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Features Digest Fall 2016
Posted Dec 16, 2016 by Matt Kuritsyn, Ecwid Team

Ecwid Features Digest Fall 2016: New Buy Now Button, Better SEO, Taxes, And More

The fall of 2016 was so full of vivid moments that we already feel a bit nostalgic.

Ecwid turned 7 years old in September (excuse us for our monastic silence about this until now). But now we’ve come up with something better than mere anniversary celebrations — we have a bunch of new features to set the mood.

Ecwid Team 2016

Let’s look back at what enchanting changes appeared in Ecwid during the previous three months.

Design Enhancements

We’re constantly working on the Ecwid design to make the Control Panel even more customer friendly and comfortable for you to use. Here are a few things that we improved this fall.

New Buy Now Button Widget

Thousands of Ecwid merchants use the Buy Now Button to complement their storefronts, sell on other websites or blogs, and promote separate products. Its functionality is pretty wide, so you can:

  • Add featured or promoted products to the homepage
  • Insert a buy button on a blog
  • Promote products on the sidebar of your website
  • Design a slider bar of several products and sell on literally any web page

Vets in 3D

Vets in 3D use Buy Now Buttons to showcase their best sellers

We have updated the look and feel of this widget for your convenience.

Whether you have only one product to sell or want to promote one of your products by placing it somewhere else (on a separate page of your website or on any other website), Buy Now Button option is there for you.

Single Product Widget

Here are the improvements we brought to the Ecwid Buy Now Button.

Better SEO

We changed the embed code so that it now includes the product name and the price, which makes it more Google friendly.

New ustomizable esign

The new Buy Now Button allows you to show the price in the buy button:


We also added frame options that improve the widget’s look, especially in the grid mode, if you use different combinations of product widgets on the page.


Set up my Buy Now button

Storefront Updates

Your storefront has a couple of cool new things, too. Let’s have a closer look.

New storefront loading indicator

We loved our old round blue loading indicator — until we thought of something better.

Here’s the story behind it: When a customer goes to your website, they will have to wait for all the pages to load. Before that happens, the customer should be sure it’s the right place to wait for a store to appear.

The new loading indicator provides that feel: when customers see the shades of your store, not just a round animated element, they start to anticipate your products and feel curious.

New Storefront Loading Indicator

Facebook Store Updates

The Ecwid Facebook store remains a popular shopping cart for this social media giant. We realize, though, that there is room for improvement — and we’re constantly on it.

So far, we have added the option to add a store to Facebook right from the Control Panel. No need to go to Facebook to install the app.

store to Facebook right from the Control Panel


We’ve been working a lot on tax improvements this year, including the great automatic tax calculations and automatic tax reporting features. And we’re not going to stop here — there are more tax setup enhancements around the corner.

US and European merchants, move closer to your screens. Here are the tax improvements that make this process much more comfortable.

Ability to mark customers as “Tax Exempt”

Some of your customers (wholesale, non-profit, etc.) don’t have to pay taxes. You can set your store up so as to not charge taxes from such customers. This feature is available for Business and Unlimited Ecwid merchants.

Read this post for more details and setup instructions: Tax Exempt: Improve Tax Settings in Your Ecwid Store

Ability to ask customers their VAT ID and remove the tax rate

If you are in Europe, you can easily set up Ecwid to automatically calculate VAT in your store — the VAT rates and calculation rules are always up to date in Ecwid. But that’s not all!

Now, Ecwid can automatically apply VAT reverse charge for your VAT-registered buyers. Ecwid will ask the customer’s VAT ID at the checkout and apply zero VAT when necessary.

In order to set up VAT reverse charge, refer to this instruction.

Starter Site

We’ve also released a bunch of updates to our Starter Site. In case you were not aware, we created a free feature in Ecwid, a Starter Site, so that you have the web presence to sell your goods even if you don’t have a website yet.

