Ecwid Features Digest Summer 2017
Posted Sep 8, 2017 by Matt Kuritsyn, Ecwid Team

Ecwid Features Digest Summer 2017

Hi to the Ecwid community! Time to give you an update on the most important releases that took place in Ecwid this summer.

Read on and get your store in its best shape before the holiday season begins.

Abandoned Carts Recovery With Personalized Email

Few people buy at the first sight. 69% of them add products to a cart and never finish the checkout. That doesn’t mean they didn’t want to buy from you, though. Customers may leave because something distracted them, or they didn’t have a credit card on them, or they wanted to think it over.

If you don’t try to get them back soon after they leave, chances are your customers will forget about their abandoned order. That makes ¾ of your sales potentially lost, according to statistics.

With Ecwid, you can track your abandoned carts on My Sales → Abandoned Carts page.

Now Ecwid has a functionality to make abandoned customers return with a recovery email.

Abandoned cart recovery email

Abandoned cart recovery email

Those emails can be sent manually or automatically (within two hours after the cart was abandoned, which is considered the optimal time).

You can customize your email template to make it more personal or to add more information about your store.

Set it up on the My Sales → Abandoned Carts page. Available for all Ecwid stores on the Business plan and higher.

Learn more: Abandoned Cart Recovery for Ecwid Stores: Bring Customers Back With Automated Emails

Better Facebook Ads With the Facebook Pixel Integration

Facebook ads can be confusing for non-marketers. Ecwid has integrated with the Facebook Pixel to make effective Facebook ads more accessible. You can install the Facebook Pixel and run better ads without coding. It is available on all paid Ecwid plans.

The Pixel (a piece of code) collects important data about your customers — it tracks the following visitors’ actions:

  • ViewContent: the pixel triggers when visitors view product or category pages.
  • Search: it collects people who use your search box to find products.
  • AddToCart: it tracks visitors who added products to the shopping cart without finishing the purchase.
  • InitiateCheckout: this event detects people who clicked “Checkout”.
  • AddPaymentInfo: learn when people are halfway through their checkout.
  • Purchase: visitors who turned into buyers.

Targeting FB ads for your store visitors

Targeting FB ads for your store visitors

With this data in use, the Pixel “knows” who your customers are and how they behave in your store, which allows you to:

  • Optimize your ads for conversions
  • Run remarketing campaigns to stimulate completing unfinished orders
  • Collect bigger and more relevant audiences for targeting your ads.

Thanks to this integration, you just need to copy-paste the Pixel ID and add it to your Control Panel. Learn how → 

Seamless Online and In-Person Sales With NCR Silver POS Integration

Restaurants and retail have a new opportunity to seamlessly sell online and in their brick-and-mortar locations.

NCR Silver is a piece of point-of-sale software that turns an iPad or Android tablet into a fully-functional point-of-sale system. With NCR Silver you can accept physical credit and debit cards, manage employees, and generate sales reports.

Sell everywhere with NCR and Ecwid

Ecwid has integrated with NCR Silver so that you can sell in your online store and in person while keeping your inventory and order data synced and tracking the key metrics for your business all in one place.

This integration is currently available for US merchants on the Unlimited plan.

Learn more: Ecwid and NCR Silver Partner to Deliver Online Ordering for Restaurants and Retailers

A Free SSL Certificate and the Ecwid App at Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a company that speeds up websites, stabilizes internet connections, and protects online business owners from web threats with free SSL certificates, which has made Cloudflare very popular all over the world.

This summer, they introduced their App Market. They offer apps like Google Analytics, Facebook Comments, and SoundCloud so that business owners can upgrade their websites with more features.

Ecwid has become a part of the Cloudflare App Market as well. Now millions of Cloudflare users can install Ecwid e-commerce stores on their websites without leaving the Cloudflare dashboard.

For Ecwid store owners

If you already sell with Ecwid on your own website, you can get a free Cloudflare SSL certificate to switch your website to HTTPS and increase customer trust. You won’t need to create a new store at Cloudflare.

Bonus: Some site builders don’t allow adding JavaScript code and forbid adding any widgets. It’s possible to add Ecwid to such websites with Cloudflare. Apps from the Cloudflare App Market can add content/code to your website without editing the website code itself.

Learn more: Introducing the Ecwid App for Cloudflare

New Store Analytics

Knowing your metrics is important. We have made it more convenient. Now Ecwid merchants on paid plans can use a comprehensive dashboard with important store data:

Analytics in Ecwid

Analytics in Ecwid

Go to My Sales → Reports to view more analytic tools and to set up reports that are relevant to your specific business.

The new ‘Reports’ page

The new “Reports” page

You’ll be able to set up and track:

  • Vital metrics (Visitors, Revenue, Orders, Conversion Rate)
  • Advances stats (Items per Order, Time to Purchase, Traffic Sources, etc.)
  • Deep metrics with Google Analytics (e.g. Sales Funnels)
  • Extended functionalities from the Ecwid App Market: heatmaps, sales tracking via FB Messenger, scheduled reports to inbox, etc.

You’ll also be able to install and connect the Ecwid mobile app from this page to track the most important metrics (orders, sales, unfinished orders, low stock products) on your smartphone or tablet broken down daily, monthly, or yearly.

Reports and analytics are currently available on the paid Ecwid plans.

