, the relevant drop-down will not appear at all. Instead, your customer will see a message saying your store only ships to a specific area. No extra setup is required.

Simply put, if your store ships to a state or country, it will be available on the checkout form. If a customer’s area is not within your delivery zone, it will not be available at checkout. Your customers will see only available destinations.

As long as you have shipping options and destination zones configured in your store’s settings, Ecwid will take care of displaying the right selection of countries and states at checkout. If you haven’t yet set up your destination zones and shipping rules, this article in our Help Center has all the details you need.

Keep in mind that Ecwid can detect the customer’s general location by using their IP address even before they go to checkout. Considering that we also added the automatic tax calculation feature, this makes store checkout super smart — it knows the customer’s location, their precise tax rate, and the shipping cost even before they go to checkout. When they do, the checkout form is far cleaner and straightforward, and doesn’t distract the customer with unnecessary lists of countries and states you don’t ship to.

New Store Categories Widget for WordPress Users

We added a new categories widget to the Ecwid plugin for WordPress sites. It displays a list of your store’s root categories in the sidebar, enabling your customers to easily navigate the site. It’s a big improvement over the old one — it fits your site’s layout perfectly because its style is based on your theme’s fonts and styles, and it looks good on any device at any screen size.

The look of the new widget

You’ll find the new widget under Appearance —> Widgets —> Store Root Categories in your WordPress site’s administrative backend.

App Market Updates

New apps

The App Market now shows app pages right on the website

The Ecwid App Market is displayed in the Ecwid Control Panel and on the Ecwid site. Previously you needed to go your store’s control panel to view app details, even if you browse the app market on the site (www.ecwid.com/apps) . Now the app details pages are available right on the web site. This makes it easy to browse the app market for visitors who are not logged in or don’t have an Ecwid account yet.

Updates to the Look and Feel

As a part of our ongoing effort to revamp Ecwid’s look and feel, we changed the appearance of popup messages in the control panel.

The new look of pop-up messages

We updated the “Share to Tumblr” button to improve the look of the product-sharing dialog.

Authorize.net Payment Gateway Update

We updated our Authorize.Net integration to make it compatible with the Authorize.net’s upcoming changes. No action is required from your side. If you use Authorize.net in Ecwid, it will continue working just fine when Authorize.net implements the changes.

Ecwid Android App v1.8

This version 1.8 update brings two new features:

  • Private admin notes for orders.  We recently added the ability to add internal notes to sales. Now you can view, edit, and add these notes in the mobile app too. Use this feature to edit and comment on your orders when you’re on the go; they’ll sync with any notes you made from your desktop computer.
  • Barcode scanner.  Now you can scan a product barcode using your mobile device’s camera to find any product in your store to quickly update its price, availability, or stock level. It’s convenient if you find yourself restocking a bunch of items in your store regularly — you can significantly speed up your inventory update by scanning the barcodes instead of manually searching for every item. Save your time!

Download the Ecwid Android app.

New Version of the Ecwid App for iPhone and iPad

We released a new version of our iOS app with two great features:

Square reader support

Merchants use Ecwid’s iPhone and iPad apps to manage sales and products right from their mobile devices. They also can sell on the go, create new orders, and accept credit cards. The Ecwid app acts as a mobile POS system. We have long supported PayPal Here credit card readers, but the number one question we got from our app users was, “Hey, when are you going to support Square?” Square was the first mass-marketed mPOS solution in the U.S. and Square readers are extremely popular, so we integrated with the Square Register API. Now every Ecwid merchant with a Square account can accept payments offline via Square while keeping a complete sales history and accurate stock levels in Ecwid.

Our integration supports all Square readers. There’s the classic one and the new contactless one. Using the contactless credit card reader, you can even accept Apple Pay!

Full support of admin/staff notes

You can now view, edit, and add private sales notes right in the iPhone and iPad apps. These notes can be used to save special requests from customers, delivery details, and other comments to merchant’s staff members.

Get Ecwid’s iOS app.

Loading Speed Improvements

We continue making Ecwid faster. This time, we optimized the single product widgets. If you have pages with a lot of single product widgets on your site, they load faster now!

Translation Updates

We updated our German and Dutch translations of Ecwid. Do you want to contribute to a translation in your own language? Check out this page.

Ecwid API Updates

This is for the developers who are creating Ecwid apps or customer integration with Ecwid stores.

Improved Storefront Single Sign-On

Storefront Single Sign-On (SSO) is an API that allows a buyer to have one login and password to access a website and storefront. If you already have customers who log in to your website, customers may find it inconvenient that they have to log in to your website and store separately. The SSO API solves this problem by allowing your customers to sign in once and use your Ecwid store to its fullest without having to log in again. When a buyer logs in to your website, they are automatically logged in to your Ecwid store even if they haven’t made an account there before.

Furthermore, the SSO API doesn’t require a separate API key, which means you don’t need to ask a merchant to copy-paste their API keys. You can use the application’s secret key to utilize the SSO API; it’s much more convenient. There’s no manual setup required from a merchant. It works just like other functions in the Ecwid API — a user installs an app, and single sign-on just works as a part of the app.

Developer documentation is here.

The Ecwid JavaScript API now allows you to remove items from a shopping bag

This change lets you to customize your storefront in more advanced way. For example, you can make a completely customized shopping bag for Ecwid stores. Documentation here.

Increased limits to app storage

We increased application storage limit from 8 kb to 64 kb. Now it is even easier to create serverless apps for the Ecwid App Market. Here’s documentation.


Curious about what we were up to before this? Check out our May updates.

Noticed something that we changed and forgot to announce? Want to find out about specific features of updates to come? Have feedback to share? Comment under this article and our team will get in touch! Thanks.

About the author
Matt is a product manager at Ecwid. He works with the Ecwid dev team and helps them shipping the right features for Ecwid merchants. Outside of work, Matt likes travelling and climbing the mountains.