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Posted Feb 29, 2012 by Qetzal, Head of Product

Ecwid v10.3 Has Been Released

A new version of Ecwid (v10.3) has been released. All Ecwid users have been upgraded automatically. This minor release adds two highly-anticipated features to Ecwid.

Affiliate program: 20% revenue share

We are glad to announce that Ecwid Affiliate Program has been officially launched. Becoming an Ecwid affiliate is the fastest and easiest way to partner with us and get rewarded for spreading the word and love about Ecwid. Refer clients to Ecwid and get your cut from our profits: 20% recurring revenue commission for all their payments to us.

Ecwid Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is powered by zferral affiliate software and features:

  • Automatic commissions payment via PayPal
  • Real-time performance tracking and comprehensive set of reports
  • Pre-configured marketing banners for quick start with the program
  • Tools for running campaigns on Facebook and Twitter

To join the program please visit our web site at www.ecwid.com/affiliate-program.html and press the “Join Affiliate Program” button. We believe this program is a great opportunity for everyone that would like to help Ecwid grow and also earn with us as well.

Next / Previous product navigation links

Ecwid now displays special “Previous / Next Product” links on the product details page, so your customers can browse your items quickly, efficiently and more conveniently.

Prior to this new feature, if a customer wanted to browse all items in a specific category, he/she would need to open a product details page, then go back to the category level, then open the next product and so on. This was not ideal and not the way it should be. That’s why we added these links, so now your customers can easily press the “Next product” link and the next product is loaded instantly.

This feature hides a lot of great changes and improvements under the hood. We wanted to create the fastest and “wowest” experience as possible, so we implemented a complex combination of product caching and products pre-loading mechanisms to make sure the next/previous product will be loaded blazingly fast. Actually when a customer presses the link, the next product is already loaded and ready to be shown, so it is displayed instantly. This means that Ecwid will display product pages faster than any shopping cart on the market, period.

But this is not all. If you’re a keyboard ninja and love keyboard shortcuts, you can use them to browse your catalog. Use “Ctrl + →” and “Ctrl + ←” to browse products and “Ctrl + ↑” to go one level up.

As one of our users who tested this feature, said: “Ah that is really awesome… I was just messing with it in the test store. It’s kind of addicting, getting you to click through the whole catalog”.

Your customers will view more items and spend more time on your site, which will lead to more sales for you.

These “Next / Previous” links are new elements on the product details page, so if you use a highly-modified custom CSS theme on your store, you will probably need to style them as well. For this reason, we’ve disabled this feature for our users by default (as we do with other new features). If you would like to use this new feature you will need to enable it manually. Just log in to your control panel and follow the instructions.


  • We’re constantly working on improving the performance and speed of all Ecwid stores. We strongly believe that fast page loading is a big advantage and leads to more sales. As a result of our internal changes the average speed of Ecwid response was improved by 15%.
  • We’ve also improved the order search in the control panel. As many of you probably know already, Ecwid provides a unified field to search for all order values. It’s very convenient not to think of what field to fill in and just enter the search string in one field and find the specific order for whatever you search for: customer name, email, purchased products or anything else. It works great, however as soon as the number of orders grows in a store, the performance begins to suffer — too far from our standards. That’s why our engineers revamped the order search completely. Now Ecwid uses a separate search server to perform such tasks. So even if you have thousands of orders (we wish for you to have them), the search will be extremely fast and accurate. As a neat addition to this feature, it is now possible to search by the “Affiliate ID” order field as well. This feature will be automatically enabled for all merchants who have more than 100 orders a few hours after v10.3 release.

Feel free to use and enjoy these new features. Our team is already working on the next major version, which will include a completely revamped shipping module, new social sharing buttons and many more important new features. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog, Facebook page and Twitter for updates and news : -)

About the author
Qetzal is Head of Product at Ecwid. He loves to create new things to make people's lives easier.