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Posted May 11, 2016 by Matt Kuritsyn, Ecwid Team

Ecwid Features Digest April 2016

Hello Ecwid users!

Here I will tell you about the features and improvements the Ecwid team implemented in April.

ecwid new features

New one-click setup for our iOS and Android apps

We released new versions of our iOS and Android apps with a new very simple setup method.

Under the previous system to connect your store to the app, you would launch the app, click “Login” and enter your Ecwid login and password. This system worked well enough, but it wasn’t as convenient as we wanted it to be: what if you didn’t want to remember an email address or password to log in? Besides, it is always a pain to enter passwords on a phone, especially if you are a security-minded person wise enough to use long passwords.

The new way it works now:

App setup has never been this easy. Details like an email address and password are not necessary anymore. Instead, you can connect the app to your Ecwid store in seconds by clicking a link or scanning a QR code.


How to connect a mobile app to your Ecwid store:

  1. Open the Mobile page in your Ecwid control panel
  2. Enter your phone number. We will text you a special installation link.
  3. Open the message when it arrives and click the installation link. Depending on if your phone is iOS or Android, Apple’s App Store or Google Play will open.
  4. Download the Ecwid app and open it. Your store will be automatically connected to your device with no email or password required!

If you already have Ecwid’s iOS or Android apps installed but haven’t connected them to your Ecwid account yet, that installation remains simple.

  1. Click the “Scan code” icon on the app’s login page.
  2. Open the Mobile page in your Ecwid Control Panel on your computer. You will see a QR code there.
  3. Scan the QR code from the control panel and you’re done. Your store is connected to your device so you can manage it right there.

Magically simple.

Try it yourself — download Ecwid’s mobile app here.

Yandex.Kassa: new Russian payment gateway

Ecwid now supports a new payment method for Russian merchants called Yandex.Kassa. It is one of the most popular Russian payment solutions built and supported by the search giant Yandex and Sberbank, the biggest Russian bank. Yandex.Kassa allows you to accept credit cards, e-wallets (like Webmoney, Yandex.Money or Qiwi), and payments from bank accounts (Sberbank Online and others).

yandex kassa

In our Russian blog, we described the integration and explained how to use it (in Russian).

Language switcher in the Control Panel

A new language switcher is available in the Control Panel’s footer. Ecwid automatically detects your browser language and sets the its language this way. But if you need to change it, you can use this nice little switcher in the Control Panel footer.


A new search widget is now available in the Ecwid WordPress plugin

We added a new search widget to the Ecwid WordPress plugin. If you use a WordPress site, you can enable the new search widget on the “Ecwid ➝ Advanced” settings page in your WordPress backend. The new search widget is fully adaptive, automatically fits in its parent section, and looks great with any site’s theme. It also fits your sidebar even if it’s very narrow, so feel free to add product search to your site sidebar in the “Appearance ➝ Widgets” section of your site admin.

By the way, the new search widget is available for users even if they don’t use the WordPress platform. Whichever hosting, site-builder or CMS you use, you can add this new responsive search widget to your store. Please see our March updates post for the details.

Performance and user interface updates for Ecwid’s Android mobile app

Product variations are now available within product details in the Ecwid Android app, so you can manage variations from your Android device without the web control panel.
We also optimized the Ecwid Android app for stores with many sales. It’s now working much faster. People love it!


Auto-save on the “Shipping” settings page in the Ecwid Control Panel

Changes you make on the “Shipping” page in your store control panel are now saved automatically, so you don’t need to click “save” to record your changes. Ecwid does it for you.

Speed optimizations

We continue to make Ecwid faster all the time. Here is what we’ve done in April:

  • Stores with more than 2,000 products in a single category load much more quickly now.
  • We greatly improved the rendering speed of the product listing page when there are 100 products shown on the same page. That’s quite a lot of products, so the page size and complexity significantly increases. However, some sellers prefer to display that many because they sell small parts in various forms, for example, and want a buyer to see them all on the same page. Now Ecwid can  process and display such a big page in about 400-500 milliseconds. It used to take 3-4 seconds — that’s a 1,000% improvement!
  • We improved the performance of all product-related operations in an Ecwid database. Database optimizations yielded 2-3X speed improvement to all product-related requests to Ecwid servers. That means the following parts of Ecwid work more quickly now:

Product search – when a user searches for a product in your store

Product API – when a mobile app, custom integration, or piece of software from the Ecwid App Market gets a list of products from Ecwid

Product details page – when a customer opens a product in your store.

This is just one more continued step in our ambition to make Ecwid faster all the time. Stay tuned, there is more to come in the future.

Manual product sync in Ecwid Square POS integration

Our merchants who use Square POS to sync their inventory can now initiate a product sync from Square to Ecwid and from Ecwid to Square.

Before the change, Ecwid copied products and inventory from Square when a new store was created. Now a merchant can transfer all items from Square to Ecwid or from Ecwid to Square at any time in their Ecwid Control Panel by a simple button click.

Here are some examples of tasks you can handle in a more convenient way after this change:

  • If you just created a Square account while having an existing Ecwid account, you can push all your products to Square.
  • You want to sync not only inventory levels, but all products from Square to Ecwid or from Ecwid to Square from time to time.

You can find this new tool on the Settings ➝ Square page in your Control panel. See this article in our Help center to learn more on how to set up a sync between Ecwid and Square POS.

UPS integration for non-USD stores

We improved our UPS automatic shipping rates calculation — it now works with UPS merchant accounts that return rates in non-USD currencies. If you use a currency other than USD and ship via UPS, you can use automatic shipping rates by UPS now.

German law compliance in a more convenient way

German merchants are required by law to show shipping information near all Add to Cart or Buy now buttons in the store. Ecwid has supported this feature for quite a long time (Ecwid is one of few shopping cart solutions truly compliant with German law). However, to show this shipping information, a seller was required to describe their shipping and payment methods under the “Legal pages” section in the store control panel. Not every merchant offers this.

We improved this system a bit. Now if a German merchant has any shipping method set up in the store, we will show the “excluding shipping” note near the  Add To Cart/Buy Now buttons. If a German merchant has filled out the shipping info in Ecwid, we will show the note with a link to it. This makes German merchants compliant with the country’s e-commerce laws even if they don’t provide all the necessary info about their shipping.

A small but important improvement for PayPal Express checkout buttons

We updated our PayPal Express Checkout button. It now looks better on dark backgrounds. If your store has a dark background, your customers will see a nice PayPal Express checkout button that’s easier on the eyes.

Translations update

With the help of Ecwid users, we updated the following translations this month: Polish, French, Italian, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, German.


Wondering what we got done before this? Check out our March updates.

Noticed something that we changed and forgot to announce? Want to learn about specific features of upcoming updates? Have feedback to share? Comment under this article and our team will get in touch! Thanks.

About the author
Matt is a product manager at Ecwid. He works with the Ecwid dev team and helps them shipping the right features for Ecwid merchants. Outside of work, Matt likes travelling and climbing the mountains.
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