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Posted May 19, 2015 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

Ecwid E-Commerce Apps for Your Online Store

Whether you’re new to Ecwid, or are a master user, we strive to give small and medium-sized businesses a key set of tools, right out of the box. As your business grows, we also have you covered with a host of powerful first- and third-party technologies to help you grow your business.

Here’s a guide of just a few of the applications available from our partners to address some of your growing needs and will save you time and money!


Order Editor

With Ecwid’s Order Editor, you can edit orders directly from your Ecwid control panel.

After installation, the application will appear on the “Sales” tab of the Control Panel and enable you to easily find any order placed in your store and change the specific products, quantities and options, apply discounts, change address information, and much more.

Available for free on Ecwid Business and Unlimited Plans.

Doba Marketplace

Doba empowers retailers and wholesale suppliers of all sizes to easily connect and do business.

By simplifying and streamlining product sourcing, the Doba application enables sellers to get up and running without the hassles of shipping. Learn more about how Drop Shipping can accelerate the growth of your business and if it’s right for you.

14-day free trial available on all Ecwid plans.

Ecwid Mobile App

With our recently updated Ecwid Mobile app, you can quickly check the status of an order, add new products to your catalog, or manage your inventory from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Your online store will always be at your fingertips and all changes will be synchronized on-the-fly. And if that weren’t enough, the app also turns into a mobile point-of-sale platform to empower you to sell products in person, wherever you setup a physical pop-up shop.

Available for free on Ecwid Venture, Business and Unlimited Plans.

71 lbs

If you send shipments using UPS or FedEx, you may not necessarily track every package delivery.

But, what you may not realize is that each time a package arrives late, you’re entitled to collect a late-shipment refund. The 71lbs app enables automated monitoring of shipments, comparing shipments to the carrier’s guaranteed timed commitments, and refunding your account directly.

Available for free on Venture, Business and Unlimited Plans.


With Ecwid, you don’t have to be a gifted programmer to open an online store and place it on your website, blog or social network page. We offer a clean, simple design so that your store harmoniously fits into any site, regardless of its current appearance.

While more advanced users can modify Ecwid CSS and personalize the look of your store, if you’re short on time and want a quick way to easily change the look of the store, it’s worth a look at some of these design tools and ready-to-go themes.


Get a professional new look for your Ecwid shopping cart in minutes with the easy-to-install, flat-priced, CSS themes. No technical skills required!

Available from $19.99 to $39.99 on all Ecwid plans.


E-Shop Designer

E-Shop Designer offers a tool to customize the appearance of your store in a visual editor.

This allows you to edit the design in real-time and as a result generates CSS-code that can be added to the design theme of the store. This is suitable for those who are not versed in CSS or HTML, but want to make bigger changes in the design of your store.

Four free themes available on all Ecwid plans. Visit site for complete pricing.


Smart Magazine Themes for WordPress offers a wide variety of professional free WordPress themes in which Ecwid seamlessly integrates to automatically adopt the look of the site.

Available from free to $39 on all Ecwid plans.

Bulk Gallery Upload

Save time loading your store with your product photos by using the Bulk Gallery Upload for Ecwid.

Add hundreds of product gallery images in minutes using zipped file and CSV. Your images and descriptions will be auto-assigned to appropriate products.

Available for free on Venture, Business and Unlimited Plans.

WordPress Widgets Avalanche

Looking for interesting ways to showcase your products within your Ecwid store? Check out “Widgets Avalanche,” a plugin which can configure elements in your store, including a slider, a pop-up, an accordion, and more.

Available for free on Venture, Business and Unlimited Plans.

Marketing reviews

Turn your customers into evangelists for your store and brand by enabling them to leave feedback and reviews. allows you to automatically send emails to your customers requesting reviews of their recent purchase.

Using Stamped. io marketing tools, you can also help increase conversion, retention, marketing tactics, and SEO to attract more customers to your store.

Check out → .

Loyal2 offers a powerful system for maintaining and managing a membership-based program for rewards and communication.

The app keeps track of sales and clients in your store, and automatically transfers the rewards to customers participating in the program in the form of discount coupons.

Available for free to $49 on Venture, Business and Unlimited Plans.


Ecwid for iPhone, iPad and Android

Need a way to manage your Ecwid store from your mobile device? Ecwid mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android allows sellers to receive order notifications, view order details, filter orders, track packaging, change details, and many more.

Available for free on Venture, Business and Unlimited Plans.


We hope that these applications will be useful to you. Some of them were developed with the help of our updated API — a tool by which any developer can create their own applications to empower each Ecwid store.

If you have an idea for an app that will help make Ecwid merchants more successful, go learn more about the Ecwid API and register an app at the Ecwid developers site.

Happy Selling!

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