Posted Mar 28, 2010 by Qetzal, Head of Product

Ecwid v3.0 Has Been Released

We’re glad to announce a new release of major Ecwid version (3.0). All Ecwid users have been upgraded.
What features does this release bring to all Ecwid stores? Let’s highlight them.

PayPal Standard

PayPal Website Payments Standard is added — the most easy-to-use and simple-to-set-up PayPal solution.
So now you can use PayPal Standard as a common payment option and PayPal Express Checkout as an advanced solution for customers with PayPal accounts.

Discount coupons

A great tool to promote your sales and increase the number of your repeat customers.

Advanced integration with social networks

OpenSocial standard supported by many social networks, such as Myspace, Hyves, Google Friend Connect and many others, has been integrated.
If you use Ecwid with such a network, all of your customers will be automatically logged in using their profiles. Also they will be able to share any product to their news feed.

New Google Gadget

In the new Ecwid version Google Gadget has been improved, so now it fits slim pages nicely. Good option for your blog’s sidebar.

Payment method page updated

You can easily rename and update any payment method.

E-Path payment gateway

This gateway allows storing credit cards and processing them manually without any hassles and worries about PCI-DSS compliance and certification.

Affiliates features

We’ve added some affiliate features that transform Ecwid into an affiliate tool.
Since your Ecwid store can be very easily installed at many locations at the same time, your affiliates will not just place links to your store, they will place your store on their sites and you will track sales made from them.


Four new translations of Ecwid storefront have been added to the Ecwid core: French, Spanish, Russian and German. You can enable and disable them right in the Ecwid control panel. Customers will see the correct translation automatically, based on their browser settings.
Don’t forget about more than 15 other translations which can be installed by modifying the integration code.

Also many other minor improvements have been made. You may not notice them, but they do make a difference.

We want to thank all Ecwid users who voted for suggestions in our ideas base. If you voted for the features that are already implemented in this release, you will get your votes back. So you will be able to vote for the new ideas.

Feel free to use and enjoy the new features. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to assist on the forums.

About the author
Qetzal is Head of Product at Ecwid. He loves to create new things to make people's lives easier.
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