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Posted Aug 25, 2011 by Qetzal, Head of Product

Ecwid v9.1 has been released

Ecwid v9.1A new version of Ecwid (v9.1) has been released. All Ecwid users have been upgraded automatically. This release is minor and doesn’t bring any major features yet (they’re planned for v10). However, some new neat improvements have been added.

Search by transaction ID

Now you can search for your orders by a transaction ID. This feature is very handy, if you see the transaction in your payment gateway’s back-end and want to find the corresponding order in your Ecwid control panel.

New “Available, but out of stock” filter

The new filter allows one to quickly get a list of products which are enabled but out-of-stock.

New mail tags: %affiliate_id% and “%payment_transaction_id%

If you want to send affiliate ID’s or transaction ID’s in your admin notifications and have access to this information without logging in to your control panel, then these mail tags are for you.

New payment gateway: MultiSafepay

This is a new payment option for our Dutch clients. The MultiSafepay payment gateway allows accepting payments via iDeal, Credit cards, Banktransfer (NL and BE), Bancontact/Mister Cash, Direct-debit, Giropay and DIRECTebanking.

multisafepay betaal veilig online

multisafepay connect

Improved messages about shipping/tax/product price changes in cart

Now if a customer adds some products to cart and the store owner changes some shipping/tax/product prices/rates at the same moment, the customer will see a notice about this even without refreshing the store page.

So, your customers will always purchase your items using the latest actual prices and rates.

The ‘Formats & units’ setting page re-designed

Now it is more convenient and clear. You can compare the old and new designs on this screen-shot: sys_set_compare.png

New Ukrainian translation

Ecwid already has 37 storefront translations out of the box. Thank you, our Ecwid users, who have contributed the translations and corrections for helping us to achieve this!

Feel free to use and enjoy the new version. Our team is already working on v10, which will add more interesting things. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog, Facebook page and Twitter for updates and news : -)

About the author
Qetzal is Head of Product at Ecwid. He loves to create new things to make people's lives easier.