Ecwid Features Digest Winter 2016-17
Posted Mar 23, 2017 by Matt Kuritsyn, Ecwid Team

Ecwid Features Digest Winter 2016-17

The Ecwid team’s here with a new bunch of updates that we released this winter. In this features digest, you’ll find good news on:

Let’s dive in and make sure you didn’t miss a single enhancement of your Ecwid store!

Ecwid team in San Diego

Ecwid team is having a productive “winter” afternoon in San Diego

New Shipping Method and Improved Shipping Calculations

The new shipping features are Order pickup and dimensional shipping calculations.

New shipping method: order pickup

You can offer in-store pickup if you have a retail shop, a pop-up store, a partner with brick and mortar store or if you sell on the local flea market.

In-store pickup saves you expenses on shipping and at the same time makes checkout faster for your customers, as they don’t have to enter their shipping address.

In store pickup in Ecwid

This is how customers can select in-store pickup locations at the checkout

In your Ecwid store, you can set up several locations for in-store pickup to let your customers choose the one they are most comfortable with. You’ll also want to provide terms of pickup. Your Ecwid store will let you specify them.

Orders for in-store pickup have a special status, “Ready for Pickup”, in your orders list that makes managing convenient for you. When you change the order status to “Ready for Pickup”, your customers will receive an email notification so that they know it’s time to come and pick up their orders. You can customize the email template and design it in your brand style.

This feature is available for all Ecwid merchants.

Learn how to set it up in this post: Introducing Order Pickup for Every Ecwid Store

Dimensional shipping rates

With the help of our new dimensional shipping rates, you can now enter dimensions — the length, width, and height — for each product in your store and get more accurate carrier-calculated shipping rates.

This feature will work for you if you are using FedEx, UPS, USPS, Australia Post, Brasil Correios, and Canada Post to calculate shipping rates in real time.

Shipping dimensions in Ecwid

Specify product dimensions for every product in Control Panel → Catalog → Product → Tax and Shipping

Enabling dimensional shipping rates means you won’t have to overpay for bigger, lightweight items or small items which can be combined and put into one shipping box. Your shipping costs will be calculated regarding the best possible package.

Learn more: How You Can Make Your Shipping Costs More Accurate With Ecwid

Set up shipping

More Tools For Your Store Design

With Ecwid, you can change your store design as much as you want: use ready-made themes or create your own.

This time we have added more opportunities for simple, quick, and useful modifications of your store design that you can set up without extra help and without leaving your control panel. Let’s look closer.

New design page

If you want to change your Ecwid store design, the new design page in your Control Panel → Settings → Design will lead you through all the ways to customize your Ecwid store’s look.

Here you can:

  • Check out what theme is active in your store now and edit it.
  • Get ready-made themes and create custom ones.
  • Set theme options: those are the most frequently used settings that customize your store’s look within a couple of clicks.

New design page in Ecwid

There’s a number of ways to change your storefront look with these options

Ecwid can adapt the colors of your store to your website theme. Depending on your site builder, it can be done as follows:

  • For all site builders except Wix: enable Color Adaptive mode on your Design page and Ecwid will adapt colors automagically! :)
  • For Wix websites:  it’s possible to specify the store colors manually in your Wix settings:

Wix and Ecwid color settings

Learn more: A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing Your Ecwid Store Design

Design my store

Control Panel Updates

Your control panel is constantly being improved to make your work faster and more convenient. Here’s a number of recent updates in your control panel.

Refreshed “My Sales” page

If you’ve been using Ecwid regularly, you couldn’t have missed your refreshed orders page look.

Still seeing an old page? Make sure you’ve enabled new Sales Page in Control Panel → Settings → What’s New:

New Sales page in Ecwid

The new look of “My Sales” page

Here are some of the new sales page improvements:

      • A mobile responsive list: you can manage sales with comfort from any device.
      • Ability to add and see order comments: a convenient way to leave notes to colleagues and manage team work.
      • Order editor: Ecwid merchants on the Business plan do not have to install extra apps to edit orders.
      • Improved search: it is possible to search orders by any parameter (date, name, order status, etc.)
      • New filters: now the search filters are united in a single tab for more comfort.
      • Mass update: a new ability to select all and none and update orders in bulk.

