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Posted Apr 28, 2010 by Qetzal, Head of Product

Ecwid v4.0 Has Been Released

We’re glad to announce the release of the next major Ecwid version (4.0). That’s one small step in a version number and one giant leap for all of the Ecwid community!
So what’s new in 4.0?

Beta is behind

During the earlier stages of Ecwid’s development the “beta” icon was meant to show that we’re constantly improving and adding new features. Although we’re still continuing that process so that Ecwid remains the absolute best shopping cart available, we’ve officially dropped the “beta” icon.

Paid Accounts

Ecwid now offers paid accounts for a low monthly fee of $17. This account type allows you to take advantage of several great new features such as discount coupons, API and improved SEO.

We’d like to note that free accounts will always be available. All free of charge features will remain free — Paid accounts just enrich your site with additional premium features, and each new account helps supports us to continually make Ecwid even more awesome! : -)

Your support is valuable to us and is much appreciated because the funds collected from paid accounts are invested directly back into software development. This leads to more features which will ensure that Ecwid stays the best shopping cart available.

How to upgrade if you’d like to support us and get new features:

  • login to your account at;
  • open “My profile → Profile Settings” page;
  • press the “Get Premium Features” button

Ecwid API

Great news for web developers: Ecwid now offers API (Application Programming Interface). This allows you to expand your store’s capability. You can create your own modules and extensions or add those from third parties thus enhancing Ecwid’s functionality.
Web developers are welcome to create modules for Ecwid which will be featured and placed in our “Connect” section.
More info about API and the way it works:

Better SEO

The new feature “Inline SEO catalog” brings greater SEO capabilities to your store. You can enjoy all advantages of AJAX applications and at the same time your store can be indexed as common traditional plain-HTML pages.
The feature works with Ecwid API and is available out-of-the box for those who use our plugins for WordPress, MODX, Joomla and Drupal.
If you have a custom site, no worries, you can add the feature with the use of our API and a special ready-made library. More about Ecwid and SEO:

Ecwid at Facebook

Ecwid is integrated deeper with Facebook now. You can add your store to Facebook quickly using our Facebook app.
Open this application, specify your Store ID, add a new tab with the app and it’s ready. You can start selling immediately!

Having your store integrated with Facebook can boost your sales. Your customers will be able to share the information about your products in their news feeds. Also the person logged into Facebook will be automatically logged into Ecwid as well.


  • New option type: “date picker”. It allows choosing a date in product options. Thanks to Ciaran Whelan for sponsoring this feature
  • The “My account” page of Ecwid stores has been improved. Now it looks much better on narrow sites.
  • The new “Continue Shopping” button has been added to the page with the product details.
  • Some additional CSS classes have been added to the product options and order details to make their customizing easier.
  • Ecwid’s CSS themes have been improved, your site’s CSS rules will not affect them anymore.
  • The behaviour of the “Continue shopping” button was improved. Now it redirects to the last visited category.

We want to thank all Ecwid users who voted for suggestions in our ideas base. If you voted for the features that are already implemented in this release, you will get your votes back. So you will be able to vote for the new ideas.

Feel free to use and enjoy the new features. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to assist on the forums.

About the author
Qetzal is Head of Product at Ecwid. He loves to create new things to make people's lives easier.
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