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Posted Nov 10, 2010 by Qetzal, Head of Product

Ecwid v6.0 Has Been Released

Ecwid v6.0 We’re excited to announce the next major Ecwid release, version 6.0. All Ecwid users have been upgraded.

So, what’s new in Ecwid version 6.0?

New product option type: upload file

Now it’s much simpler to sell personalized products with Ecwid. Your customers can attach files (for example, a design or photo) to a product so that you can personalize it.

Seven new built-in storefront translations

Bulgarian, Hebrew, Swedish, Slovenian, Danish, Czech and Romanian are now built into the Ecwid core. Now with one click in the Ecwid back-end you can enable them so that your international customers can shop in their native languages.

Thank you Дануте, Yakir, Eva, Gregor, Kenneth, Štěpán and Cristi for your invaluable help with this!

Ecwid now has 19 built-in translations! If you’d like to add your language to our list of built-in translations, please contact us.

5 More Payment Gateways have been added

Ecwid now supports Beanstream, eWay, Robokassa, VK Merchant API and Sage Pay gateways. Our British, Russian, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand users can use them to accept credit cards and orders.

Canada Post and EMS Russian Post shipping carriers

Now Ecwid can receive real-time shipping rates from the Canada Post and EMS Russian Post shipping carriers. No longer will you have to manually set-up user-defined rates. Just enable a carrier and get the exact shipping costs.

Customer IP in order details

All Silver account owners will now be able to see the IP  address of a customer who placed an order. The IP address is displayed in the order details. This new feature will help in protecting you from fraudulent orders. If a customer’s country IP address differs from the entered billing country, Ecwid will show a warning.

More New Features

Ecwid now shows a warning message in the back-end if your account e-mail isn’t verified. So if you change your e-mail and don’t verify it, you will no longer be locked from your account.

US military “states” have been added, so, your US customers can use APO/FPO addresses.

Your Ecwid profile and Company e-mail addresses are not tied any more and can be different. You can now use your personal e-mail to log into the Ecwid control panel and get notifications from our forums while still being able to use your company e-mail for customer notifications and invoices.

The behavior of the “Add to Cart” button has been improved in the “table” products view mode. If a product becomes out of stock but is added to a cart, Ecwid will hide this button.

The installation process of our Facebook app has been improved and simplified greatly. Instructions are no longer necessary: just enter your Store ID and add our app to your FB page.

We’d like to thank all Ecwid users who voted for suggestions in our ideas base. If you voted for features that have been implemented in this release you will receive your votes back so that you will be able to vote on new ideas.

Feel free to use and enjoy these new features. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to assist on the forums.

About the author
Qetzal is Head of Product at Ecwid. He loves to create new things to make people's lives easier.