Learn more: New Ecwid Starter Site: A Great Look For Your Online Store From Day One

Here are the Starter Site fall updates:

  • New Starter Site page in the Control Panel that highlights what a Starter Site is, and why it is great for merchants without a web presence.
  • New Search Widget in Starter Site: you can now find it closer to the storefront, which improves user experience. The old widget was in the header.
  • Retina-ready logo for new Starter Sites: let your customers enjoy viewing your Starter Site from retina screens. For the best experience, upload a picture of at least 600×600 px.

Shop App

Did you know you can turn your Ecwid Store into a mobile app and put your storefront in your customers’ pockets?

Shop App is an additional, personalized sales channel — a mobile app that lets your customers buy from you on-the-go from their mobile devices. There are no other stores in the app, just your brand.

If you ever wanted to sell from your own mobile app with no coding, quick development, and a competitive price, you can now benefit from Shop App like other Ecwid merchants do.

Shop App

Learn more: Сomplement Your Ecwid Shop with a Mobile App — No Coding Required

The process to develop one Shop App, from your request (applying for the app) to releasing the app on the App Store and Google Play is much faster now.

We’re about to hit 40 ready Shop Apps and will be happy to work on yours.

Get Shop App


In the previous update of Ecwid Mobile App for Android, we added the ability to manage categories and filter sales by date & status.

Go check it out!


We would like to introduce you to a sweet little thing in our App Market interface — a new search! Now you can search for specific apps, without referring to the more generic website search bar.

But this is far from the end of our updates. Our App Market has got 13 new apps — you probably know them if you read our monthly Best New Apps digest:

  • Printful helps you start your own online apparel or print store at the click of a button
  • Sitemap Generator improves your website’s performance in search engines by generating a sitemap for your store
  • Order Desk adds custom order management and a powerful rules engine
  • Buyable Links generates links to a cart with pre-chosen products so that you can promote them and shorten the buyer’s road to conversion
  • Product Labels increases product views by adding labels to your storefront
  • Color Filter allows customers to filter through products by color in the storefront
  • Get an Offer on Catalog Products helps you get price quotes and offers from prospective buyers
  • Countdown Timer speeds up your conversions from special offers
  • Easy Popup offers stylish, responsive, and customizable popups with multiple templates for elegant promotions
  • Social Coupon gives people discount coupons for sharing links to your website on social media or following your account
  • Email List Builder implements email capture popup to grow your email marketing (integrates with MailChimp)
  • IDev Affiliate helps you design your affiliate program to get partners and grow your business
  • Coupon Popup displays coupon reveal popups & referral promotions on websites & Facebook to help you increase conversions

API Updates

Updates in this section are for developers and web studios.

  • We added the ability to get product details using multiple product IDs separated by a comma when searching for products via API. So, instead of sending multiple requests to get the details of one single product at the time, developers can now send a single request with multiple product IDs and get the same information in one request! Read the documentation here.
  • Now developers can check the date when the categories in a store were updated last. Learn more.
  • We added a new REST API endpoint for getting up-to-date HTML invoices of a specific order. Get the details.
  • We added a HideOutOfStockProductsInStorefront field to the store settings. This is good because now an app in the storefront can detect whether out-of-stock products should be displayed in the storefront or not. Read the documentation.
  • Developers can specify custom HTTP headers for their application’s webhooks. This can be useful if their webhook processing service requires some specific headers to be sent for authentication or other purposes. Learn more.
  • API methods for uploading files to Ecwid now have Python code examples. Have a look at the methods you need in the documentation to see the examples.

Slack team for Developer community

We created a new Slack team for our big community of developers. There they can ask common questions and directly share feedback on the Ecwid Platform with us.

This is a more open and comfortable way of interacting which allows the community to interact and help each other. That way it brings the Ecwid platform and developers closer together.

You can sign up here.

About the author
Matt is a product manager at Ecwid. He works with the Ecwid dev team and helps them shipping the right features for Ecwid merchants. Outside of work, Matt likes travelling and climbing the mountains.