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Ecwid E-commerce Show Introduction

Welcome to the Ecwid E-commerce show where the hosts Jesse Ness and Richard Otey discuss real advice for online entrepreneurs. No fluff, no expert only advice that requires expert level experience, just the real tips that they would use on their own stores. Listen and subscribe for the start-up journey!


Jesse: It’s a beautiful day here in sunny California.

Richard: I’m excited to get this podcast going, we’ve been talking about this one for a while.

Jesse: Yeah, we’ve been talking about e-commerce for probably eight or ten years, and a  podcast for a year!

Richard: Yeah, at least a year. I’m excited. So are you ready to get this going and tell people what we’ve got ready for them?

Jesse: Yeah, I’m hoping that we can take some of the best conversations we’ve ever had over the phone or over a Happy Hour with people we’ve talked to at conferences and put it into the form of a podcast to help fellow Ecwid merchants out.

Richard: Sounds great. So one of the things I know we’re gonna do is to have some partners on here, we’re gonna have some people that have worked with Ecwid, SEO experts, SEM experts, partners, APP developers.

And most importantly, [Ecwid] store owners, who we’re going to interview and answer some of their questions and concerns. We’re gonna let them know about certain Ecwid feature sets they might not know of and, most importantly, can have give them a kind of a little “shot in the arm”, little motivation along the way towards), a little bit tactical for the beginner.

Also, we’ll have some great titbits it in there for kinda intermediate and advanced people, it’s, not gonna be so entry level that they not gonna get anything out of it. I think even in episode one, I think we’ve got one of the best SEO, SEM guys, pretty much in America (or at least last year was voted that). coming on. If not, it’s gonna be more than the first episodes, so yeah, super excited.

Jesse: Yeah, so the idea here is to get a kind of a mix of e-commerce 101 to noobies out there. They may be still looking for their first sale, and we’re gonna get their first sale. And then we also have a 301-level stuff for e-commerce people that might be looking for that next thing to push them over the top. We already have a couple of these recorded, so, really excited about that. Mostly, I just wanna give an intro of who we are. So, my name is Jesse, I’m the marketing manager in Ecwid, I’ve been in e-commerce for many many years — side hustles and for platforms — so I’m really excited to learn from other people on this podcast and, to head that conversation that we have, Rich.

Richard: Yeah, so, I actually worked with Jesse a few years back at another e-commerce shopping cart provider. After that we separated there, Jesse went on to Ecwid and became marketing manager there, and I went to actually doing e-commerce consulting and podcasting myself. So, it just seemed like a natural fit when Jesse was looking for someone to co-host. Like, “We already talk about this, let’s just tap ‘record’ and help some of your Ecwid clients out!”, so we’re ready.

Jesse: Absolutely! We are not just pushing “record”, we’re actually in the professional studio here, so we can take calling guests, we can do webinars with really high-quality audio, so I’m really excited about taking some of the usage of the studio and your experience, Richard, and share it with merchants.

Richard: We are gonna to be putting this on, just so I don’t forget —

Jesse: Absolutely, you’ll be able to leave comments there, so, it should be a perfect place to get in touch with us, and let us know your story.

Richard: Yeah, we will be letting you know when we are gonna be doing live Q&A’s, so you will be able to call into the studio. We have almost like open office hours every now and again, and then, we will also be emailing you and letting you know (those who subscribe) what the next episodes will be coming up, and what you can expect in future episodes. So, is where this will be living, and then on all of your favorite podcast catchers soon after.

Jesse: Yeah, absolutely, so, I’m excited, I kinda think of this as the “E-Commerce Happy Hour”, so you get to hear from other people what they are doing to make their business a reality, and ask questions of people that can actually help you!

Richard: Perfect, let’s get going and  press “Record”.

Jesse: Let’s do it!

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