Check out my sales

New shipping page

In your Control Panel Settings Shipping & Pickup you can find a refreshed page that is created to better organize your shipping settings.

What’s new about it?

      • In-store pickup as a shipping method: adding your physical locations will let the customers choose to pick up orders from there.
      • Powerful “Actions” tab for every carrier: fewer tabs mean simpler navigation. In this tab, you can edit, sort, and delete shipping methods.
      • Improved shipping settings: simply set up your origin address to start enabling shipping carriers. You can also set up the handling fee right within the page.
      • Ability to create your custom shipping methods: stay on the same page to create custom options for different shipping regions based on carrier calculations, flat rate, or order subtotal.

New shipping page in Ecwid

The new Shipping page

Bulgarian translation for Control Panel

Bulgarian merchants now can enjoy their control panel in their mother language.  In order to enable it, enter your control panel with this link:

An important note: All Ecwid merchants can easily send feedback on translations from the Control Panel. If you feel that you can think of a better translation, please feel free to do so by clicking Language → Suggest a better translation.

Set up language in Ecwid

Every Ecwid merchant can suggest a better translation via Control Panel

Storefront Updates

Your storefront has also been improved to catch the eye of your visitors and to arouse their interest for shopping in your store.

Featured products on the homepage

You might want to better engage your customers with your homepage content by highlighting your best-selling product, a special offer, or a new item.

Now you can pick products to display on your homepage and sort them the way you need.

Here’s an example:

Featured products on homepage in Ecwid

Store homepage with featured products

These products will also be displayed in the categories that you’ve assigned them to.

Read more in the post: Featured Products on Your Homepage: New Ways to Market Your Items

New Versions of Ecwid Mobile App for iOS and Android

We’ve released a new version of our Android app. It now has a dashboard with store stats and the updates from the Ecwid blog to help you get fresh e-commerce tips.

Ecwid Mobile for iOS now has support for Square readers in the US and Canada, support for PayPal Here wireless readers in the US and the UK, featuring contactless payments (including Apple Pay) in the UK.

Ecwid pay pal and square

In both Ecwid apps (for iOS and Android) you can simply scan a product’s UPC (Universal Product Code) to create an order. This tool will also let you find an order you need: scan the UPC to get the order on the screen.

Ecwid mobile storefront

Last but not least: you can now create, rename, and hide your product categories right within the app (both iOS and Android)! This is a great feature to manage your store on-the-go, without turning to your computer.

Ecwid mobile storefront 1

Get Ecwid Mobile App for iOS   Get Ecwid Mobile App on Google Play

New Payment Methods

The more payment methods you offer to your customers, the higher the odds they’ll purchase from you. We know that, and that’s why Ecwid integrated with Square Payments and POS for Australia and PayPal Here for the UK, to help you provide seamless omnichannel selling.

Ecwid’s integration with Square Payments and POS (Australia)

Square Payments, POS, and mPOS let you set up shop anywhere, so whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or you’re running a pop-up shop or booth, you can serve shoppers and take payments easily.

At the same time, Ecwid gives you all the tools for selling online: on your website, on social sites such as Facebook, on mobile, as well as on marketplaces such as eBay and Google Shopping.

Together, Ecwid and Square work to sync your offline and online sales in real time and go truly omnichannel.

Ecwid and Square

With Ecwid and Square, offline and online sales are synchronized in real time

If you have an Ecwid account, click here to connect Ecwid and Square. If you don’t have an Ecwid account, click here to create one.

Learn more: Ecwid Launches Square Payments and POS in Australia

UK merchants can now sell offline effortlessly using their iPhone or iPad. No need to set up POS systems — simply use the PayPal Here app and its accompanying card reader, and you’re good to go.

