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Ecwid Features Digest Fall 2017
Posted Dec 12, 2017 by Qetzal, Head of Product

Ecwid Features Digest Fall 2017

Every quarter, we publish a roundup of all the major new Ecwid features that you could have missed. From the farthest corners of your dashboard to the tips of your storefront, we’re constantly making Ecwid better to manage and to buy from.

So let’s take a tour around your Ecwid store to catch up with the updates of the last three months.

Staff Accounts

For those of you who have got a team, we have added a highly requested tool for group store management. Your employees or freelancers can get administrator access to your store from their own accounts.

That means you don’t need to share your email/password anymore to let your staff manage your store.

Your employees will get full access to your store, excluding:

  • The Billing page: they won’t see your pricing plan and be able to change it, nor will they be able to delete your store.
  • The Store Team page: your staff will not see each other and won’t be able to invite or delete staff members.

You can add two staff members on the Business plan, and as many as you want on the Unlimited plan. To manage your team, open Control Panel → My Profile → Staff Accounts.

To invite a person to manage your store, click “Add staff member”, type in the person’s email, and send an invitation. Your employee will receive it in their inbox and either register a new account (if they didn’t sign up for Ecwid before) or get access to your account in addition to their existing Ecwid store.

Invite staff to manage your store → 

What if you work alone? If you are a one-person company but own several Ecwid stores, you can use this feature to bundle them together for quick access. Send the invitation (Control Panel → My Profile → Staff Accounts) to manage one store from the other and switch between them quickly.

Bundle two ecwid stores

Learn more: Staff Accounts: Give Your Team Administrator Access to Your Store

Improved Instant Site

The story of Ecwid Instant Site goes back to the first days of Ecwid. Back then, we created a free Instant Site to let those merchants without websites start selling online immediately — until they get their own website built.

Things change: Instant Site has become a polished single-page website with a bunch of customizable blocks — but it’s still free for everyone who signs up to Ecwid. Today, many Ecwid merchants sell on Instant Sites without the intention to build a separate website.

To see it in its most recent version, make sure you’re using a new Instant Site in the “What’s new” section of your Control Panel. If you’ve just started selling with Ecwid, this will be enabled by default.

What's new section in Ecwid Control Panel

Call-to-Action: The “Shop Now” button makes it clear to a visitor: “Hey, you’re in an online store, let’s shop.” To plug it in, go to Control Panel → Settings → Instant Site. Click on the button in the editor and select to show it.

a free ecommerce website

A new CTA button

Contact details above the fold: Customers can get in touch with you at first sight at your store. Your contact info will appear automatically in the top right corner.

Contact details and business hours now put forward

Contact details and business hours now put forward

A click on the phone number initiates a call without the need for any copy-pasting or typing. Your mobile shoppers will love it.

To show contact details above the fold, fill in the info and enable the “Contact Us” and “Location” sections in Control Panel → Sales Channels → Instant Site → Edit Instant Site. Note that your business hours will display only if you have filled your store’s physical address.

Browse Instant Site demo →

Date & Time Picker for Order Pickup

Whenever you have a chance to get some sort of physical location for your online store, use it to offer in-store pickup. With this delivery method, customers don’t have to wait for the courier, and you can cut your shipping costs.

We have upgraded order pickup with a date and time picker. The tool helps restaurants and sellers of perishable products make their orders fresh by the time the customer comes to pick them up. When customers specify the exact pickup time, you know it beforehand and can ensure you are ready to serve them.

date and time picker for in store pickup

Customers can specify pickup date and time at checkout

Limit pickup possibilities to your business hours to avoid unexpected midnight visitors. Also, specify order fulfillment time to give yourself enough time to get each order ready. The date and time picker will show only those options that you make available.

If you run a restaurant, setting up order fulfillment time can save your kitchen from overload. As a result, you’ll be serving as many orders as you can handle, always providing a quality customer service.

Set up in-store pickup for your Ecwid store in Settings → Shipping & Pickup.

Bonus: Your customers can also type their name and phone number for in-store pickup. Contact them quickly in case you need to specify the details or identify a customer when they come to your store.

In-store pickup with the customer’s name and phone number is available for all Ecwid stores. The date and time picker is available on the Business plan and higher.

Learn more: Now You Can Ask for Pickup Date and Time at Checkout

Control Panel: Constantly Improving

We always keep an eye on what can be improved in Control Panel, a tool that you use every day to run your business.

This fall, Control Panel has transformed dramatically. The changes have affected both the navigation and the look. All the sections (Sales, Reports, Catalog, etc.) are now at your fingertips, and the new design makes your Control Panel even more pleasant to work in.

The new “Products” page

The new “Products” page

Visit Control Panel →

List Your Products on Amazon

You know how big Amazon is, so the opportunity to get in front of those millions of people can make your knees tremble. The new Codisto: LINQ app on the Ecwid App Market can let you do just that. It deeply integrates your store with Amazon — and here’s what that means:

  • You are protected from overselling because your Ecwid store and Amazon inventory stays united and synced.
  • Listing your products is fast, because the app uploads product pictures, titles, prices, and variations from your Ecwid product catalog.
  • You can change your prices, titles, descriptions, and return policy to adapt to Amazon requirements.

