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Wow! Finally, the day has arrived for us to open Ecwid to the public. Ecwid one of the first 100% AJAX e-commerce platforms in the world. We believe that this is THE right approach to add e-commerce to your site. No more mess with PHP, no more hosting glitches, no more trouble getting the software look like it's a fundamental part of your site.
We are not here to bash PHP: we have X-Cart and LiteCommerce, PHP products that have been the core of our business since 2001. We will continue to develop PHP e-commerce software. All of today's best shopping carts are PHP based. PHP always was and still is the way to go if you have a bunch of geeks constantly modding your site. But what if you need just a store, nice and easy, working in minutes? That's what Ecwid is for. And it is quite powerful, too.

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