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Posted Dec 15, 2011 by Qetzal, Head of Product

Ecwid Raised $1.5 Million in Funding & Expands to US, UK

Ecwid raised $1.5 million in funding & expands To US, UK We’re pleased to announce our Series A round of venture funding and a planned opening of our first United States and United Kingdom offices. The $1.5 million funding was completed by Runa Capital, a global venture capital firm.

You will find the details on TechCrunch, VentureBeat or in our official press-release.

This means a lot for every Ecwid merchant. Our startup was initially created by a small team and was growing without any investments (thanks to our users, who subscribe to our Silver plan!). In two years it grew from just a released app to a solid e-commerce platform used by 115,000 merchants in 174 countries. Nowadays if you want to sell on Facebook, add e-commerce functionality to your WordPress or Joomla site, or just have an easy-to-use and hassles-free store, Ecwid is the best choice.

The investment will allow us to grow even faster and make Ecwid the most popular shopping cart in the world. With more resources we will be able to seriously expand our team and release new Ecwid versions more often. That’s the main advantage of this investment for each Ecwid user: more great new features you all ask for.

In addition, we will establish offices in the US and UK in early 2012, since roughly 70 percent of our users are based in the United States and European Union.

Thank you all for your support! Stay tuned, 2012 will be very interesting and great for Ecwid community.

About the author
Qetzal is Head of Product at Ecwid. He loves to create new things to make people's lives easier.