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Ecwid Expert Original Ginger: A Boutique Web Design Agency Focused on E-Commerce Success

We’ve partnered with website building and marketing experts, Original Ginger, to help you save valuable time and maximize your online sales potential. While maintaining your Ecwid store may be a breeze, managing your entire business is hard work.

Read on to get marketing tips from the pros, a fantastic in-depth “Guide to E-Commerce”, and a special offer on Original Ginger’s custom web design and digital marketing services.

The Original Ginger Team

The Original Ginger Team — ready for action!

We met with Lisa, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Original Ginger, to learn more about how they found their small business niche and to dive into their bounty of boutique marketing services.

About Original Ginger

Original Ginger is a full-service creative branding and marketing agency located in Fort Langley, British Columbia. They offer a range of web design packages, specializing in e-commerce startups and small to mid-sized businesses.

Co-Founders Todd and Lisa Ostrowercha laid the foundation for Original Ginger in 1997. Their early work included projects with high-profile creatives and animators for Disney gaming.

“We were basically ‘hired guns’ for businesses that needed project management and marketing expertise,” Lisa explained. “We cut our teeth with big brands and learned a lot about branding and creative project management in the process.”

By 2005, the Ostrowercha’s had assembled a local team with a diverse range of digital marketing talents. Small businesses in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas were multiplying and the internet was expanding their potential customer reach. The duo saw an opportunity to harness their collective expertise and pivot their focus to helping local businesses thrive in the digital age.

When asked about their range of current services, Lisa summarized:

We combine big agency expertise with boutique quality service. We are personal and connecting, we really get to know our clients. In brand creation, we help them find their authentic story. We use strategic thinking and innovation in our creative consulting. And always, as business advisors, we have our customer’s best interests as top priority.

The Original Ginger “Manifesto”

The Original Ginger “Manifesto”

As most Ecwid fans — including Original Ginger — can attest, transforming your business can be scary. Finding new customers is critical to early success and seeking growth opportunities is an ongoing effort.

Lisa was confident they were onto something great when existing clients stayed with them through their own branding and business transformation. To earn new business, Original Ginger got out and networked both online and offline in their local business community.

Why Should You Outsource Site Creation and/or Marketing Support?

There are plenty of DIY website builders on the market, and they are great for many businesses. But it’s easy to underestimate the time and effort that goes into site creation and ongoing marketing efforts. To put the whole picture into perspective, Original Ginger created an awesome guide to e-commerce.

The Essential Guide to E-Commerce

The Essential Guide to E-Commerce: 33 Shopping Cart Must-Haves

By Original Ginger

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“Our clients are experts in their businesses, not web design. By hiring Original Ginger for digital marketing services they are able to focus on their core business while we drive customers to their website and help increase sales,” Lisa said.

Original Ginger recommends the Ecwid shopping cart to clients in need of e-commerce.

Ecwid is our go-to because it’s easy for clients to maintain, the basic free features are a great starting point and the seamless WordPress integration means that shoppers never leave the site to checkout. Ecwid is also mobile responsive — which is critical because many of our customers are starting to see their mobile sales eclipse desktop purchases.

Original Ginger uses the WordPress platform to build client websites, it is the same platform they used for their gorgeous site and it is blog-friendly.

“The reason we love WordPress is because once the heavy lifting of original website creation is complete, we can teach clients how to easily manage content updates themselves,” Lisa explained. Content updates include blog posts, website text and the product descriptions in customer’s online stores.

Original Ginger’s client-success focused services include personalized “how to” video tutorials that teach their customers how to update site content — saving their clients valuable time and money — and empowering them to keep their sites vibrant and fresh so customers are inspired to come back for more.


SheaKarldel Ecwid store

“SheaKardel is a great example of a client using the Ecwid cart and our boutique marketing services,” Lisa shared.

In addition to designing and building SheaKardel’s website, Original Ginger also provided content writing, photography and, on an ongoing basis, marketing support and website maintenance.

In addition to running campaigns, Original Ginger also helps clients with reporting and analytics tools, including Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

In a June 2017 marketing campaign for SheaKardel, they helped drive strong growth in web traffic and email subscriber numbers. New website visitors rose 400% as a result of the campaign, with overall website page views jumping 300% over the previous month. Check out the Original Ginger blog post for the full scoop.

DIY Marketing Advice from a Pro

What can Ecwid fans do if hiring a marketing guru is out of reach? We asked Lisa to share some of her best online and offline networking tips.

Original Ginger bottles

Original Ginger branded water bottles — portable marketing!

Tip #1: Communicate! Harness the power of your mailing list and blog. A benefit of blogging is that it helps increase organic website traffic —  the people who find you by typing keywords into a search engine, like google.

Our blog has been huge for us in terms of increasing the number of new visitors to our website. As professional marketers, we aim to increase organic traffic to all of our client’s websites. We tell clients that blogging is a great way to add original content that will improve your sites SEO, and will keep existing customers engaged with your brand.

Tip #2: Try Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are a great low-cost way to get brand messaging out. Original Ginger also recommends creating a custom landing page to gauge the effectiveness of ads.

Learn more: Introducing the Facebook Pixel for Ecwid Stores: How to Run More Effective Facebook Ads Easily

Tip #3: Get active in the local community. The Original Ginger team networked locally within the small business community to generate early leads. Getting active in the local community is a great way to find new customers — both for service agencies like Original Ginger and product-based businesses like SheaKardel.

Original Ginger at business event

Lisa and Wendy from the City of Abbotsford, networking at a local business event

Many areas have small business organizations and “buy local” bazaars. An added bonus, onsite sales removes the need for shipping and you can slip in a discount coupon to encourage repeat business in your online shop.

Tip #4: Generate referrals! When a customer loves your product they tell their friends about you.

“After our first few client sites went live, customer referrals started coming in,” Lisa said.

Referrals are still a steady source of new client business for Original Ginger, and a great source of new customers for all businesses.

“Now, we have a wide range of clients in diverse industries. We regularly update our showcase page to highlight new projects.”

Consider including a client page on your website. When happy customers advocate for you it helps build trust with potential buyers.

Tip #5: Spread good vibes. Original Ginger also believes in using their marketing talents to help nonprofits better reach their target communities.

“Part of our community work involves the occasional pro bono work for organizations that we believe in, like brand logo design and event sponsorship for the Lupus Society of BC,” Lisa shared.

Donating goods and services — either for free or at a reduced rate — is an opportunity to generate brand awareness in new communities. Plus, it just feels good to know you’ve made a positive impact. Who doesn’t love a virtual hug?

What’s Next?

Creative agencies like Original Ginger are always on the lookout for emerging markets and opportunities, like the new Ecwid Experts marketplace.

Original Ginger partnered with us because they wanted to expand their reach beyond the Pacific Northwest region and were a natural fit as longtime Ecwid users themselves.

“Partnerships are a great way for people with complementary businesses to help each other succeed. We use Ecwid on our own site, so we know first-hand how powerful it is,” Lisa explained.

Original Ginger is currently offering discounted web design packages. Ecwid fans are invited to take advantage of these amazing rates, but hurry — availability is based on bandwidth and expected to sell out within a few weeks.

Many thanks to Lisa and the Original Ginger team for sharing your tips and tricks with the Ecwid community!

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