Get payments wherever your customers are in three simple steps:

Ecwid and PayPal UK

Ecwid Mobile app for iOS and PayPal card reader

This feature is available on paid Ecwid plans.

Learn more: Bring Your Online Store to the High Street With Ecwid and PayPal Here

New Version of Ecwid Plugin for WordPress

By this time, there are more updates to the Ecwid plugin for WordPress, but we’ll tell you about those that took place this winter. For later updates, please visit

Integration with WordPress search

Your website search will now find store products among other site pages and posts. It means that when your customer searches for something on your site, they will see both site content and store products in the search results and will be able to navigate directly to the product pages from there.

In order to activate this feature, enable it on the Ecwid/Advanced settings page in your WordPress backend and do not forget to click on the “Synchronize products” link.

New “Buy Now” button in the WordPress post and page editor

Now you have a useful and easy tool to place a product from your store on any page or post on your site.

Just open any post or page in your WordPress admin panel, click the “Add product” button in the editor, select the product you want to see on that page, and click “Insert” — an Ecwid “Buy Now” button will appear on that page after you publish the changes.

New Ecwid plugin for WordPress

“Add Product” Button lets you quickly add a product from your Ecwid store to any page

Learn more about the “Buy Now” button: 7 Ways to Sell With Ecwid’s “Buy Now” Button

New Weld Integration

Weld is a relatively new player among site builders. If you are thinking of creating a website, consider this flexible, mobile-friendly site builder tool.

It uses smart objects and content blocks to help you create interactive, dynamic websites. You aren’t limited by the number of pages or pre-existing template designs. You can even use it entirely for free provided you keep the “Made in Weld” watermark.

You can add Ecwid to your Weld site using the Ecwid app in the Weld library to start selling.

Learn more about this site builder’s pros and cons in our overview: How to Choose a Site Builder for Your Ecwid Store — Part II

Ecwid App Market News

This winter, Ecwid App Market reacged a milestone and hit 100+ apps. Make sure you are aware of these new apps:

      • Flashy helps you convert visitors into buyers by showing your recent orders on your storefront.
      • Recently Viewed Products helps to display a recently viewed products widget in the storefront.
      • MartNinja allows you to promote your products in the community of merchants like you and earn quick money by promoting their products.
      • Squiz Reports offers beautiful daily/weekly/monthly reports about your store performance delivered to your inbox.
      • Checkout Notices adds a message on checkout pages of your storefront.
      • Statiny Chatbot for FB Messenger helps to get basic order and product updates with statistics delivered straight to your Facebook Messenger.
      • tpay Payment Gateway — a new Polish payment gateway.
      • Worldpay Business Gateway — a new UK payment gateway.
      • PayKeeper — a new payment gateway for Russian users.
      • PayU Russia — another new payment gateway for Russia.

API Updates

This section will be useful for developers who create customized Ecwid solutions for their clients and for Ecwid merchants who were looking for ways to create custom discounts and enable SEO-friendly URLs for their custom-built websites.

Apply custom discounts

We added a way for developers to apply custom discounts to an order when the customer is at the checkout stage. Ecwid will be sending current cart details, and based on that information, an app can apply discounts to that cart. This opens up possibilities like:

      • Buy one, get one free (BOGOF)
      • Local customer discount
      • Limited-time discounts and more.

Enable SEO URLs for custom-built websites

We have introduced a new, SEO-friendly URL format, for the URLs generated by Ecwid. Now any store owner with their own website can enable it for their store using the documentation for better visibility on search engines.

We also added a new event for Ecwid JavaScript API — OnOrderPlaced. It allows you to get order details in your storefront right after a customer has placed an order using JavaScript. It’s a useful feature for tracking promo offers and general store stats.

See the full changelog here:


What are your thoughts about these new updates? Please leave a comment!

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Matt is a product manager at Ecwid. He works with the Ecwid dev team and helps them shipping the right features for Ecwid merchants. Outside of work, Matt likes travelling and climbing the mountains.
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