Supported Amazon marketplaces

Supported Amazon marketplaces

This app is available to merchants on the Business plan and higher. It has a 30-day free trial and then costs starting from $29 per month.

Learn more about Codisto: LINQ: Sell Your Products on Amazon With Real-Time Inventory Synchronization

More Payment Options

In addition to dozens of existing payment processors, the new Payment page in your Control Panel now lists 18 more payment integrations, including:

  • Worldpay Online Payments (130+ countries)
  • Coin Payments: Accept Cryptocurrencies (70+ coins, including Bitcoin and Litecoin)
  • Authipay (UK)
  • SEPA (European Union)
  • iPay88 (Philippines).

These new payment options used to be available via the “Apps” tab, but now we have moved them where they belong. You can manage all your payment methods in one place. See the full list of the payment gateways from the App Market.

Partial Refunds via WePay

US, Canadian, and UK Ecwid merchants can accept debit and credit cards in their Ecwid stores and make refunds (full or partial) really fast using WePay — you don’t even need to leave your Control Panel.

A partial refund helps to reduce losses on returns in your store. If a customer ordered several products and had an issue with one of them, you can simply refund this specific item without making the customer return the whole order.

If your customer ordered only one item and something was missing or slightly broken, you could offer a partial refund that will work as a discount. In this case, your customer might want to keep the item — that’s how partial refunds save both of you time, nerves and money.

How to refund an order if you use WePay: Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → My Sales → Orders, open your order details page, click the “Refund Order” button. You’ll see this popup.

Making refunds from your Control Panel

Making refunds from your Control Panel

Choose an amount of your refund, and that’s it! Your customer will get it within 2-5 business days. If you have a big turnover and have to deal with refunds often, WePay can save you a lot of time and nerves.

Learn more about WePay → 


We have updated 26 storefront translations for yours to look compelling to all customers, no matter what country they are from.

Set up translations in Control Panel → Settings → General → Storefront Languages.

From now on, you’ll see Google Taxonomy (in your Control Panel → All Sales Channels → Marketplaces → Google Shopping) in the language of your Control Panel. Selling on marketplaces like Google Shopping is available for Ecwid merchants on the Business plan and higher.

If you want to switch your Control Panel to a different language, you can do it in the footer:

Choosing the language of your Control Panel

Choosing the language of your Control Panel

Start selling on Google Shopping → 

New in the Ecwid WordPress Shopping Cart

Notable changes to Ecwid’s online store for WordPress cover:

  • A new sidebar widget — “Latest products”
  • SEO-friendly “Buy Now” buttons
  • Choosing a product to display on a page by default.

See the full changelog →

Ecwid for Kirby Websites

There’s now one more way to sell online with Ecwid: we are talking about Ecwid’s e-commerce plugin for Kirby! Kirby is a file-based site builder with an audience of web studios, developers, and designers.

If you are friends with code and want to build a beautiful e-commerce website with a simple structure, check out the announcement to learn how to get started with Kirby and Ecwid.

Ecwid + Kirby demo

Ecwid + Kirby demo

Mobile Control Panel

Ecwid’s mobile apps for iOS and Android have got some nice new features as well.  Not only it is possible to view and track your store performance on the go. With the ongoing updates, our mobile apps allow you to manage and control more store sections. Eventually, you won’t have to use a computer when you need to change something in the store.

The highlights of this update:

  • Manage product wholesale prices
  • View, manage and add customers
  • Edit product options (now on iOS, coming soon on Android)
  • View, upload, and delete file attachments in orders — for example, a custom print for a mug (now on iOS, coming soon on Android).

Start a 14-day free trial and then use the apps for free on all Ecwid paid plans.

Get Ecwid Mobile App for iOS   Get Ecwid Mobile App on Google Play

Learn more: The Enhanced Ecwid Mobile App: Take Your Online Store With You

App Market

There is a bunch of new apps to extend the functionalities of your Ecwid store.

Here are the essential ones that we would like to put in your hands:

More applications:

Visit the App Market → 

For Developers: API Updates

If you have an IT guy or gal in your team, let them know about our API news.

  • New Order Extra Fields API allows you to save any custom data in an order, e.g. to ask buyers “How did you hear about us” at checkout or save a hidden value in the order details.
  • A new JS API method to open a specific page in the storefront. You can use it to improve navigation or send customers to a specific store page.
  • Read and modify store terms and conditions via the Ecwid REST API.
  • Webhooks for categories. Get notified of any change that a merchant makes to store categories.
  • App details pages now support translated versions for different languages. It is possible to translate app details pages to all languages supported by the Ecwid Control Panel, including all the fields: app title, screenshots, descriptions, etc. If you want that for your app, please apply the translated versions on


We hope this digest has just made your workday better. If you like what we are doing here, take part in our referral program. Go to Control Panel and find the “Refer a friend” link in the left bottom corner. Share this link and earn 20% commission forever on all paid referrals.

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Qetzal is Head of Product at Ecwid. He loves to create new things to make people's lives easier.