Ecwid announces new service plans. No price changes for our existing users.

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Hi Fellow Ecwid Users,

We have some updated service plan information to share with you. Ecwid will be changing our plan offerings in October, and wanted to let you know what new choices will be available for you and for our future customers. The new Ecwid service plans will include the following options:

If you already are a registered Ecwid user on our free (Basic) or premium (Silver) plans, you will continue to receive the same level of service you currently receive today — forever. There will be no change to the current features or pricing you receive, unless you choose to upgrade to one of our new service plans.

Existing Ecwid Free Plan Users

If you currently have a free Ecwid store, then you will retain all of the free features that you have today, including your 100 product limit.

Existing Ecwid Premium (Silver) Plan Users

We sincerely appreciate our users who already have upgraded to our Silver plan. Thank you.  All of our current Silver users will retain their existing features (including your 20,000 product limit) and pricing forever.

Why the changes?

Ecwid has grown and learned a lot over the past two years, and our users, partners and others in the e-commerce marketplace have provided valuable feedback to us along the way. Today, we understand very clearly the selection of services that we need to offer globally, and what it will take for Ecwid to prosper so that we can continue to provide the best shopping cart in the world — including the best free and premium options available anywhere. 

Further details on our service plan changes are available in the following FAQ.

Update (30 October): Our new plans have been released. After the initial announcement of new plans we have received a lot of great feedback from you, our Ecwid community. Thank you all. Your feedback, kind words and support help us greatly. These plan changes will benefit the whole Ecwid community.
And one more thing: after some considerations we decided to remove the monthly transaction volume limit in our new plans. So all new plans have unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited monthly transaction volume and 0.0% transaction fee. A truly unique offer.

FAQ on New Ecwid Service Plans

What are the new Ecwid plans and how will they be priced?
The new plans and pricing can be found on the “Pricing” page on our website. We will continue to offer a “Free” plan, in addition to three new premium options.

What about existing Ecwid users? Will pricing and plans be grandfathered?

We want to ensure that our current users can continue using Ecwid seamlessly. Therefore, our current customers will retain their existing price, plan and feature functionality. We will grandfather plans and pricing for all of our existing users.

I am a free user currently. What will happen to my store?
You will keep the same free features you have now, including the product limit of 100 items (note: the new “Free” plan allows 10 items only).

Will we still be able to create and use free stores?

Of course. One of Ecwid’s key goals always is to offer an affordable solution that enables everyone to start selling online with a completely free plan, with no transaction fees or other hidden costs. Ecwid always will have a free plan available for our users.

When will the new plans be available and the changes take effect?
We’re planning to launch the new plans in October and will post announcements on our Facebook page, forums, Twitter and blog, when the new plans are available.

I currently am an Ecwid Silver user. What will happen to my store?
You keep the same features you have now. You will continue to pay the same $17 per month and will keep your existing limit of 20,000 items. 

What if I upgrade to the “Silver” plan before new plans are released?

In this case, you will be grandfathered and get all of the benefits of the “Silver” plan now and after the plan change, so it is a great idea to upgrade now.

I still have questions about these new plans
We’re open to all of your questions, suggestions and feedback. Please send them to

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