Read more: Online Store Analytics: Managing Reports and Sales Stats in Ecwid

Faster Loading of Ecwid Storefronts With Color Adaptive Mode

If you have added Ecwid to your website, you can use Color Adaptive Mode to make Ecwid automatically adapt store colors and fonts to your website theme. It’s a great feature for those who want their store to look as a natural part of their website without any effort.

You can manage this mode in Settings → Design.

Color Adaptive Mode in Ecwid

Ecwid now “catches” your website’s styles and fonts much faster, and your store not only looks like your website, but also loads together with it.

Related: A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing Your Ecwid Store Design

Improved Store Accessibility for People With a Visual Impairment

It’s important to make your online store experience smooth for all users, including those with a visual impairment. We have improved Ecwid’s accessibility so that the storefront is now fully operational with the keyboard, not just mouse clicks.

Your visitors can get to all the interactive store elements using the tab key – dropdowns, submenus, scroll, buttons, etc.

When the special “VoiceOver” mode is enabled on a computer, the selection with the tab key will trigger the voice-over that explains what the element is about. The video below shows you how it works.

You don’t have to set anything up to make it work.

Updates of the Ecwid Plugin for WordPress

There’s been a bunch of improvements in the Ecwid plugin for WordPress, including:

  • New “Random Product” widget. A new sidebar widget allows you to add a random product block to the site sidebar. Each time your customer opens or refreshes a page on your site, they will see one of your store products in the sidebar. Enable the new random product widget under Appearance → Widgets section in your WordPress admin backend. Do not forget to add pictures to your products to draw your visitors’ attention.
  • The optimized “Recently Viewed Products” widget. It now works much faster. If you haven’t used the widget before, feel free to enable it under Appearance → Widgets.
  • Major improvement in the storefront’s loading speed. The plugin now renders e-commerce pages and loads store widgets much faster, both for your visitors and search engines.

Check out many more enhancements in the changelog and make sure you have updated your plugin to the latest version (v. 5.5).

Clean URLs Available for Websites That Don’t Allow Server Changes

In spring, we launched clean store URLs in Ecwid. New links are free from extra characters (such as < > # % { } | ^ ~ [ ] `) and are better indexed by Google.

New clean URLs

New clean URLs

The manner of enabling new links depends on the website structure where Ecwid is added. A dedicated blog post describes how the links work on Wix, Weebly, WordPress, Joomla, and Adobe Muse websites. If you use Ecwid Instant Site, no action is required — clean URLs work automatically.

If your website, site builder, or hosting doesn’t allow server changes, now you can enable clean URL for your Ecwid store.

Learn how: Setting up SEO friendly clean URLs in Ecwid (Examples) (You might need help from a developer to set them up.)

More Power in Mobile Apps

From now on, you have an opportunity to try mobile apps for free:

  • Download the Ecwid mobile app, either for iOS or Android
  • Enter your email and password and start selling (14 days for free)
  • Test how the apps feel, and if you like them, upgrade to any Ecwid paid plan to continue using the app.

Get Ecwid Mobile App for iOS  Get Ecwid Mobile App on Google Play

Now we’ll have a look at the app updates of each version in more detail.


  • Set wholesale prices (coming soon for Android)
  • Upload up to five product pictures at once, including those from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and other cloud services
  • See shipping track history for each order
  • Manage files for e-goods and view them in the order
  • Edit discount coupons
  • View, save, and send files in product options.

Ecwid mobile


  • Create a new Ecwid store right in the Android app (previously released in iOS).
  • Lock the app with a pass-code or with a fingerprint scanner to protect your sensitive data.
  • Edit discount coupons and manage promotions on the fly.

Learn more about Ecwid Mobile: How to Run a Store from Your Smartphone

The Ecwid App Market News

The Ecwid App Market is growing non-stop. Be the first to know about new tools and services — keep an eye on the “Best New Apps” collections on the blog that usually arrive at the end of each month.

Here are the App Market hits that we highly recommend you to try:

Other notable apps released in summer at your service:

  • Trustami Site Reviews: Collect reviews from 25+ platforms in your online store and increase trustworthiness.
  • LeadDyno Affiliates: Launch an affiliate program in one click to let people promote your store with affiliate links.
  • TrustedSite Reviews: Collect and show reviews on your website.
  • Orderhive Inventory Sync: Manage orders, inventory, and shipment from a centralized interface.
  • Deluxe Marketing Suite: Create a sign-up form for free to capture emails.

Custom Fields at the Checkout via API

Now it’s possible to add and show custom fields (text, drop-down menu, and date picker) on checkout pages via API. It opens a wide range of opportunities for checkout customization for every specific business.

Here are some examples of what you can do for your clients in this matter:

  • Add a field for specifying the custom wrapping signature in the shipping address form
  • Show a drop-down in Order Comments that asks customers how they found this store
  • Keep technical order details in a hidden field
  • Add a field with courier notes and show it when a courier service is chosen as a shipping method
  • Set up custom dates for Order Pickup with limits according to the working hours of that location

Check out the codes for those cases and the API docs for more info.


Have you been using any of these features lately? How is it going? Let us know in the comments below.

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About the author
Matt is a product manager at Ecwid. He works with the Ecwid dev team and helps them shipping the right features for Ecwid merchants. Outside of work, Matt likes travelling and climbing the mountains.
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